Library Updates

Scholastic book orders have arrived! The IST library staff were very excited to receive a large shipment of Scholastic books this morning. Library staff worked hard today to organize the orders, and most students who placed orders received their books this afternoon.

New furniture for the library! The library is getting a facelift with the addition of new, comfy furniture perfect for relaxing with a favorite book. Stop by the library to see our cozy, comfy new spaces!

Happy Birthday, Alice!

Today we were excited to celebrate Alice’s birthday with her Birthday Book Club donation. Alice, in grade 1, donated Elephants Cannot Dance! by Mo Willems. She is the first person to check out this new book from the library. Thank you Alice, and we hope you enjoy your book!


If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday with the IST Library Birthday Book Club, please contact the librarians at or for more information on how to join.



Happy Birthday, Jun Seo!

IMG_3820 (1)Happy birthday, Jun Seo!

Thank you to Jun Seo Yu, grade 1, for his Birthday Book donation to the library. Jun Seo’s birthday book is Dinosaurs From Head to Tail by Stacey Roderick and Kwanchai Moriya. Jun Seo was the first student to check out the book from the library this week.

We hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to celebrate your birthday with the IST Library Birthday Book Club, please contact the library staff at for more information on how to join.


Early Happy Birthday, Jin A!

Our latest Birthday Book Club recipient is Jin A, who donated the book Malcolm at Midnight, by W.H. Beck. Although her birthday is not until the end of the month, we didn’t want to make her wait any longer so that she has plenty of time to read the book before checkout is finished for the year.

Malcolm is a pet rat at McKenna School. He loves being the classroom pet and he has an active after-school social life with all the other classroom pets. One day, a pet iguana disappears and it’s up to Malcolm to find out what happened.

As the Birthday Book Club recipient, Jin A is the first one to check the book. A nameplate on the title page commemorates the occasion. Parents can enroll their students in the Birthday Book Club program, for a small fee of 150RMB, via the sidebar widget. We will be closing registration for this year at the end of the week, but parents can still register students for next school year.

Jin A's Birthday Book Club donation


Thanks, Jin A. I hope you enjoy the book. Have a great birthday next week! I hope you spend the day reading.

Caught Them Reading

I set myself a goal today of taking photos of students reading. You might have noticed that I have a feature on the right sidebar, with photos I post on Instagram. It’s been a very busy week so I hadn’t posted any reading pictures in a while, and I decided today I’d dedicate it to catching students reading.

Boy, did I ever catch them! The only classes I missed were classes that were in PE or in rehearsals for the spring show when I walked by, so I’m very happy to report that IST students read, read, and read all day long.

If you want to see more photos of our students reading, be sure to follow me on Instagram. My Instagram username is fitziane, and I post reading photos of students at IST with the hashtag #istianjinmobile.

Poem in your Pocket 2014

Poem in your Pocket Day is on 25 April. The elementary school will share poems on that day in their classrooms and with their friends.

In preparation, Poem in your Pocket posters have gone up in the elementary school.

Poem in Your Pocket posters are all around the elementary school.

Ms. Wang and Mrs. Fitzgerald put up the posters around 9 am and by 9:45, grade 1 students were reading and sharing them! We hope to inspire a love of poetry and language this month among all of our students.

Grade 1 students love sharing poems

How do the Poem in Your Pocket posters work?

  • Take ONE poem at a time to read and share
  • Put the poem back in the same pocket or another one
  • You can take a poem home but only one at a time please
  • You can write a poem to out in a pocket but it must be your best effort. Follow the writing process and write it in beautiful clear handwriting

How does Poem in Your Pocket Day work?

  • It’s on Friday, 25 April
  • Keep a poem in your pocket and share it throughout the day.

Do you have a favorite poem that you’d like included in the pockets? Type it up in the comments.

The 2 Steves Visit in Photos

IST has been super busy these last few weeks, so it’s taken me a while to post these photos from the 2 Steves visit.

It was a great experience for all of us. You’ll see lots of children in these photos laughing at the antics of the 2 Steves, but the best part of it was how they reaffirmed for our students that they are indeed authors, and that writing is hard work, but well worth it.

2 Steves books are available both on our Kindles and in paperback at the IST library.

Photos will also be available on the the 2 Steveslibrary’s page on as soon as I can get them uploaded.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update on G5 Environmental Project

You may remember a post from last week, in which I described a project by Larry in grade 5. He wanted to recycle paper and I asked him whether the library could have paper to put in our library printer. We feed that printer paper that has already been used on one side to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

Today, Larry came with a big stack of paper. He had sorted it to usable pieces, free of wrinkles, tape or staples. We’ll be using that paper in the printer today. Our library printer gets a lot of use by students and teachers, and we’re always in need of paper.

Thank you, Larry! We hope you’ll keep bringing us paper for our printer even after the exhibition is over.

Larry's re-used paper donation