Scholastic Orders and Read-a-Thon Winners

Flyers for the last Scholastic Reading Club offer should be going home today with students. The deadline for order forms in Thursday, 13 March. We expect books would arrive at the end of April, and maybe sooner.

The elementary students who participated in the Elementary Student Council Read-a-Thon received certificates for a free book from the Scholastic flyers. Please note that:

  • Certificate can only be used for a single book for up to $5
  • Certificate cannot be combined with cash for a book priced at a higher amount

The price in dollar for each book is on the flyer. Also on the flyer is the item #. You will need that to fill in your free book certificate.




To use your free book certificate, you will need to fill it out with:

  • the title of the book you want
  • the item # from the flyer
  • the name of the catalog and the month
  • You should also write your name and class on the certificate to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

See this sample:

Scholastic Free Book Certificate March 2014

Now it’s time to fill in the RMB order form. The one shown here uses a certificate and purchases 2 books for illustration purposes, but students do not have to buy books to be able to use the certificate as the library and the ESC will be completing the $10 minimum requirement stated on the certificate.

Sample of Scholastic order form March 2014


Last two steps:

  • Staple your free book certificate to your order form
  • Hand in to your homeroom teacher or the library with your money in exact change

Still reading? Great, because there’s more! The ESC will be using part of the funds it raised with the Read-a-Thon to donate 700RMB worth of books to each classroom in the elementary school. Hurray! Stay tuned for details.

Scholastic Book Club Orders Due Monday

Scholastic flyers

Scholastic Book Club flyers went out this week to students in elementary and middle school. Please note that the due date is Monday, 13 January. This quick turnaround will help the books arrive in mid-April.

All orders should be filled out legibly. Please add the total amount of items and total amount due in the space provided at the bottom of the form. See the sample below.

Scholastic order form: Enter name, class, number of items and total amount.

Scholastic Book Club Orders Arrived

To celebrate the return to school after our National Day break, the Scholastic Book Club orders were distributed to elementary classes. Secondary students who ordered items must come to the circulation desk to pick them up.

In case you didn’t get a chance to order books in August, we’ve invited a Beijing bookstore to set up a book fair during our International Schools Library Week, which will kick off on 18 October. Stay tuned for details — and start saving as there will be hundreds of books available for purchase.

Scholastic Reading Club

It’s time to place Scholastic Reading Club orders!

Scholastic August 2013 flyers

All year round, the IST library seeks to help parents and students get English language materials. We hold two book fairs by Beijing bookstores and a used book sale each year, and we also organize two Scholastic Reading Club orders.

The Scholastic Reading Clubs are an optional program through which students can purchase English language materials from the United States. Students select titles from flyers given out in their homerooms and place their orders via an RMB order form. They hand in their orders to their homeroom teachers or directly to the library, and books are delivered about 5 weeks afterwards.

There are some items on the flyers that are not available to international customers like us. Those are clearly marked on the flyers. Likewise, the online options are not available to us. That still leaves many, many titles to choose from, and this year, the exchange rate is more favorable to us, so books are even less expensive than ever.

We hope that you will choose to participate in the Scholastic Reading Clubs. If you would like recommendations for titles, please see your teachers or come to the library.

The next Scholastic Reading Club offering will be after we return from the December break.

Scholastic Books Arrived!

Our latest Scholastic Book Club orders arrived yesterday and were distributed to classes. We hope that everyone who ordered was satisfied to receive their books. Some items were cancelled because they were out of stock. Students who did not receive one of the books on their order were given a refund.

Lisa sorts Scholastics order, March 2013

If you would like the library to offer one more round of Scholastic Book Clubs before the end of the year, please let us know via the comments.

The library will be scheduling a used books sale in April, in time for those of you who will be leaving books behind when you leave China at the end of the school year.

