Thursday’s winners of the Panda Books quiz

Congratulations to the following winners:

Younger Readers Leandra Ebeling in 4D
Middle Readers Hannah Taylor in 4S
Older Readers Kriti Sharma in 9O
Mature Readers Kate Oliverson

Today’s the last day. There are 3 ways to enter before 3:15: 1) come to the library and fill out a ballot; 2) send us an email at; or 3) click on the link to the right and post your answer as a comment.

Wednesday’s winners of the Panda Books quiz

Congratulations to the following IST community members:

Younger Readers: Sofie Axen in 2J

Middle Readers: Anders Kristensen in 6T

Older Readers: Angela Yu in 6T

Mature Readers: Ciara Salg in 10W

There are still two more days of draws and lots of ways to enter: enter here, come by the library to fill in a ballot, or send us an email at

Don’t forget to bring money today and tomorrow for the IST Book Fair.

Panda Books quiz–Tuesday’s winners

The winners of yesterdays Panda Books quiz draw are as follows:

Younger Readers Yeon Jae Kim in 2J

Middle Readers Grace Elman in 3L

Older Readers Killian Irjud in 6C

Mature Readers Luc Prefontaine

Be sure to visit to enter today’s draw. You can simply click on the right, choose your category, and submit your answer in the “Comments” section. Remember to include your full name and your class.  Good luck!

Thanks to our DEAR readers

Yesterday morning, as a reminder that this week is International Schools Library Week, students from Nursery to Grade 12 dropped everything and read (DEAR) for 15 minutes before morning recess. Here are some photos shared by their teachers.

Panda Books daily quiz results for Monday, October 18

Every day this week there will be daily quiz questions for the Panda Books in all four categories. Correctly answered questions will be entered for the draw and winners will receive prizes. Yesterday’s winners were:

Younger Readers Chae Rin Lim in 2M

Middle Readers Amalie Olsen in 6C

Older Readers Hae Won Kim in 8M

Mature Readers Petra MacDonald

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Dress-Up-As-Your-Favorite-Character Day a success!

Thanks to everyone who dressed up on Friday and made Dress-Up-As-Your-Favorite-Character Day a success.

I would also like to congratulate the G1-2 Library Club for an excellent job presenting the kick off assembly for International Library Week. They performed beyond my expectations and we received many enthusiastic congratulations from the IST community.

Here are some photos from Dress-Up-As-Your-Favorite-Character Day. You didn’t dress up? Don’t worry. There’s always next year!
Click on the thumbnail to see the image in a larger size. Apologies to Snow White, The Man in the Yellow Hat, and the Paperbag Princess because the program cut off your head in the thumbnail. The enlarged photo shows your lovely faces, don’t worry.

Dress-Up-As-Your-Favorite-Character Day

October is Library Month in the United States. October is International Week at IST. Here at the IST Library we have joined the two and celebrate International School Library Week (ISLW) from Friday, 15 October to Friday, 22 October. We are planning several activities for you. Please click on the Intl School Library Week tab to see what we are planning. This page will be updated often with the latest news for ISLW.

In the meantime, we want to let you know that October 15 will be Dress-Up-As-Your-Favorite-Character Day. We welcome the whole community to start the celebrations by donning a costume. This is your chance to be Professor Snape, the Mo Willems pigeon, one of the Bernstein Bears or even Flat Stanley. Let your imagination soar!

The October break is the perfect time to think about your costume and to put it together. Are you traveling? Come as a character from your vacation! I’ve collected some book character costumes ideas for you. Visit the LiveBinder below and click on each tab to see different websites.

Hope to see all of you in costume on 15 October.

Need an avatar?

You often need an avatar when you join web communities and social networks. An avatar is a small image that shows up whenever you post a message or participate in those social networks. Ms. Surridge had showed me her cartoon avatar and I decided then that I wanted a cute one like it too.

I used Google to find a cartoon avatar making site. There are many sites that have software you download, but I wanted to do it all online. I have enough software already! The two best sites I found were and

The WeeWorld site is a game world where avatars interact with each other. Each avatar is called a WeeMee. I didn’t want to sign up for the game, but the site lets you create an avatar without joining. When I was done, I took a screenshot of the image and here it is. (See the panda on the t-shirt? It’s for the Panda Books Awards of course!)

This is my avatar made with the site.

This is my avatar made with the site.

The other site I found was On this site, when you have created your avatar, you can download it to your computer. Here’s one of the “mangatars” (avatar in the manga style) I made. The other one is what I’ll be using for this blog, at least until I find another cartoonizing site!

My first mangatar with I liked it but it's not too me.

My first mangatar with I liked it but it's not really me.

Warning: You can make very cute avatars with these two sites but it can take a lot of time to get them just right!

So, go ahead, block out an hour or so and make yourself a cartoon avatar.

Elementary Student Council Elections

The elections for officer positions in the Elementary Student Council were held on Friday. There were 20+ candidates running for President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Officer. Each candidate was required to present a 1-min speech explaining why they felt they were the best for the job.

I have been a teacher at IST for 10 years now, which means I have sat through at least 8 student council elections. Many years I have been bored senseless, disengaged from the process except for modeling good audience behavior. Many other years I have squirmed with irritation at uninspired, rushed, and poorly crafted speeches. One year, the teachers even had to call a do-over because the speeches were so poor. So it is with knowledge that I say to you that this year’s speeches have been the best ever. Every single candidate was prepared and articulate in showing the reasons why we should vote for them. They all pronounced their speeches  clearly and with conviction. They all deserved being voted into office. They are all winners in my eyes.

Below is a link to a short movie I made with clips from some speeches. Unfortunately, my camera was running out of power and I was unable to record everyone’s. I hope someone else did because those speeches deserve to be archived and used as models for next year’s candidates.

Student Council Elections 2010