IST Library Kindle Permissions Form

The Amazon Kindle is a convenient, portable reading device.  It is the size of a small paperback and capable of holding up to 3,500 books. As part of the IST Library & Information Literacy Center collection, students at International School of Tianjin now have the chance to access this technology.  At present the library has added four Kindles for student checkout.  The Kindles have parental controls set on them. The chance to use this device is a privilege that we are able to provide to students, provided that the students use extra caution and responsibility.  Each Kindle is valued at 1000 RMB.  For this reason we require a parental signature before a Kindle can be checkout to a student.

We welcome your suggestions for titles to be added to the Library. Actual purchases will be based on our Collection Development Policy, availability, and available funding. In general, the Kindle titles purchased are recent publications that have not yet arrived in print form to the IST Library.

Download the form here or stop by the library to request one.

IST Library Kindle User Agreement Form

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