Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Thank you to Sidney and Saige who together donated the book Hugless Howard, by David Melling. This is the story of Howard, who was looking for someone to hug. He tried hugging everything but in the end, there’s nothing quite like hugging a loving parent.

We were delighted to receive this donation from Sidney and Saige, who have been avid users of the IST library during their life at IST. I don’t think they’ve ever missed a lunch recess since they were in kindergarten. Their favorite thing to do was color in Disney princess coloring sheets at the library tables. We will miss their cheerful presence during the elementary lunch hour!

 Birthday Book Club donation

Happy Birthday to Kotaro

Kotaro and his Birthday Book Club book  Happy birthday and thank you to Kotaro in preK for his Birthday Book Club donation of Mo Willem’s That Is Not a Good Idea.

Kotaro is a smart and lively student. He is always keen on answer questions and share his thoughts with his friends and classmates. He loves racing car books and ninja books, but the Curious George series is his favorite.

His birthday book donation, That Is Not a Good Idea, is already a class favorite with preK. Thank you again, Kotaro. Happy reading!

It is very easy to join the IST Library Birthday Book Club. For a modest fee of 150RMB, a child can help to build our library collection. With input from the parents, teachers and the birthday child, the IST librarians will select a book to suit his/her interests and reading ability. The child is the first to check out his/her Birthday Book Club book and a commemorative plate is inserted in the book. The occasion is also marked with a notice in the IST Blaze newsletter and the library blog.

To enroll your child for the IST Library Birthday Book Club, please register online via the widget on the right sidebar.

Triple Birthday Books!

We are so happy to see students participating in our Library Birthday Book Club. This week we have three students who celebrated their birthdays (and un-birthdays) with us.

Jun Seo donated Planes Fly, by George Ella Lyon. This book takes readers on a flight from boarding to landing, rhyming all the way. Jun Seo loves planes, trains, cars and all things that go, so this was a great fit for him. His classmates are eager to also check out the book, so be sure to put a hold on the book if you want to check it out yourself. Otherwise, you may have to wait a long time to see it on the shelves!

Dong Geun donated Cardboard, by Doug TenNapel. This is the story of a cardboard man who magically comes to life. He must help his young creator defeat the evil neighbor who is trying to animate her own cardboard creatures. Dong Geun enjoys graphic novels, so Doug TenNapel’s work is a perfect fit. He is the creator of Ghostopolis, which was a Panda Book for Older Readers in 2011. We are pleased to be able to obtain another of his dynamically illustrated graphic novels for our collection.

Annika donated Down the River Mysterly, by Bill Willingham. This is the story of a boy scout who is lost in the woods. He befriends several talking animals, and together they must outwit a group of hunters and their hounds. Annika loves the fantasy genre, especially when they include animal characters, so this book was a good fit for her. It is a suspenseful book, with flashes of humor. The River Mysterly, for example, is so named because the talking animal who named it meant to say “mysterious,” but being a young animal, did not pronounce the word correctly.

We thank all three of our newest recipients for their donations and congratulate them on their birthdays. We hope that they enjoy their books, and that they will recommend to their friends and classmates.

Parents wishing to enroll their children in the Library Birthday Book Club can do so electronically. The registration widget is also on the right sidebar. Please let us know at least one month in advance, and give us as much information as you can on your child/ren’s reading interests.

Birthday Boy To Go Around the World 3 Times!

Il Sun and his birthday book Well, he’s going to go around the world three times thanks to the magic of books. Il Sun is our latest IST Library Birthday Book Club recipient. For his birthday donation, Il Sun received Around the World: Three Remarkable Journeys, by Matt Phelan.

Around the World is a graphic novel with fictionalized accounts of the ’round-the-world travels of three 19th century explorers: Thomas Stevens, who went on a bicycle, Captain Joshua Slocum, who made the first solo sail around the world, and Nellie Bly, an intrepid woman reporter.

We thank Il Sun for his birthday donation. Il Sun is the first to check out Around the World: Three Remarkable Journeys, and a name plate was attached to the book to commemorate the occasion.

Parents wishing to enroll their children in the IST Library Birthday Book Club should contact the librarians at least one month in advance. The fee is only 150RMB.

Donation of Chinese Painting

The grandmother of  Yolanda Xie in grade 10, Mrs. Hou, graciously donated one of her newest paintings to the IST library. It is a lovely painting of bamboo.  Bamboo is one of the four favorite plants along with Chinese plum, orchid and chrysanthemum, the so-called Four Men of Honor by the Chinese. We feel honored to receive her donation.

Ms. Hou taught all elementary G3-5 students on Chinese painting at the Temple Fair last year and her session of gold fish painting was loved by all. Goldfish in Chinese culture are symbolic of wealth and good fortune.

The library has a good of collection of Chinese culture and traditions. Please visit library OPAC for more information.

Ms. Hou’s painting is now located at the Chinese language section in the library. Thank you, Ms. Hou, for your donation! We wish you a very happy Chinese New Year!

Painting by Ms. Hou



Snakes Speak in Many Tongues at IST

We are now in the Year of the Snake. I thought that I would start off the new year with a post on our latest non-fiction titles about snakes, and I was surprised and pleased to see that so many of our newer titles are from our World Languages collection.

