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Library Week!

October 24, 2014 by · No Comments · General Topics

What a week it’s been in the library!

Last Friday, Character Dress Up Day and the Grade 1 & 2 Book Club Assembly launched Library Week at IST.  This year was the highest participation in the annual dress-up since records began and four Elementary classes, who all managed 100% participation, each won a 250RMB voucher to buy books for their classes at the Book Fair.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the great outfits at the Library Assembly.

The Beijing Book Fair took place in the library on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  There were some great books to be had to suit all ages and interests.  It was great to see so many students, parents and teachers so excited about buying books!

D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read!) was happening all over the school this week, at all kinds of times!  Surprise daily announcements were made in both Elementary and Secondary buildings and students and teachers, literally, needed to drop everything and grab a book!

It was a great week of books, books and more books!  Thanks to everyone for all their support and great spirit in helping make our Library Week so memorable  :)

1R Students Loved the New Books Added to Their Class Library

October 21, 2014 by · No Comments · 2014-2015, General Topics

1R just wanted to say a big thank you to the library team for the wonderful new books that we have in our classroom library.  These books are the ones that we were given at the assembly on Friday as well as two books that we purchased today as part of our Character Dress Up Day prize.  Thank you – we love the books!Unknown-1

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Character Dress Up Day Ideas!

October 9, 2014 by · Comments Off · General Topics

Yes – it’s that time, everyone…  Time to get your costume ready for Character Dress Up Day next Friday, October 17.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

Book idea #1: Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat In The Hat  by Dr Seuss

You need: a red sweatshirt + draw ‘Thing 1′ onto paper (and stick on) + blue feather boa or paper or beanie



Watch a video of how to make it here:

Book idea #2: Wally from Where’s Wally by Martin Handford

You need: red & white striped top +pair of Wally spectacles + red & white beanie with pom-pom + pair of jeans + big grin

Watch a video of how to make it here:

Book idea #3: Harry Potter or Hermione from Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling

You need: black pants + white shirt + glasses + red and gold striped tie/scarf + black gown + wand

Watch a video of how to make it here

Book idea #4: Olivia the piglet from the Olivia books by Ian Falconer

You need: red striped clothing + pig ears and snout (made from paper & cardboard)

Watch a video of how to make it here:

Book ideas #6: A rabbit from Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

You need: bunny ears + bunny tail + waistcoat or blazerbunnymaskhero476x290

Book ideas #7: Viola Swamp from Miss Nelson is missing by Harry G. Allard Jr. & Mr Toad from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

For Viola Swamp you need: black wig + black dress + face paint

For Mr Toad you need: aviator glasses + cap + scarf + face paint

linnea & catherine

We can’t wait to see all the great costumes at next week’s Library Assembly!


IST Library Week – October 17-24

October 8, 2014 by · Comments Off · General Topics

ISLW 2014 flyer BlazeinBrief copy 2


  • Dress up on Friday as a character from a favorite book. Costumes don’t have to be fancy. Easy ideas for character costumes coming soon.
  • We will give 200RMB to purchase books for the classroom library to the classes with the highest participation in the Character Dress Up Day.
  • This is not a Halloween dress up. Only witches and ghoulies that are book characters are allowed.


  • Support the Grade 1 and 2 Library Club and come to watch our assembly, at 8:25 in the theatre.


  • Fill out a quiz ballot and receive a small prize
  • Lucky draw once a day for each category


  • Browse hundreds of English-language books


  • All are welcome
  • Details in the IST Blaze
  • Dress in the national or traditional costume of your country
  • Bring a dish to share at the PFO UN Day Lunch


  • Everyone is invited to Drop Everything and Read when you hear the announcement!
  • Read for 10, 20 minutes or for as long as possible
  • Send us a photo of your class

Happy Belated Birthday, Jun Seo!

October 8, 2014 by · 1 Comment · 2014-2015, General Topics

Happy birthday and thank you to Jun Seo Yu in Kindergarten for his Birthday Book Club donation of Bob Shea’s I Am A Shark. Jun Seo’s donation is the first birthday book club book the library received this school year.

Jun Seo is smart with a lively sense of humor. He likes to answer questions and share his thoughts with his friends and classmates. Like all the boys of his age Jun Seo loves dinosaur books and shark books and also favors racing car books.

Thank you Jun Seo for your donation and happy belated birthday!


The Birthday Book Club is a way of combining a birthday celebration with a donation to the IST Library. It is very easy to join the IST Library Birthday Book Club. For a modest fee of 150RMB, a child can help to build our library collection. With input from the parents, teachers and the birthday child, the IST librarians will select a book to suit his/her interests and reading ability. The child is the first to check out his/her Birthday Book Club book and a commemorative plate is inserted in the book. The occasion is also marked with a notice in the IST Blaze newsletter and the library blog. Elementary students are presented with their book on their class library session closest to their birthday. Secondary students are presented with their book at morning homeroom.

To enroll your child in the IST Library Birthday Book Club, please register online via the widget on the right sidebar.


