How big is a BLUE WHALE?

Ask the Kinder D Kids and you’ll soon find out! We measured a variety of ocean animals using meters. We guessed the order of the animals from shortest to longest and then measured to see if we were correct. Here we are ‘finding out’.

We found out that dolphins are about 3 meters, killer whales 6 meters, whale sharks 15 meters, the giant squid can grow to 18 meters and that blue whales are usually about 30 meters but they have found some as long 33meters! We had a lot of fun and were amazed at just how big the animals really are.

Kinder Updates!

Hello everyone

A very busy week is coming up and we just wanted to let you know about the final plans for our

END OF YEAR PARTY: With a couple of children leaving early we have moved the End of Year Party to 26 May starting at 11:00 in the N-2 Playroom.  It is the last day the whole class will be together before some friends and families leave IST. The children will eat lunch together and we can say our final goodbyes to Brandon as it will be his last day. Everyone is welcome.

Dates to remember this week …

  • 23 May Tuesday-Spring Show: 6:30pm- 8:00

  • 25 May Thursday-Water Exhibition and Afternoon Tea: 2:00pm

  • 26 May Friday-Sports Day: 8:30- 11:00

  • 26 May Friday– End of Year Class Party: 11:15 – N-2 Playroom

Next week ….

  • 29 May MondayWater Fun Day: 1:30- 3:00

  • 30 May TuesdayDragon Boat Holiday: NO SCHOOL

  • 2 June- Friday- Graduation-Class of 2017: 4pm Han Theater

We hope you can find the time to support  the Kindergarten kids for their last few major events this school year. As always please see us if you have any questions or queries.

Next 2 Weeks in Kinder! Busy Times!

 Hi Everyone

It is such a busy, fun filled time of the year and with so much going on it is tricky to fit everything in! Please see the latest 2 Week VERY BUSY Schedule! Then just one more week!

As you can see many events are happening! Please read the details below carefully!

22 May- Monday Spring Show -Full dress rehearsal – Children need to bring swim wear and slip on and off shoes. Thanks!

23 May- Tuesday-Spring Show- Please previous posts for all the information. We hope you can come along and Feel the Music  with us! The children come to the classroom at 6:00pm. Show starts at 6:30PM. It will go for about 1 hour 15 min. Please collect children from the classroom.

25 May THURSDAY- Water Exhibition- 2:00-3:00pmWe know it is a very busy time but we hope you can find a space in your calendar to come along for one last special Kindergarten unit experience. The children are working hard on creating their ideas and then setting up the classrooms for the Water Exhibition.  We will supply the food and drinks! Your job is to PLEASE come along!! 🙂

pp2a4e0575_1b26 May – FRIDAY- Elementary Sport Day- The younger children (N-K) are in the morning. Children in Kinder are asked to come dressed in a white shirt and running shoes. Please make sure they have a water bottle and a hat. Events will be held both inside and outside. THANKS!

Library-booksLIBRARY UPDATES: All library materials must be returned by Friday, May 26th. This includes all materials for students, parents and teachers. During the week of Monday, May 29th to Friday, June 2nd, there will be no check-outs. Summer check-out begins on Monday, June 5th. All students with a clear library record (and, for elementary students, with a signed permission slip) will be
permitted to check out as many books as they want to read over the summer vacation.

29 May- MONDAY – Water Fun- Please see upcoming flyer for full details. If your child does not like getting wet, no problem they can play in the sand, go on the jumping castles or do some sidewalk chalk drawing!

END OF YEAR CLASS PARTY: We are planning a time for one last chance to get together to say goodbye to friends and families who are leaving and to wish those of us who are staying a wonderful restful break! We’ll send details ASAP.

Kinder Spring Show Information!

In the coming week we will begin practicing for the upcoming Spring Show, which is on Tuesday May 23.

To help us prepare please read the following….

On FRIDAY 19 May we will be having a rehearsal with the Kinder children to experience wearing their costumes. 

  • On FRIDAY it would help if you could please have the children wear clothes that are easy for them to take on and off for a quick change.

BOYS: Need to bring their swim wear which they will change into and wear under their costume and bring  slip on /off shoes to wear to the theatre. They will not wear shoes for the performance.

GIRLS: Need to bring their swim wear. It does not matter what color or if a 1 or 2 piece.  They need to bring  slip on /off shoes to wear to the theatre. They will not wear shoes for the performance.

On MONDAY 22 May we will be having a WHOLE SCHOOL full dress rehearsal. (NOTE: No PE Fitness)

  • On MONDAY it would help if you could please have the children wear clothes that are easy for them to take on and off for a quick change.

BOYS:Need to bring their swim wear and slip on /off shoes


GIRLS:Need to bring their swim wear /wear their hair down – we will give them a flower clip to wear/slip on and off shoes

23 May: Tuesday Evening:  SPRING SHOW: The children need to come to the classroom at 6:00pm. They can wear their swim suit under their clothes. Again, please make sure they are wearing slip on/off shoes and clothing that is easy for the children to change in and out off.

