Post a Poem from the IST Library

Post a Poem is a new activity we’re trying out this year for Poetry Month. Ms. Surridge made lovely postcards inspired by the National Poetry Month 2013 poster and they are available for free at the library. There will be a cost for delivery.

National Poetry Month 2013 poster

Visit the National Poetry Month website for resources and ideas to celebrate poetry this month and all year.

The post cards feature 4 different poetry related illustration and space on the back for a poem and an address. Everyone is invited to send poems to family and friends. You can choose to mail/deliver the postcards yourself or use our delivery options.

Delivery options:

1 rmb for delivery within the IST campus

1 rmb for delivery by ChinaPost within China

5 rmb for delivery by ChinaPost outside of China

Proceeds from the sale will offset the cost of printing the postcards and any profit will be used to purchase library furnishings.

Important note about addresses:

If delivery to someone at IST, please write his/her full name and class, e.g., Jun Wo Smith, 7K.

If delivery to an address in China, it is best to write the address in Chinese

If delivery to an address outside of China, please write full name and address clearly, and include the country name in capital letters.

The Chinese teachers in the elementary school will be teaching and reviewing how to write country names in Chinese. The Chinese speaking library staff will also be able to assist in the writing of Chinese addresses.

Want e-Books for Summer Reading?

You’ll find lots of online reading options through our library OPAC. 

TumbleBooks and TumbleReadables – new ebook collection in June 2012

To access our newest eBook collection, you will need to log in to the library OPAC. Use your own personal account credentials or the quick login (included on our bookmarks and in the student homework logs.)

Remember to log in where you see the IST logo.

Skitch of library OPAC

You will be taken to the Home tab. This lists all of our databases and their login information.

Select Tumblebooks for readers from preK to grade 3, and TumbleReadables for readers from grade 3 and up. Login is automatic from school, but when accessing from home, be sure to notice the username and password listed next to the link.

OPAC homepage

TumbleBooks and TumbleReadables are ebook collections. Most books include narration and a comprehension quiz. When browsing through TumbleBooks, clicking on Readables will give you more reading genres: Early Readers, Chapter Books, Graphic Novels, Classics and Audiobooks.

TumbleBooks full page

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage for a TumbleBooks TumbleTour.

Please let us know what you think of our new ebook collection. If you have any questions, or would like a personalized tour from an IST librarian, please let us know.

New Tianjin Library Opened on May 19th, 2012

The new Tianjin Cultural Center was opened on 19 May 2012. The Tianjin Library Cultural Center Branch is located next to the Tianjin Art Museum and Tianjin Grand Theater. The building has five floors and so far only the first three floors are available.

The Tianjin Public Library now has three branches: Fukanglu Library, Cultural Center Library and Haihe Educational Area Library. The new Cultural Center Library is designed to hold 60 million volumes of books, 596 newspapers and more than 3,900 periodicals.

1st Floor: 餐厅 Restaurant书香缘 Library Shop 咖啡厅 Cafe 视障读者服务区 Visual Impaired Reader’s Service 自习室 Study Room 自助还书处Self-Service Returning 少儿服务区 Children’s Service

2nd Floor: 中文期刊借阅区 Chinese Periodicals 中文图书借阅区 Chinese Books 中文报纸阅览区 Chinese Newspapers 报告厅 Lecture Hall

3rd Floor: 中文期刊典阅区 Back Issues of Chinese Periodicals 中文图书借阅区 Chinese Books 音乐图书馆 Music Library

4th Floor: 会议厅 Conference Hall 多媒体演示厅 Multimedia Demonstration Room 影视资料阅览区 Video Literature 政府信息公开查阅服务中心 Government Information 检索室 Retrieval Service 数字资源服务区 Digital Resource

5th Floor: 基本藏书阅览区 Reserved Collections 外文图书借阅区 Foreign Books 港台图书阅览区 Hong Kong & Taiwan Collections 历史文献阅览区 Historical Literature 古籍珍本展室 Rare Books Showroom 近代文献暨地方文献阅览区Modern Documents & Tianjin Local Documents

Useful tips:

second floor seating area

  • Users will need their ID cards/passports to get a Reader’s Card issued for free. Three different kinds of cards are available: a card to borrow 5 Chinese books with a deposit of RMB 100; a card to borrow 4 Chinese books and 1 foreign language book with a deposit of RMB 500; a card to borrow 2 children’s books with a deposit of RMB 50. Library cards must be renewed annually.
  • The work hours are from 9:00 to 19:30 on non-public holidays and 9:00 to 16:00 on nationals public holidays.
  • Only small bags are allowed to be carried into the library. Free lockers are available at the entrance.self-service returns machinestudy roomfirst floor

We’re having a book sale

Next week, on Thursday, May 24, we will have a used book sale at the library. We are accepting donations—if you’re moving or just need to do a bit of spring cleaning, box up those books you no longer have room for and bring them to the library by Wednesday, May 23. And remember to stop by and shop for some great books at great prices next Thursday.

Thursday, 24 May

Classics to Read with your Ears on Lit2Go!

Lit2Go is a website created and maintained by the University of South Florida. It holds audiobooks on mp3 files that are available for download from the site or through iTunes U. They have recently redesigned their site and it is a pleasure to browse the many different titles available.

Titles include many great classics of literature and non-fiction. The site is searchable by author, title, genre, reading difficulty and special collections of themed materials. The recordings are of very good quality.

You can access Lit2Go directly from this link:

or from the library OPAC‘s Visual tab. Look for the button “Online Children’s Books” and scroll down to Lit2Go.

