Summer Reading

We’re on vacation. We hope you’ll take the time to catch up on your reading!

Be sure to visit the library OPAC‘s Visual tab for recommended reading lists and online children book sites.

Explore the visual tab of the library OPAC. It's full of interesting links and lists.

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If you have checked out books for the summer holiday, remember that they are due back on August 15, the first day of school.

Happy reading!

Images, scholarly writing and news from around the world!

We have three amazing new sources of information available to the IST community.

Britannica Image Quest

Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest 1

Britannica Image Quest is a wealth of digital imagery searchable by category, collection or key word search. Each image is Getty Images, SuperStock, Science Photo Library, The Granger Collection and many many more. You can choose to download, email, save, or print the image. In addition, full MLA citation information is given for each image in the entire database. We strongly recommend this as the first stop when looking for images for your blog, school project, presentation or poster. (Access is currently available only when you are at school but we will soon be able to login from anywhere.)



Our new subscription to JSTOR allows us access to one of the best online academic resources available. JSTOR is a database of a thousand academic journals and over 1 million images, letters, and other primary sources. It will be most useful for IBDP students, IST staff, and parents with academic interests. Simply go to JSTOR and use the login username: istianjin and password: welcome. You also have the option of creating an individual account that allows you to bookmark and save online. For more information about this, see Ms. Surridge.


NewsBank InfoWeb 1

The third addition to our online resources is NewsBank, a collection of international new sources searchable by topic, region, date, headline, reading difficulty and/or key word. When accessing NewsBank remotely–when you’re not at school–enter the username “istianjin” and the password “welcome”.

Free stuff on authors’ sites

This began as a post on free audio downloads but it rapidly turned into a search for cool things on authors’ sites. Here are some worth looking at:

Stories by Robert Munsch read by the author

Famed Canadian children’s author, Robert Munsch, has long had many of his recordings of his books available for free download on his homepage. Munsch is the author of such favourites as Mortimer, Love you Forever, and Moira’s Birthday. When you visit Munsch’s site and select a story, choosing “Listen” gives you the “Download file” option. You need to right-click on “Download file” and choose “Download linked file” to save the mp3 version.


The online world of Rick Riordan

In addition to a beautiful interface for reading about the extremely popular Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or the other engaging books by this author, there are some entertaining and educational extras. Fans can explore Camp Half-Blood and learn more about the Greek gods and mythology.

Readers’ Theatre scripts from Pam Munoz Ryan

Pam Munoz Ryan is the award-winning author of Esperanza Rising, The Dreamer, Riding Freedom, Paint the Wind and Becoming Naomi Leon. On her homepage you’ll find complete readers’ theatre scripts free to download in pdf format. Just click on “Resources” and select “Readers’ theatre scripts.” This is a beautifully crafted site and simple to navigate. It’s worth taking a moment to remind ourselves that we can always deliver content in an attractive and effective manner.

Audio and video from Laurie Halse Anderson

The website of the best-selling author of Speak, Forge, and Wintergirls has some great advice for young writers and enthusiastic readers. She also has links to video and audio discussions about her writing and her works. Anderson writes about challenging subject matter and tackles the challenges head-on in the section of her site dedicated to censorship.


The Library “Poet-tree” bloomed

Poet-tree April 2011

“Leaves “ and “flowers” are smiling at all audiences from the “poet-tree”. Thanks to all the creative and talented young IST poets for their enthusiasm upon the library “poet-tree”. Jae Hyun Lee from Grade 2 is one of them. He says, “I like April because April is Poetry Month.” The students really enjoyed the writing and did a beautiful job.

Special thanks to Ms. Katz for loaning the art tree to the library and to Ms. Fu’s Grade 4 and 5 Chinese students for bringing in such wonderful poems.

The “poet-tree” will be kept in the library until the end of May. Poet-tree 2 April 2011

Poem in Your Pocket

Mark your calendars! Poem in Your Pocket Day is on Friday, 29 April. Participating is very easy: Keep a poem in your pocket that day, and share it with everyone!

Here are a few photos of our youngest students practicing sharing their poems. These nursery and kindergarten students are reading poems extracted from Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, by Al Perkins, and One Fish Two Fish, by Dr. Seuss. We’ve made poetry attainable to them by inserting many picture cues in the poems. They are feeling very excited about sharing poems so if you’re in school on Friday, be sure to bring a poem or borrow a poem from the Poem in Your Pocket posters around the school.

Kg boys share poems



Nursery boys

Happy Birthday, Emil

Happy birthday, Emil! We’re sorry it took us so long to write up the post. We hope you are enjoying Pelle the Conqueror. It is a Danish novel set at the turn of the century about a Swedish boy  and his father who immigrate to Denmark. They do not have an easy life but they learn many lessons about living. I’m looking forward to reading the book when he returns it.

Emil's Birthday Book Club donation

But, wait, there’s more! Emil and Emilia’s mother, Janne, will also be celebrating her birthday with a IST Birthday Book Club donation this week. Janne’s book is Seven Gothic Tales, by Isak Dinesen. These tales are in the tradition of Poe and Goethe, and feature stories within stories within stories. Another excellent addition to our short story collection.

Thank you to Emil, Emilia and Janne for contributing in March and April to the IST Birthday Book Club.

Don’t Call Alligator Long-Mouth

Grace and Sunny read John Allard’s Don’t Call Alligator Long-Mouth Till You Cross the River. John Agard is one of the poets featured in our Poetry Lives trading cards.

Want to collect all the cards? Come to the library and read a poem, check out a poetry book, tell us how poetry has affected you, create a magnet poem, or best of all, help our Poet-Tree grow and bloom.

Call Alligator_1

If you don’t see the viewing screen, click on the link “Call Alligator_1”.

Happy birthday, Emilia!

Happy birthday to Emilia and thanks for the donation of Bitte Every Woman, by Martin Anderson Nexø. This is a three-part novel set in Denmark and follows the life of Ditte from childhood to adulthood. This novel was originally written in Danish.

Emilia's Birthday Book Club

As the Birthday Book Club recipient, Emilia is the first to check out the book and a commemorative bookplate records the donation on the occasion of her birthday. Congratulations to Emilia and we hope that she continues to enjoy reading.