Inquiry @ The IST Library

The third quarter of the IST school year is an incredibly busy one for the Library. Full-blown research projects are happening at every grade level in the MYP Humanities program. Grade 6 is preparing for the Tourism Fair; students are researching and studying about China’s many provinces. Grade 7 students are each reading a different biography and researching about that specific historical figure. A unit in Grade 8 on The Triangle Trade is culminating in carefully researched and digitally presented narratives about slavery. Revolution is the theme for Grade 9; each student has developed their own research question related to one of four major revolutions: American, French, Russian, and Chinese. Grade 10 students are continuing inquiry into individually chosen topics related to a “development in scientific understanding or technology that led to a historic shift in human belief or lifestyle.” Grade 7, 9 & 10 will all write papers on their research. These longterm projects are all connected to the real world, an element of inquiry-based education. If you want to see learning in action, come to the IST Library!

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LibGuides are being used in the Secondary School!

14 Guides were created this fall by IST Secondary Teacher-Librarian Virginia Morgan for a variety of student research projects. LibGuides are subject guides to help students find credible resources. These subject guides are springboards into detailed information that is academic and authoritative. In these guides, librarians recommend specific databases for specific subjects. Widgets are built into the guides so students can access the databases immediately. Also included are other online sources, ebooks, and books from the IST library collections.

Where are they located? Find them at

Statistics Showing Increase In When & How Often LibGuides Are Being Accessed

Month & Views

2013-04    9
2013-05    17
2013-06    10
2013-07    1
2013-08    362
2013-09    500
2013-10    791

MYP happenings

Grade 10 and the Personal Project

There has been a flurry of activity in the library lately and yesterday afternoon at 4:30 marked the busiest moment yet! Grade 10 students hit their Personal Project deadline yesterday afternoon.


Grade 10 students work frantically to meet the 4:30 deadline.

The Personal Project is undertaken in the culminating year of the MYP. This year’s Grade 10s began the process in May, 2010 and couldn’t have imagined that this day would come. They have undertaken extensive research in order to complete this assignment and have spent many, many hours in the library honing their research skills, working on their products and completing their nearly 4000 word reflective essay.

This year, students chose a broad range of topics reflecting their interests and talents. You can look forward to seeing their efforts on display on Wednesday, May 25th.

Grade 8 Digital Stories unit in Humanities

Grade 8 Humanities students began their digital stories unit before the December holiday and tomorrow marks the day that they conclude their work on this rigourous assignment. Students have done extensive research, note-taking, storyboarding and scripting of their slavery-related digital stories and we’re all looking forward to viewing their final product. For more information on this unit, visit the Grade 8 Humanities website.

Digital Stories

Research in Science

In the past few weeks students in grades 8 and 10 have begun work on essays in science related to the One World criterion. This aspect of the Science curriculum ensures that students in each year of the MYP “demonstrate their understanding of the role of science in society through the development of analysis and critical thinking” (MYP Science Subject Guide).

For more details on the topics being investigated by IST MYP Science students, view the latest entries on the ATL blog.

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