Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Happy birthday, Lucy!

Lucy, in kindergarten, donated the birthday book Princess Hyacinth: The Surprising Tale of a Princess Who Floated by Florence Parry Heide and Lane Smith. Lucy enjoys reading books about princesses, so we hope she will like this story of an unusual princess! Lucy was the first student to check out the book from the library this week. We hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday with the IST Library Birthday Book Club, please contact the librarians at Linnea_Simon@istianjin.net or Eleanor_Surridge@istianjin.net for more information on how to join.

Happy Birthday, Allen!

Thank you to Zi Ming (Allen), grade 1, for his Birthday Book donation to the library. Allen’s birthday book is Minecraft: Medieval Fortress by Craig Jelley. Minecraft books are extremely popular at the IST library, and we know that Allen and many more students will enjoy this new addition to the collection. Enjoy your birthday book, Allen!

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday with the IST Library Birthday Book Club, please contact the librarians at Linnea_Simon@istianjin.net or Eleanor_Surridge@istianjin.net for more information on how to join.

Elementary Library Updates

Library and Information Skills Integration: Grade 4

The grade 4 students are wrapping up their 5-week “Sharing the Planet” unit. The library has been collaborating with grade 4 during this unit with a focus on research skills. We worked on finding good sources of information for our research, note-taking with graphic organizers, and creating bibliographies to show where we got our information. Grade 4 students learned how to use the iPad app “Puppet Edu” to create their final projects showing their understanding of unit concepts. Below are some photos of the grade 4 students as they work on their final projects.

End-of-year Check Out Dates

Reminder –

  • 20 May – all library materials were due
  • 2 June – summer checkout starts (8-10, 12-1, 2-4:00)


Returning students who have cleared their accounts by 1 June are invited to checkout up to 10 books each for summer reading beginning on 2 June. This is the day of the Community Fair.

Elementary students will need a signed permission slip from parents for summer checkout. Permission slips will be sent through homerooms.

Birthday Girls!

Happy Birthday, Ava & Jin A!

Congratulations and thanks to Ava & Jin A for their donations to the library. Ava’s birthday book donations of Peter Lerangis’ The Tomb of the Shadows and The Curse of the King from the Seven Wonders series will be very popular additions to our library.  Jin A’s birthday book donation of Ellie McDoodle : new kid in school by Ruth McNally Barshaw has already proved to be a hit.  Jin A checked her book out on Wednesday and has read it twice, already!



A nameplate on the title page of the books commemorate Ava and Jin A’s birthdays. Thanks, girls!


Wikipedia: It’s Here To Stay

The IST Library & Information Literacy Center teaches information literacy. We want our graduates to demonstrate mastery of tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry. Therefore, we have committed to teach our students to use Wikipedia effectively. A 2010 study showed that 8 in 10 students turn to Wikipedia for their first source of research (Nagel). University professors often refuse to accept Wikipedia as a valid source because it is “crowd sourced,”  but is actually subject to very rigorous reviews by the editors. Each Wikipedia site has several forms of control designed to cross-check information and mistakes are caught within hours. To learn more about these controls, visit Wikipedia’s page on oversight and control.


Nagel, David.”8 in 10 Students Turn to Wikipedia for Research.” Campus Technology.              23 March 2010.Web.25 April 2015.

Redefining Research. OpenSite.org. 2015. Web. 25 April 2015.

Inquiry: The Reasons Behind the Earth Day Benefit Concert


IST will be hosting a benefit concert to raise money to help rebuild schools in Vanuatu, which were damaged in Cyclone Pam. If you are interested in learning more about the causes behind Cyclone Pam, an interesting article came out today from The Telegraph that refutes the assumption that Pam was yet another result of global warming. It’s interesting to seek and consider different perspectives. It is also a skill in the MYP Approaches to Learning’s Transfer Skills: “inquire in different contexts to gain a different perspective.” One excellent database the IST Library subscribes to is Newsbank’s Access World News which contains news articles from:

  • 3,741 Sources
  • 143 Countries
  • 10 Source Types

A search in this database quickly pulls up on other perspectives, modelled in the 2 photos below.

There is a book display in the library for elementary students with an assortment of Earth Day and weather books. Inquirers in Grades K-3 can use the database PebbleGo to explore Extreme Weather. They may also use the World Book Online database to locate Vanuatu and find out more about this area of the world.

Poetry Month @ IST, Day One

The IST Library & Information Literacy Center traditionally celebrates Poetry Month in April. Immediately upon returning from spring holidays, this celebration started off with a SLAM. Yes, we had a Poetry Slam! The slam was completely student-led and produced. The Personal Project of 10th Grader Marie Beste, it was held this past Tuesday during the lunch period.


Poetry Slam poster created by M. Beste

What is a “poetry slam?”

In Marie’s Personal Project report, she writes: “A Poetry Slam is a poetry competition. The authors present or rather perform, their texts more through extensive acting, speaking melody, or other techniques which don`t require anything except the text itself and its writer. The winner of a competition is mostly elected directly by the audience. ” Marie’s goal to “plan and prepare a Poetry Slam” was certainly achieved.

Personal Project

Personal Project student Marie Beste


The Library’s green stage area was the scene of some very forceful performance poetry. Six Middle Years Programme students competed. In the end, the audience did indeed choose the winners: a pair of Grade 6 students who slammed about fireflies. It was enlightening.


Poetry events will continue throughout this month. This was the perfect way to kick off a month that celebrates this form of the written word.