Goodbye Kindergarten! xx

Sadly, this will be the last BLOG post for the school year.

A final huge THANK YOU from the Kinder Team for your continued support throughout the year.

It has been a privilege teaching your children this year. They all worked very hard, helping and encouraging each other to do their very best. We are always a little sad to say goodbye to each class. As the years, pass we hope the children look back on their year in Kindergarten with  many fond memories. We will always tuck a little piece of each of them away in our hearts!

We really appreciated your kind words in recognition of our efforts to ensure your children had a super year, filled with fun, learning and laughter. We know we kept you busy, preparing for the Today Show, home reading, Assembles, accompanying us on field trips,  the Winter and Spring Shows, UN Day and Earth Day. The list goes on and on! We would like to especially acknowledge Lisa, Yoshiko and Lannie for being our amazing HOMEROOM PARENTS who happily liaised with all of you.

We have to say a final farewell to Ms. Taylor. As you know the Wonderful Ms. Taylor is going to be a California girl and off to new adventures, a new home and a new school in the USA.  I/we are going really miss the magic of Ms Taylor whose care for the children and her way of instilling a love for learning will carry on with them for the rest of their lives. We wish you well Megan …remember to throw down your hair, be the Rapunzel you dream to be and we know you’ll find your Prince Charming.

It is always sad to say goodbye to the children and families who are moving back to their home country or onto a new country. Throughout the year we have had to say a final goodbye to Aarika, Brandon, Misha, Vincent and finally Mila today.  We will miss them all but we hope they and their families have left with many, many happy memories of their time at IST!!

If you are traveling over the summer vacation take care and enjoy the company of your family and friends. I am looking forward to going to the the USA for a few weeks and then home to the farm in Australia. Ms Christina is doing a little traveling in Southern China and Ms. Rachel is relaxing in Tianjin. They both have earned a well earned few weeks break!

If you are coming back to IST, don’t be a stranger next school year and please always feel welcome to come in and say hello.

Warmest regards,

Jackie, Megan, Christina and RachelFun to the very end!

Happy holidays one and all!

Farewell Marvelous Mila!

All week Mila has arrived at school and said it is her last, Monday, last Tuesday etc and here it is Friday, her very last day at IST; and she is our very last Kinder friend to leave this school year. Mila is very sad to be going but very happy to have her school chop from Mr. Stride, her KEY to IST.

IST will always open the doors to welcome she and her  wonderful family back anytime at all! 


We wish you all the best Mila!We know your new school, new teachers and new friends we love you just as much as we do! However …..we are sure she’ll never have another friend quite like Trey! 🙂

One more sleep!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.44.52 PM

Here is a brief outline of the last day schedule.

Remember it is a HALF DAY!

The children just need to bring their school bag to carry home their Yearbook and Report Card.

  • 8:30- 9:15 Signing YEARBOOK in the cafeteria.

  • 9:15- 9:45–Morning Tea – The children DO NOT need to bring a snack. We have some treats and juice 🙂

  • 9:45-10:05 – Recess PLAY

  • 10:15 – 11:15– End of YEAR WHOLE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY

  • 11:15- 11:45- Back to classroom for final GOODBYES! /Reports and Yearbooks go home!

  • 11:45Let the holidays begin!!

We hope to see you all tomorrow…. but if not, have the most wonderful, safe summer break and we look forward to seeing those of  you who are returning to IST in August!

Where did that year go??

Hello from Brandon!

We thought you’d like to see these wonderful photos of Brandon enjoying new adventures in the USA. His mom said, ” Brandon is settling in very well and he has already made friends at his new school. He loves the new place with lots of nature to explore. On the other hand, he kept asking me if his friends in Tianjin would come to visit soon. He misses IST and his friends a lot!”

We all miss you too Brandon and are so pleased to hear that you are so happy and having so much fun. Your new school and friends are very lucky to have you!

Won’t be long Brandon and …. Trey will be on his way to see you!

Community Fair Updates!

Wednesday June 7 is this years Community Fair.

KINDER TIME: In Kindergarten we plan to take the Kinder Kids to the FAIR from 10:45am-1:00pm.

TICKETS to SHOP at the FAIR: One huge change this year is that it will be a cashless fair.  To buy anything you need to purchase money ‘tickets’. Tickets will be used for all events at the Community Fair. Tickets can be PRE-ORDERED!