AFTER SPRING SHOW: Please collect your child/ren from the Kindergarten classrooms.

NOTE: Please be sure to have your child bring a water bottle as it can be hot evening. If you have any questions, please see us at anytime.


Spring Show- Tues May 23

The children have been practicing hard for the upcoming Elementary Spring Show, Feel the Music. Please see the information below about the evening…..

REMEMBER…Tuesday and Wednesday schedules swap!

  • Tuesday, May 23 will be a Week A, (normal Wednesday schedule) with an early 2:15 dismissal.
  • Wednesday, May 24 will be a Week A  (normal Tuesday schedule) with a standard 3:10 dismissal.

BUSES …There will be buses running in the evening for your convenience.

  • Bus 1: 5:10pm Garden Villa (back gate)—5:20pm Ao Cheng —IST
  • Bus 2: 5:25pm Hai Yi Chang Zhou—5:30pm Crystal City—-5:35pm Lake Park—-IST
  • All the buses will depart school at 8:10pm.

KINDER INFORMATION: Will be posted on the BLOG tomorrow morning. Please read carefully.

We hope to see you there and SAIL along with the Kinder kids when they perform!

Super Scientists!

The Kinder scientists went to the science lab and carried out an experiment to rescue a water animal from an oil spill. The children tested a variety of materials to get the oil out of the water. They discovered that a sponge, spoon and the paper towel were the best to remove the oil. The children recorded their observations and discussed their conclusions.

 It was a great way for the children to FIND OUT just how difficult it is to remove oil from water and how real animals might feel if they had to swim in it. As you can see by the children’s faces they were concentrating very hard on the task and took it all very seriously. Be sure to ask them about what they observed and found out!

Hello from Aarika!

Aairka sent us a wave and a hello. We miss that smile!

Sueneta says that she hopes we are all having a great time and that Aarika is missing her teachers and friends very much. They have been very, very, busy with getting settled. Their home is done and schools shortlisted. Aarika’s new schools will start in the 1st week of June and the baby is due in 1st or 2nd week of June so nearly there and exhausted !

It was lovely hear from them and we know you join us in wishing them a warm hello back!


Next 2 weeks!

Hi Everyone,

Please see the schedule below for the next two weeks in Kindergarten. They are both quiet weeks (except for Ms Taylor’s birthday of course) but you might like to add these few up-coming events to your calendar.

13 May Saturday : IST Design Center Open Day. Time: 9am -4pm
Please note: Limited places available and sign up begins this week /Elementary students will require sign-ups/ Maximum of 8 families for each activity /New families will be given priority over families who have signed up for one activity already.

Elementary Details : Elementary students and Parents will have the opportunity to undertake Robotic challenges, design challenges and experience the video green room and view all technology within the Design Center, such as, 3D printing, laser cutting and much more.

Activity: Kitty’s Rescue Grades: Nursery – 2 Time: 10am-12pm Overview:“What an adventure!” said Jenny as she carried her runaway kitten back home. It had been amazing; she had rescued “Kitty” from the scary old house on the hill. People said the house was haunted, or that an old witch lived there. In truth, nobody really knew what went on inside the big old house…before today. Share Jenny’s story by creating your very own story using Lego and Story Visualizer software. Contact Geoff Diegel:

Cardboard challenge Grades: 1-5 : Come build an animal, robot or arcade game. Contact Jason Inghram: jason_inghram@istianjin.netActivity:

Dancing Robots Grades: 2-5 Time: 1 pm – 3 pm
Overview: Robots are designed to do work for humans. They are often made to look like us and move like us. What do robots do when you leave the room with music on? Come design, build and program your very own dancing robot. Contact Geoff Diegel:

May 23 TUESDAY: Feel the Music-SPRING SHOW-  On Tuesday the 23rd it will be EARLY RELEASE. The Tuesday and Wednesday schedule will swap school wide. The show is in the evening starting 6:30pm. (Children need to be at school at 6:00pm) We will post more information about costumes very soon.

pp2a4e0575_1b26 May Friday: SPORTS DAY:The Kinder children have been asked to come dressed in a WHITE t-shirt if possible. It can have a picture on it. Also, please make sure your child has a water bottle clearly marked with their name and a hat or cap. The activities will take place in the gym, astro turf and This year most events will be held in the gym.

Food Fraction Fun!

Fractions + food = FUN! Nothing beats fractions you can eat! 😉

While introducing fractions, we used treats that Becky brought in to show how to make it equal so that everyone can enjoy. We communicated our understanding of what ‘equal’ means and worked together cut and share 7 of the sweet treats equally for 18 people. We even had a few left over to share with some visitors 🙂 Check out our amazing thinkers in action! Thank you to Becky and her family for inspiring us with some “fraction fun” too! Go ahead and have some fun trying some food fractions out at home too 🙂