Becoming Information Literate: IST Parents

October 3, 2014 by · Comments Off · General Topics

The IST Library held two very successful and concurrent workshops for parents on 25 September. One was conducted in Chinese by World Languages Librarian Lizzy Wang and the other, led by Elementary Teacher-Librarian Danny Hilleson, was held in English. Attendees represented six nationalities. Parents learned how to locate and access databases that would be useful for both themselves and their children. They also learned how to use the library OPAC to locate books. Some of the parents were surprised to learn about the subscription databases that are designed to specifically support English second language learners. Did you miss this workshop? Don’t worry; we will schedule another one for later on this winter!

Where Did Grade 12 Go for Week Without Walls?

September 24, 2014 by · Comments Off · 2014-2015, DP Programme, Secondary Topics

They went to the Teachers Center!

Twenty-eight students in Grade 12 stayed at IST last week to finish their Extended Essays. Extended Essays are part of the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) core curriculum and are a requisite for earning an IB diploma. These 4,000 word essays can be written in any Diploma Programme (DP) subject studied at IST and range from physics and math to music and literature. The inquiry questions answered in these essays are at an academic level and require deep investigation. The seniors began working on their papers over nine months ago; “rough-rough” drafts were due on the first day of school in August.

This past week was devoted to the writing process. Students participated in Writer’s Workshops and received peer review. They crafted their essays, wrote sound arguments, gave evidence, made citations, and formatted it all for for formal presentation to supervisors. Each student has an assigned supervisor who will comment on this “rough draft” before the papers are edited for final submission and grading, and then sent on to the IB for official scoring. English Chair Joe Schaaf, DP Coordinator Michael Conway, Humanities Teacher Catherine Bartram, and Secondary Teacher-Librarian Virginia Morgan worked tirelessly with the students. The entire group enjoyed a convivial lunch hour every day as they gathered to revive themselves on take-out food and potluck.

Grade 12 students also attended two college guidance sessions with School Guidance Counselor Shallene Austin. Next, they will have write college essays. They should be prepared!

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Parent Library Skills Workshop Offered

September 21, 2014 by · Comments Off · 2014-2015, Elementary Topics, Secondary Topics

The Library will be offering a Parent Library Skills Workshop this Thursday, 25 September, 8:00-8:45 a.m. Please come if you would like to learn more about the rich array of resources available to everyone in the IST community. The Librarians will teach you how to access databases and look at our collection online. If you are interested, please register below and let us know if you would like a return bus to Ao Cheng or Lake Park. (You may take the student bus in the morning).  Please check off more than one box if the form will not work.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Our workshops are meant to be short, focused sessions to help you use our library tools and be able to help your child/ren with their homework or their independent inquiries.

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iPad initiative

September 15, 2014 by · 1 Comment · General Topics

This year, we are trialling the use of iPads throughout the school.  For the first session, students from Grades 1, 2 and 4 have been integrating iPads into their units of inquiry.

Grade 1′s have used iPads to photograph and video members of the community as part of their ‘Our School Community’ inquiry.  They have also integrated ‘Write and Play’ and ‘Phonics-1st’ into their daily literacy programme.

Grade 2 students have learned how to take photographs , find images connected with their ‘Healthy Choices’ unit from a safe search engine and upload their work to the app ‘Pearltrees’.  Last week students also used the apps ‘Eat-and-Move’ and ‘My yoga_free’ to explore the components of healthy living.

Grade 4 students have been using the iPads to complete pre-assessments and concept maps using the app, ‘Popplet’ and photographs they took around the school campus (see a screenshot below).  Students have also used the iPads for research using a pathfinder site called ‘Symbaloo’ and the Library OPAC.  For their final assessment students will choose from a variety of creation tools to share their knowledge and understanding of an invention of their choice, as part of their ‘Discoveries and Inventions’ unit of inquiry.

Grade 5 students have also used the iPads for research through the Library OPAC and to explore the app ‘EmPOWERed kids’ in relation to their ‘Electricity’ unit.

The iPads were launched in Secondary School last week and students explored the apps, ‘Keynote’, ‘Prezi’, ‘Bamboo Paper’ and ‘GarageBand’ in connection with their Personal Projects.

The photos in this post were edited using a great app called, ‘My Sketch’.  This app is $2.49 at the Appstore.  All other apps mentioned in this post, except for ‘Keynote’, are available for free from the Appstore.



Meet Your IST Library Staff for 2014-2015

August 13, 2014 by · Comments Off · 2014-2015, Elementary Topics, General Topics, Secondary Topics

Library Staff 2014-2015Left to right: Danny Hilleson, Elementary Teacher-Librarian; Lisa Fang, Assistant; Virginia Morgan, Secondary Teacher-Librarian; Jessica Yu, Assistant; Lizzy Wang, World Languages Teacher-Librarian.

We are very excited to help you with any reading or information needs!


Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30 pm

Friday 7:30-3:30 pm

Parents are always welcome.