Scholastic Book Club Orders for January

Scholastic Book Club flyers went out today to all students. This is an optional book purchasing opportunity for the IST community. You are free to purchase as little or as much as you wish. For every 10RMB spent, the library gets bonus points which are then used to acquire titles for the library or classrooms.

Orders are due back on Tuesday, 22 January. Books should arrive after the Chinese New Year break. Please note that books are shipped from the US and that they usually take about 4 weeks to arrive.

Note that there will be titles which are unavailable to us in China. Those are marked on the RMB order form. Also note that parents cannot order online from China and that the eStoria ebook library is also note available to us.

Please send money in exact change. Teachers will not give change back and you will have to wait until the Scholastic reps send it to us in February.

The flyers come with a stapled order form in RMB. Please fill it out completely. It helps us to organize the books when they arrive, if you clearly mark the number of books you ordered and the total.

Scholastic order form: Enter name, class, number of items and total amount.

Extra flyers are available at the circulation desk.

When, oh when, will our book orders arrive?

We placed our Scholastic book club orders two weeks ago. As stated on the flyers, books take 4 to 5 weeks to arrive from the US. Some students are getting a little anxious about receiving their books. It’s great to see that excitement and we hope that anticipation will make the reading of the books even sweeter.

Chae Rin is an elementary student who is very excited about the books and can’t wait for them to arrive. Here’s an email conversation she and I had about her impatient wait.Chae Rin's email message

Response to Chae Rin

Chae Rin's reply

Final response to Chae Rin

So, Chae Rin and all the students who have been anxiously waiting for their books, be a little bit patient. Books should be here shortly after the October break.

How to order your free Scholastic book

We had a very successful Reading Dragons Summer Challenge. More than 50 students¬† handed in completed bookmark logs. That’s at least 500 books read during the holidays. Well done!

Scholastic Book Club orders are due next Thursday, 30 August. Please note:

  • Only exact change, please. The teachers and the library do not have change. We have to wait until it is sent to us by the Scholastic company.
  • Clearly write your name and your class. Also include the total number of books ordered and the total amount at the bottom of the order form.
  • Books will arrive in about 5 weeks, so after the October break.

Students who completed a Reading Dragon bookmark AND handed it in by the due date last week (Friday, 17 August), should have received a certificate like this.

Reading Dragon certificate

If you did not, come see us at the library.

Follow these simple instructions to order your free book.

  1. Make your selection. You get 1 book that costs 50RMB or less for each completed bookmark.
  2. Mark the free book you want on your order form with an asterisk.
  3. Mark your paid choices with a number.
  4. Add up only the paid choices, and enter them at the bottom of the form.

Please note, we cannot offer you 50RMB off the total cost of your order. We can only give you a free book, up to 50RMB. This has to do with the way the Scholastic Book Club orders are set up.

Scholastic order form sample

Scholastic Book Club Orders Arrived

The Scholastic Book Clubs orders we placed before the Chinese New Year break arrived this week. Thanks to the purchases of our community members, the IST library was able to acquire many excellent new titles for our library collection as well as many books for the ESL classrooms from grades 1 to 5.

To see the complete list of titles, please visit the library OPAC (see the links to the OPAC at the top left side of this blog or click here).

(Blame the mini-tutorial below on my desire to play with my new Comic Life 2 app.)

How to see the list of new arrivals from the Scholastic Book Clubs order

Of Book Clubs and Book Fairs

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Scholastic Book Clubs offerings this month. Orders were sent to Beijing on Friday and have been received at the Scholastic representative’s office. They tell me we can expect our books in about 4 weeks.

We expect to have at least two more Scholastic offerings this year: one before the Chinese New Year break and one in April.

We will have one book fair hosted by the Beijing Publications Import and Export Corporation on 19 and 20 October. This will be part of our International School Library Week which kicks off on 14 October. Stay tuned for details — and start saving up! There will be a great variety of great titles to browse and purchase.

Here is a photo from last year’s book fair. It was extremely successful and enjoyed by all.