We are fortunate at IST to have a diverse student population. In the elementary school, IST offers mother-tongue classes to our Danish, German, French, and Chinese students. In the secondary school, Language A classes are also offered in Korean. To support our international students, the library has a robust collection of books in languages other than English, and we are grateful for the support of our international parents who often donate books in their mother-tongues to us, either personally or through the auspices of their companies.

Here are some of our most recently added books on snakes in different languages to start off the Year of the Snake.

1. Nic BishopSnakes – Call number: 597.96 BIS

Award winning photographer and naturalist presents yet another wonderful non-fiction book, this time on snakes. Brilliant photographs and accessible text make this a book for lovers of snakes, nature, and photography of all ages.

2. 画蛇添足 : paint a snake with feet – Call number: WL CHI 398.2 PAI BL.

Bilingual book that encourages readers to seek the truth from facts.

3. 蛇年的礼物 The Gift of the Year of Snake

This book for the Year of the Snake features four folk tales about snakes from around the world. Illustrated with traditional paper cuts, this is a beautiful book to browse even if you cannot read characters.

4 and 5. Slanger and Kobra

Two books in Danish from the Første fakta series. Thanks to the Larssen family for transporting the series for us from Denmark. Our Danish collection is possible in large part to the generous donations and efforts of our Danish community.

6. Cobra Honorato : Snake Honorato

From the series Lendas Brasileras (Brazilian Legends) by famous Brazilian cartoonist, Mauricio de Sousa, this folk tale is about a snake called Honorato. We would like to thank the Brazilian community once again for their efforts in bolstering our Portuguese language collection. We can say without a doubt that we are the only international school in Tianjin with such a large collection of Portuguese language materials.


Happy Year of the Snake!

We hope you spend it reading!

Stay Pink this Weekend

It was great to see so many IST students in pink this Friday. The elementary student council raised over 3000RMB. The pinkness was obvious at the grade 3 assembly on Friday morning. I made a short announcement at the end of the assembly and was delighted to see a sea of pink in the theater seats.

You can continue to support breast cancer victims this weekend by participating in the Family Fun Walk hosted by the Tianjin International Community Center and Tianjin International SOS this Sunday. The walk starts at Aaron’s Kitchen in Nan Cui Ping Park (Trash Mountain.)

Pink Ribbon Day on 12 October

The Elementary Student Council is hosting a Pink Ribbon Day this Friday, Oct. 12.  They are encouraging all students and staff to wear pink and to make a donation to help fight breast cancer. Funds will be sent to the Tianjin International Community Center. Click here to download the flyer.

In honor of Pink Ribbon Day and cancer victims everywhere, we’ve prepared 2 lists of books.

Please note that the books are not hyperlinked. If you would like to place a hold on any of these books, see the tutorial here.

We hope you will all support IST’s Pink Ribbon Day and the Elementary Student Council. One more way you can support the fight against breast cancer is by clicking daily on the Breast Cancer site.

The Breast Cancer Site

Tak & Obrigado – Thank You

The IST library has the best collection of books in languages other than English of all the international schools in Tianjin. Our wonderful World Languages collection has been possible, in large part, to the generous donations of international corporations and our school families.

This time around, we’d like to thank the Danish and Brazilian communities for their support of the library’s Danish and Brazilian collections.

One of the greatest expenses we have in maintaining our collection is shipping costs. The Danish community helped us defray this. Several Danish families purchased books in Danish for the library and brought them back to Tianjin in their suitcases. The books they brought back have been added to the collection with a name plate that says, “Selected by _____ Family.” We thank all of these families for their help: Christensen, Larsen, Pless, Dyhm, Van der Lan-Tassy, Ladefoged, and Bilenberg.

Danish collection August 2012

Last spring, the Brazilian community held an extremely fun Brazilian BBQ to raise funds for library books in Portuguese. Our Brazilian community may be small still, but it is mighty! Carla Pamfilio and Juliana Spinola selected many excellent books from award-winning Brazilian authors and bought these with the funds raised by the BBQ.. Carla is now engaged in helping us catalog those titles and they will soon be on the shelves.

Portuguese collection before

Portuguese collection BEFORE

Brazilian collection expanded

The Portuguese collection AFTER

P.S. The Brazilian community will be hosting a second BBQ on 15 September. We encourage you to attend. It promises to be an even more fun than last time!

Book Donation

Bo Kyeong in 8Q and Do Won Kim in 11C kindly donated many quality Korean books to the library, including a big series of biographies, famous fairy/folktales and the “Greatest 100” series. Bo Kyeong and Do Won, thank you for your generosity! The Korean community will definitely benefit from these.

IST has been the grateful recipient of several corporate and personal donations in recent years, most recently the donation from NNE Pharmaplan (Tianjin) of Danish books and the Airbus French and German collection. We greatly appreciate the support of our corporate community and we are also open to additional funding.

We welcome books in any languages that are in line with students’ academic needs and interests. We are especially interested in books in Portuguese as our Portuguese community is growing. Please note that we prefer hard cover books, recent fiction and non-fiction, and that we reserve the right of refusal if we feel that books would not be appropriate to our collection.

The IST library works for the entire community. We are grateful for your support!

Bo Kyeong and Do Won