World Languages in the Library

Amongst the IST Library’s collection of more than 41,000 copies, there are 2,150 volumes of books in Chinese, approximately 1,000 in French, 850 in German, 850 in Korean and 330 in Danish. We received some generous donations from the community last semester. The Chinese community donated approximately 80 books and we also received a series of science books from Ha Yun Noh, a former IST G1 student. (Thank you, Ha Yun; we wish you all the best in Korea.) The books have just been added to the library collection and are ready to be borrowed.

ha yun noh

The total number of library volunteer hours to date exceeds 140! Library volunteers Ms. Jung Eun Kim and Ms. So Young Yoo helped to catalog the new Korean books. With the help of Ms. Isabelle Flahault, a French corner in the early childhood library section has just been created. The volunteers’ contribution to the library is much appreciated. A big “thank you” goes to all the volunteers.

Don’t Miss The Wiz!

The secondary school has been hard at work preparing the musical, The Wiz, based on L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz. Tickets are on sale now. If you haven’t purchased your ticket already, do not hesitate. Tickets are selling super fast. It promises to be a great production.

While you’re waiting to see The Wiz, why don’t you check out some of our Wizard of Oz titles from the library?

We also have the book in Korean and in Portuguese. We also have a book called Hollywood Dogs, that talks about dogs who in movies.

Come by the library to check these out!

Snakes Speak in Many Tongues at IST

We are now in the Year of the Snake. I thought that I would start off the new year with a post on our latest non-fiction titles about snakes, and I was surprised and pleased to see that so many of our newer titles are from our World Languages collection.

We are fortunate at IST to have a diverse student population. In the elementary school, IST offers mother-tongue classes to our Danish, German, French, and Chinese students. In the secondary school, Language A classes are also offered in Korean. To support our international students, the library has a robust collection of books in languages other than English, and we are grateful for the support of our international parents who often donate books in their mother-tongues to us, either personally or through the auspices of their companies.

Here are some of our most recently added books on snakes in different languages to start off the Year of the Snake.

1. Nic BishopSnakes – Call number: 597.96 BIS

Award winning photographer and naturalist presents yet another wonderful non-fiction book, this time on snakes. Brilliant photographs and accessible text make this a book for lovers of snakes, nature, and photography of all ages.

2. 画蛇添足 : paint a snake with feet – Call number: WL CHI 398.2 PAI BL.

Bilingual book that encourages readers to seek the truth from facts.

3. 蛇年的礼物 The Gift of the Year of Snake

This book for the Year of the Snake features four folk tales about snakes from around the world. Illustrated with traditional paper cuts, this is a beautiful book to browse even if you cannot read characters.

4 and 5. Slanger and Kobra

Two books in Danish from the Første fakta series. Thanks to the Larssen family for transporting the series for us from Denmark. Our Danish collection is possible in large part to the generous donations and efforts of our Danish community.

6. Cobra Honorato : Snake Honorato

From the series Lendas Brasileras (Brazilian Legends) by famous Brazilian cartoonist, Mauricio de Sousa, this folk tale is about a snake called Honorato. We would like to thank the Brazilian community once again for their efforts in bolstering our Portuguese language collection. We can say without a doubt that we are the only international school in Tianjin with such a large collection of Portuguese language materials.


Happy Year of the Snake!

We hope you spend it reading!

Tak & Obrigado – Thank You

The IST library has the best collection of books in languages other than English of all the international schools in Tianjin. Our wonderful World Languages collection has been possible, in large part, to the generous donations of international corporations and our school families.

This time around, we’d like to thank the Danish and Brazilian communities for their support of the library’s Danish and Brazilian collections.

One of the greatest expenses we have in maintaining our collection is shipping costs. The Danish community helped us defray this. Several Danish families purchased books in Danish for the library and brought them back to Tianjin in their suitcases. The books they brought back have been added to the collection with a name plate that says, “Selected by _____ Family.” We thank all of these families for their help: Christensen, Larsen, Pless, Dyhm, Van der Lan-Tassy, Ladefoged, and Bilenberg.

Danish collection August 2012

Last spring, the Brazilian community held an extremely fun Brazilian BBQ to raise funds for library books in Portuguese. Our Brazilian community may be small still, but it is mighty! Carla Pamfilio and Juliana Spinola selected many excellent books from award-winning Brazilian authors and bought these with the funds raised by the BBQ.. Carla is now engaged in helping us catalog those titles and they will soon be on the shelves.

Portuguese collection before

Portuguese collection BEFORE

Brazilian collection expanded

The Portuguese collection AFTER

P.S. The Brazilian community will be hosting a second BBQ on 15 September. We encourage you to attend. It promises to be an even more fun than last time!

Easy and Cool–View Chinese Character Movies and Practice Online!

Let’s start with a few question: Is Chinese the most difficult language in the world? Are Chinese characters impossible to learn?

Click this link: View Character Movie and hope you will agree with me that there really is an easy and cool way to learn this language. Practice with the magic pen and enjoy the learning experience.

On the same page the explanation of the character is introduced in both English and Chinese with samples and frequency. e.g. 好 (hǎo): 17.451‱

If you are curious about how many Chinese characters you know please check 500 most common Chinese characters. View IST World Language wiki for more online Chinese learning tools.

View Character Movie

New PowerSpeak Subscription Now Available

Discover the new power in speech, welcome to Powerspeak Languages database!

If you want to learn a language for work, school, travel or personal enrichment Powerspeak provides an engaging, effective way to learn:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • English for Spanish speakers

Powerspeak Language is a proven, effective learning system that combines systematic learning processes with innovative methods in courses tailored specifically to each language and culture.

By taking users beyond rote memorization or the “listen/repeat” drill of other systems, Powerspeak Languages delivers a unique mix of progressive, proven teaching methods that truly resonate with language learners.

This new database is now open to all IST community members through the library OPAC. A link to the library OPAC can be found at the top left of this blog page. Please feel free to contact library staff for further information. If you have not had a personal library account now is the time to get one!

Young Published Author at IST

Josephine Meier, a former IST grade 10 German student, published her first book this year. Congratulations, Josephine! Gedichte einer 14 jährigen (Poems for 14 Years) is written and illustrated all by herself. It is beautifully designed. This young lady is not only a poet but also a fantastic artist. The poems are written in German and the topics are various on friendship, life, death, love, spring, winter etc. In the “About the Author” section, Tianjin and China are mentioned. The feeling of seeing these words is wonderful.

The library staff is glad to receive Josephine’s donation in time for International School Library Week. Thank you, Josephine! We wish you all the best back in Germany.

The IST library works for the entire IST community and we get support from world languages teachers and students at the same time. People who are interested in publishing their personal books please check Books on Demand.