Super Speakers!

If you were at the Grand Final of ‘It’s Speaking Time at IST’, you would have seen so many amazing performances. Ms Lanham worked tirelessly to help and support all those who took part. Addie and Luc were incredible. Up on stage, in front of a huge audience, they spoke beautifully!

Addie came away with a Silver medal and Luc won the GOLD, beating all the Grade 1 speakers. They should be so proud of themselves.


More transport ACTION!

We’ve had some very interesting ACTION talks from the children connected to our latest unit.

Lenka (with her Mom’s help) put together a super slide show of their trip home. They shared how they traveled there and back and how they moved from place to place while they were home. Thanks for sharing Lenka!

Luc shared his really cool interchangeable cars. We found them super for looking at for when we designed our car. They were great fun to play with!

Claire was very excited to share the photo of her and  her dad skiing. They drove their car to the Ski Resort and then used their skis to move on the show! According to Claire, she and her Dad are they best skiers in her family!:)

Dorian and his Mum told us about their adventure to Tasmania. They had the most wonderful of holidays traveling around in a camper van, they went on an old steam train and Dorian found some gold. They traveled on planes and boats! We loved hearing about your amazing holiday Dorain.

A couple of UPDATES!

Student Led Conference Invitation and Information Letter– March 27: The SLC’s are designed to enable your child to take the lead in showing and sharing with their learning during the school year. Today an invitation went home with a set hour for your child’s conference and a letter  with information explaining to you what the conferences will look like in Kindergarten and what your role is in supporting your child. Please note that March 27 it is not a regular school day and that your child will only visit the classroom for their scheduled 1 hour conference time. Please see us if you have any questions.

It’s Speaking Time!: March 16Today the children were awarded their ‘It’s Speaking Time’ Participation Certificate. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the children who did their very best and a huge THANK YOU for your help and support.


Observing Local Transport!

Today we went outside to observe the local transportation that passes by the school . Our observations and drawings helped us to FIND OUT what kinds of vehicles local people might use. It was quite a busy afternoon on the road and we were amazed to see so many different types. We saw airplanes, buses, trucks, cars, vans, bicycles, scooter bikes, police cars, taxis and people walking. We met the challenge of drawing 8 different kinds. 🙂

First Medals Monday!

Maja is a COURAGEOUS learner. She has the confidence to have ‘a try’ when faced with new challenges in all areas of her learning. She especially loves using her imagination to create new inventions and sharing her ideas with us all! Way to go Marvelous Maja!

Daniel is a THINKER. He enjoys the challenge of using his knowledge to improve his learning, answer questions and to solve problems. He especially loves to surprise us with his quick thinking in finding the answers to mathematical challenges. Well done Danny!

Homer is a REFLECTIVE learner. He learns by looking, listening, thinking and then takes action to improve his work. Homes has made great progress in reading by using his sounds and it is wonderful to see how his drawings and writing have greater details! Great job Happy Homer!

 Johanna – for being caring towards the new student in the class – making sure she knows where  to go and what to do.  She shows kindness towards her throughout the day. Thank you Johanna.

Jule – for being a thinker when solving number problems involving addition and subtraction.  Jule takes her time to think about the math problem, collects the resources she needs, works carefully and then checks her results. Well done Jule!

Luc – Luc has lots of knowledge about many different things and always brings books or objects into the class to share.  He readily joins in all class discussions offering well thought out thoughts and opinions. Thank you for sharing Luc!

William – William has worked very hard with his communication skills and he now uses his English words throughout the day. He is enjoying talking and planning different activities with his friends and teachers.  We done William!

Miler –for being courageous when standing up in front of the Kindergarten class and reciting a poem. Miler was nervous, but spoke very clearly and with confidence. Well done!

A warm welcome to Leo!

I’m sure you all join us in welcoming our newest friend to Kindergarten. Leo came in with a smile and ended his first day with a smile.  As always the children made him feel very welcome and included him in their play and work all day.

Leo speaks Chinese and has a little bit of English. He loves singing and playing the drums. Please be sure to say hello when you meet him. We hope you love your new school Leo!