Character dress-up day is coming on Friday, October 20th

It’s time to start thinking about costumes again! This year, in celebration of International Schools Library Week, our Elementary students and teachers will come to school dressed as our favourite characters on Friday, October 20th. There will be plenty of activity in and around the library during that week and we’ll tell you a bit more about those things after our National Day holiday week. In the meantime, we wanted to give everyone a reminder to plan their costumes.

Back in April, Ms. Simon wrote this blog post with many excellent ideas for costume ideas. Be sure to revisit that post for a refresher. For more inspiration, look at this list of “100 Book Character Costumes.”

We won’t be surprised if we see a few Baby Mouse costumes after the success of our recent author visit from Matt Holm!


International Schools Library Week

It is going to be an exciting week in the library this week! We kicked off International Schools Library Week with guest readers visiting elementary classrooms, Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) throughout both the elementary and secondary schools, and the official launch of the Panda Book Awards. There will be daily quizzes and prizes, so students should be sure to drop by the library and enter each day this week! There will be special grand prize drawings on Friday!

We also have the Beijing Book Fair coming up on Thursday and Friday. Students should bring money with them if they wish to purchase books.



International Schools Library Week is coming!

ISLW Oct 24 to 28

International Schools Library Week at IST–Monday, October 24th to Friday, October 28th.


You can begin to look forward to the week of October 24-28th when there will be lots of action in and around the library. We’ll be launching this year’s Panda Book Awards, offering Apple Store workshops, giving prizes, hosting the Beijing Book Fair and more. Watch this space for details and updates.

If you are interested in being a guest reader for an elementary class, please contact Ms. Simon at Linnea_Simon at istianjin dot net to let her know what you’d like to read and when.

Character Dress Ups 2013

It’s been a terribly busy time here at the IST library, and I haven’t had the time to sort through all the great pictures that we took on Character Dress Up Day. Here are a few of my photos from the day. To see the photos that were taken in the photo booth by Mr. Skinner, please visit the IST website’s Media Center. 

There were so many excellent costumes. I particularly liked the ones that were made from materials students found at home, because those showed that they’d been thinking about their characters and taking action in bringing them to life.

If you have photos from Character Day and an Instagram account, please tag them with #istianjinreads. They’ll show up on our sidebar widget.

Can you guess who is what character? Here’s a challenge. Whoever correctly writes all 16 characters or the books they’re from in the comments gets a prize from the library.

We Dropped Everything and Read last Friday

The elementary school celebrated two events today: Pink Day for Cancer Awareness and the last activity for International Schools Library Week – Drop Everything and Read. After a fact- and fun-filled assembly led by the student council, students from kindergarten to grade 5 came to the library to read for 15 minutes.

Not only was it heartwarming to see the support for the Elementary Student Council’s fund drive to benefit cancer research in China, but it was great to have so many students in the library all reading and enjoying each other’s company.

If you have smartphone photos from our pink DEAR time, please upload to Instagram with the hashtag #istianjinreads.

Tickled Pink to Read Tomorrow

To round up our International Schools Library Week, we will be having an elementary school-wide Drop Everything And Read session tomorrow after the Elementary Student Council’s Pink Day assembly.

Come and join us to show your support of the IST library and breast cancer awareness.

Parent Book Club will start directly after DEAR time.

The secondary school is still invited to come at 10:15 for the originally scheduled DEAR time.

If you take photos of our pink-garbed readers and you have an Instagram account, please post with the hashtag #istianjinreads.

Beijing Book Fair Today and Tomorrow

The Beijing Foreign Language bookstore is at IST today and tomorrow. The IST community is welcome to come and browse through the wide selection of English-language books.

Students will be allowed to save books for payment tomorrow until morning recess. After morning recess all books not paid for will be returned to the tables for others to purchase.

We love book fairs because of the delighted expressions we hear from students as they find favorite titles and authors. Sadly, we always seem to take the photo right after the surprised delight and right when they are absorbed in the book, so most of our photos feature somber faces. Believe us, they’re very excited.

The book fair will be open until 6 this afternoon and 5:30 tomorrow to allow parents who are attending parent-teacher conferences today to come and browse.

If you have change left over, you can donate to the cancer research fundraising effort by the Elementary Student Council. There is a collection box on the circulation desk.




Daily Quizzes Started Today

The daily quizzes on the Panda Book Awards books start today.

Come to the library to fill out a ballot or two in the categories which you will be reading.

A daily prize in each category will be selected from the ballots entered each daily. Winners will be announced in the daily notices of elementary and secondary.

What are you waiting for? Come to the library to fill your ballot — and enjoy the Beijing Book Fair on tomorrow and Wednesday.

Daily Quizzes 2013

Super Start of ISLW!

It was so much fun to see everyone’s clever character costumes at the Grade 1-2 Library Club Assembly. Character Dress Up Day this year has been better than ever!

Congratulations to the G1-2 Library Club members for their excellent performance. They did everything we practiced with confidence and flair, and I’m very proud of them. Please note that we still have two more library club sessions. The activity is not over because the assembly is over.

Character Dress Up Day was better than ever this year. As usual, there were some store-bought princesses and super heroes, but most of the characters were really from books and reflected lots of thought about the chosen books.

If you took pictures and are on Instagram, please use the hashtag #istianjinreads. We have an Instagram widget on this blog that is supposed to show all photos with that tag.

See you next week in the library as we continue to celebrate:

  • Week long – daily quizzes about the Panda Books
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – Beijing Book Fair from 7:30 to 6
  • Friday – parent book club – Come dressed as a reveur so we can take a photo
  • Friday – DEAR time – NOTE CHANGE: Elementary will have DEAR time during period 1 after the Pink Day activities in the theater. Secondary classes are invited to join us then or keep the 10:05 time.

Library Staff Dress Up 2013



More photos coming soon.