Please note the licensing specifications as stated in the Lit2Go license agreement.

“A maximum of twenty-five (25) MP3 and/or text files may be used in any non-commercial, educational project (report, presentation, display, website, etc.) without special permission.”

You must credit Lit2Go with a full citation on your school work. If you use the mp3 files on a website, a link to must be included on your site.



IST Library Parent Book Club Choice for May

The IST Library-Parent Book Club had another fascinating discussion last week on the book, Away, by Amy Bloom. We all agreed that the main character was both memorable and complex, and her story will stay with us long after we closed the book.

Our May selection is a Panda Book Award title for 2012, in the Mature category: The Tiger’s Wife, by Tea Obrecht. Our library catalog (OPAC) summarizes the book:

“Natalia, a young doctor in route to an orphanage, learns of her grandfather’s sudden death and the mysterious circumstances that led him far from home, and in her efforts to understand why her grandfather, a rational man, would choose to undertake such a journey leads her to uncover a story her grandfather never related to her about his childhood during World War II. “

Be sure to click on TitlePeek, below the catalog image, to read reviews and other information about the book. In fact, you can enjoy TitlePeek for most of the titles on our catalog.

To access The Tiger’s Wife on our library OPAC, go to the main search page.


TitlePeek provides reviews and additional information on most of the titles in our catalog.

You can still register for the book club, by scrolling up to the top left sidebar and clicking on the registration link. We can only help purchase the book if you register before May 9.


Library Books Go Round and Round

The grade 2 students are inquiring into the PYP theme, “How we organize ourselves.” As part of their unit, they visited the library to see how our circulation system was organized. They followed a book from the shelf, to the circulation desk, to a library and back again into the library and onto the shelf. See the Comic Life posters below to view how our library books go round and round. Click on each page to enlarge.


Poem in Your Pocket Day 2012

What is Poem in Your Pocket Day? It’s a day to enjoy and share poetry. It’s very simple at IST. Carry a poem in your pocket, or take one from the many poetry pockets posted around school today and this week. Read it aloud to a friend, then listen to his or her poem. You may switch poems with your friend or with other poems in the poetry pockets. Fill your day with poetry today!

Poem in Your Pocket 2012

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2012

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2012.

Poem in Your Picket Day 2012 at IST

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2012

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2012

Poem in your Pocket Day 2012

All photos are on our flickr photostream. Stay tuned. We’ll be adding more photos all day.

Going on a Poetry Bear Hunt with Michael Rosen

April is Poetry Month at IST. The Spoken English committee is organizing poetry recitals for the elementary and secondary schools on Friday, 27 April. To help the elementary students prepare for it, our library sessions this week have centered on the elements of an excellent oral performance.

Michael Rosen, UK Children’s Poet Laureate from 2007 to 2009, is an excellent performer as well as a gifted poet. His poems for elementary school are full of joy in the English language and bring forth laughter and smiles from even our newest ESL students. What better way to learn about how to use expression, pacing,  volume and articulation than by watching a master at work?

Students from nursery to grade 4 enjoyed 2 of Mr. Rosen’s rhyming books, Going on a Bear Hunt and Little Rabbit Foo Foo. Mrs. Fitzgerald performed Little Rabbit Foo Foo as a fingerplay poem and read Going on a Bear Hunt aloud. Grades 3 and 4 used the IST Spoken English rubric to assess her performance. She then showed a video of Mr. Rosen himself performing Going on a Bear Hunt. Mr. Rosen received full points on all of the rubric’s criteria. Mrs. Fitzgerald was told she needed to work a bit on her pacing as she sometimes goes too fast, but that the rest of her performance had full marks.

You can download the Elementary Spoken English Rubric here.

To view Mr. Rosen’s performance, please follow the instructions below. You will need to access the library OPAC —

1. From the library OPAC main search page, click on the Visual Tab.

2. Locate the Poetry Month button.

3. Select Poetry for Elementary Students.

4. Note that on the Poetry for Elementary Students Visual Tab page, we have two links for Mr. Rosen. One of those links is to view a clip of Going on a Bear Hunt from, the Chinese YouTube. The other link is for his website. Unfortunately, the videos there are not available outside of the UK. If you are not in China, you could search for his performances on YouTube.

We hope you’ll enjoy Mr. Rosen’s performance as much as we did, and we especially hope that you’ll attend our poetry recitals, where students of all ages will be performing poetry of all types.

What’s the Weather Like in Grade 3?

The grade 3 students are inquiring into the PYP transdisciplinary theme How the world works and focusing on how to measure and predict weather. As with every other PYP unit, I have put together a group of links for the third graders to enhance their inquiries.

To access the weather links, you will need to visit the library OPAC. There are four different ways you could access it.

  1. From the IST’s website,, click on the Library OPAC link on the QuickLinks dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page.
  2. From the top left corner of this blog, click on the link below the knocker icon.
  3. From every classroom blog, locate the link to the OPAC on their blogroll (usually on the top of the right sidebar)
  4. Learn this very easy URL,, and type into your browser. You might also want to bookmark it.

Once on the library OPAC, click on the Visual tab.

Follow the Visual Tab’s buttons along this path: PYP UOI–>Grade 3–>Weather.

Click on the links to visit grade-3-friendly weather websites.

The first button on the Visual Tab’s page for each unit is always the list of books for that unit. This book list is tailored specifically for the grade level and includes books in an appropriate reading level for the grade.

Go ahead and explore the different buttons. You may want to press the Command key on a Mac or the Control key on a PC to get the links to open on a separate tab of your browser. That way, you can easily go back to the library OPAC to click on another tab.