Character dress-up day is coming on Friday, October 20th

It’s time to start thinking about costumes again! This year, in celebration of International Schools Library Week, our Elementary students and teachers will come to school dressed as our favourite characters on Friday, October 20th. There will be plenty of activity in and around the library during that week and we’ll tell you a bit more about those things after our National Day holiday week. In the meantime, we wanted to give everyone a reminder to plan their costumes.

Back in April, Ms. Simon wrote this blog post with many excellent ideas for costume ideas. Be sure to revisit that post for a refresher. For more inspiration, look at this list of “100 Book Character Costumes.”

We won’t be surprised if we see a few Baby Mouse costumes after the success of our recent author visit from Matt Holm!


Character Dress Up Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day in the library with Character Dress Up Day. It was wonderful to see so many students and teachers dressed up in fantastic costumes. We had a lunchtime parade, took green screen photos in the library, and activities for students who wished to stay in the library at lunchtime. Please enjoy some photos from this fun and exciting day at IST!

Character Dress Up Day Monday, April 24th

We are going to celebrate World Book Day on April 24th  with Character Dress Up Day, a Library Lunchtime Parade, Photo Shoot, and more fun activities. Here are a few easy costume ideas to get you started.

Fancy Nancy (from the series by Jane O’Connor).

You will need lots of pink, a frilly skirt, and fun accessories. We have many Fancy Nancy books in the library; you can choose one to help inspire your costume.

Where’s Waldo? (from the books by Martin Hanford).

This costume is easy to make. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, red beanie, and some black-rimmed glasses.

Madeline (from the books by Ludwig Bemelmans)

To  dress up like Madeline, you’ll need a blue dress with white collar, a straw hat, red tie and white socks.

Arthur (from the books by Marc Brown)

For this costume, all you’ll need are a pair of jeans, a yellow sweater, white collared shirt, glasses, and sneakers.

For more great costume ideas, follow this link:

We can’t wait to see your costumes on April 24th!


Character Dress Ups 2013

It’s been a terribly busy time here at the IST library, and I haven’t had the time to sort through all the great pictures that we took on Character Dress Up Day. Here are a few of my photos from the day. To see the photos that were taken in the photo booth by Mr. Skinner, please visit the IST website’s Media Center. 

There were so many excellent costumes. I particularly liked the ones that were made from materials students found at home, because those showed that they’d been thinking about their characters and taking action in bringing them to life.

If you have photos from Character Day and an Instagram account, please tag them with #istianjinreads. They’ll show up on our sidebar widget.

Can you guess who is what character? Here’s a challenge. Whoever correctly writes all 16 characters or the books they’re from in the comments gets a prize from the library.

Super Start of ISLW!

It was so much fun to see everyone’s clever character costumes at the Grade 1-2 Library Club Assembly. Character Dress Up Day this year has been better than ever!

Congratulations to the G1-2 Library Club members for their excellent performance. They did everything we practiced with confidence and flair, and I’m very proud of them. Please note that we still have two more library club sessions. The activity is not over because the assembly is over.

Character Dress Up Day was better than ever this year. As usual, there were some store-bought princesses and super heroes, but most of the characters were really from books and reflected lots of thought about the chosen books.

If you took pictures and are on Instagram, please use the hashtag #istianjinreads. We have an Instagram widget on this blog that is supposed to show all photos with that tag.

See you next week in the library as we continue to celebrate:

  • Week long – daily quizzes about the Panda Books
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – Beijing Book Fair from 7:30 to 6
  • Friday – parent book club – Come dressed as a reveur so we can take a photo
  • Friday – DEAR time – NOTE CHANGE: Elementary will have DEAR time during period 1 after the Pink Day activities in the theater. Secondary classes are invited to join us then or keep the 10:05 time.

Library Staff Dress Up 2013



More photos coming soon.

International Schools Library Week Is Almost Here!

International Schools Library Week starts tomorrow with our Grade 1-2 Library Club assembly and Character Dress Up Day.

The assembly is in the grade 2-5 playroom at 8:25. The library club girls are very excited to present their assembly!

We will have a photo booth set up in the grade 2-5 playroom from 8:10. The idea is to have good photos of the many clever and simple costumes our students will dress up in to celebrate their favorite books and characters. This is the first time we will have the photo booth, so we appreciate your patience with the inevitable first-time problems. Photos will be used for the yearbook and school promotion.

The fun continues next week with daily quizzes in the library, a book fair on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Drop Everything And Read time on Friday, at 10:05 for 15 minutes.

The book fair will be held in the library on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those are the parent-teacher conference days, so the fair will be set up until 6 on Tuesday and 5:30 on Wednesday for parents to visit in between conferences.

Thanks to all for your support. We’re looking forward to celebrating our library and our international community with you all.

Character Dress Up for Girls

Yesterday I posted three character costumes from elementary fiction books, but I didn’t notice all three were for boys until I had finished writing the post. So here are three character costumes just for girls:

Katniss costume from Hunger Games Katniss from the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.You’ll need a toy bow and arrow, and you’ll need to braid your hair down the side. Wear cargo pants, lace up boots, a lightweight black hooded windbreaker and an utility belt.The Hunger Games series can be found at the IST library with the call # F COL.

Cruella de Ville costume


Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmatians, by Dodie Smith. Before it was a movie, the 101 Dalmatianswas a book published in 1956.Costume is “a little black dress”, a leopard print coat, lots of long bead necklaces and a head dress in black and white made from two boas fastened onto a head band. Complete the ensemble with bright red lipstick and elbow length gloves.You can find the 101 Dalmatians with the call # F DOD.

Angelina Ballerina costume


Angelina Ballerina from the series by Katharine Holabird. This is basically a ballet outfit with mouse ears and makeup. Angelina also has a red rose pinned at her waist. She loves to pirouette!You can find the Angelina Ballerina at our library with the call # E CRA. There are lots of books about the mouse who loved to ballet.

More easy costumes for Halloween or Character Dress Up Day on my Pinterest Board. 

Character Dress Up – Elementary Fiction

Here are some easy character dress up ideas from books found in our E (picture books), ER (early reader/red sticker) and ELE F (beginning chapter book/yellow sticker) sections. — Apologies to the girls. After I uploaded this, I noticed they were all boys! Will post some elementary fiction girl characters tomorrow!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume
Wimpy Kid This is the easiest character dress up ever! Of course, the Wimpy Kid isn’t really a comic book, but he does love drawing cartoons in his diary so we’re going to include him here.You’ll need a white t-shirt, a black backpack, regular pants and sneakers. Carry the book with you to show everyone how very much like the Wimpy Kid you look.The Diary of the Wimpy Kid is written by Jeff Kinney. The first book in the series came out in 2006, but it was first a web-based comic. There are 7 books in the series so far and the eight book comes out soon. We can’t wait!

Fly Guy costume


Fly Guy– You’ll need a headband with a pair of oversize eyes, black clothing and a pair of white wings. You can make the eyes out of paper plates and the wings using wire hanger and white nylon stockings.The Fly Guy series is written by Ted Arnold, who has also written many other fun children’s books. We have lots of his books. The Fly Guy series can be found in the ER section, in a basket of its own.
  Arthur – Another easy one with items from your closet: yellow cardigan, polo shirt, jeans, sneakers. Add round ears and rimmed eyeglasses.Arthur the aardvark is just a normal boy, having normal boy adventures with his sister and friends. Written by Marc Brown, the Arthur series is very popular. The IST library has many of the Arthur books in the E (picture book) collection.