We feel it would be a good idea for the Kinder kids to pre-order tickets especially if you are not going to be there at the time we are going. The children can do this Tuesday and Wednesday morning by bringing in cash in exchange for the tickets. We recommend between 50-100RMB for the Kinder kids. As there are NO REFUNDS, it is best to exchange a small amount as more can be purchased on the day. Pre-ordering is recommended especially for students whose parents will be unable to attend the Community Fair. The tickets will remain with the teacher and handed out to the students when they go to the Community Fair with the whole Kindergarten class. This is of course optional and students and parents will have the opportunity to purchase tickets at any of the 3 designated booths throughout the day on Wednesday.

CARRY BAG: Please send along a small tote or recycled bag for your child to carry around and put their purchased items inside to avoid any small items being dropped or lost. A wallet or small money bag is suggested for the children to keep their tickets safe (the tickets resemble the size of ‘real money’)

LUNCH TIME: Lunch will be eaten outside. If you did not pre-order the school lunch, please send along a cold, home lunch for your child. Microwaves will not be available on Wednesday. There is no cafeteria on the day except for pre-ordered lunches.


Community Fair Map Han 1-1wm9y9t

2017 Performance and Events SCHEDULE

Performances and Events at Community Fair Sheet1-1bpdw8f


Farewell Misha!

We sadly had to say goodbye to another one of our friends, Mighty Misha! There were no tears, just happy memories, kind words, gifts, a few treats and lots of hugs! As always, we are sure you all join us in wishing Misha and his wonderful family a relaxing holiday and every happiness as they move to a new home in Vietnam for the next school year. We’ll miss you Misha! Keeping on hugging! XXOO


Here are few more photos of the pirates in action. They joined Grade 1 for a Treasure Hunt to find the golden coins hidden in the playground! Some teams took a little longer than others but they all found the 50 missing coins! 🙂

We have completed Round 1 of the PK  Pirate Week activities.  Here are the orange and red pirates busy making and eating the golden pancakes! They added chocolate and strawberry jam.

They loved them !

Arrrrgh!!! Pirates Beware!!

We have started our Pirate Week  a little earlier than planned due to the busy end of year schedule but no one minds …..You can never have too much pirate fun!  Arrrrgh!!

Pirate Captain Ms Inghram took the children on a pirate adventure around the school today! They had a fabulous time following the map, reading stories and of course the best part was digging up the treasure! Arrrrrrrrgh!!

The great news was no one walked the plank and everyone got some of the treasure!! Arrrrrrgh!!!

Thanks Ms Inghram we have an amazing adventure!

More photos of other pirate adventures will be posted soon! Arrrrrgh!


Hi All

Hard to believe the year is almost over.

Hang on for the last 2 ACTION PACKED weeks!

Here are a few Important Dates and Events!!

29 May- Monday- Water Fun! Don’t forget  your swim wear! It looks like it will be a perfect day! Everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun!

29 May-Monday-NO HOME READING- There will be no more home reading for the school year. All books have to be returned and inventoried in the Reading Resource Room.

30 May-Tuesday- NO SCHOOL! Dragon boat holiday!

2 June-Friday-Grade 12 Graduation in Han Theater- 4:00pm. Everyone is welcome!

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 9.55.01 AM2 June-Friday-Student Portfolios-We have just about completed the Student Portfolios with this year’s work and assessments. Just a few items on display to be added. If you are are coming in to school this Friday (June 2) it would be wonderful if you could collect them. They are quite heavy by this stage of the year for your child to carry. If not, we can help children get them to the bus!

5 June – Pre-K/ Kinder PIRATE WEEK: This week the Kinder kids will buddy up with PK  for some pirate fun. It is a great way to end the year and for the PK kids to visit the Kindergarten rooms before the next school year. We’ll be cooking, making treasure maps and going on a Treasure Hunt of course! Arrrrrrgh!! 

7 June – Wednesday  – Community Fair: 8:45- 2:00pmThis year the children will need to buy ‘ticket money’ for the fair. The children will not be able to use cash.  PLEASE NOTE there will be no refunds so it better to get a smaller amount and buy more ‘ticket money’ on the day if needed. More details will be sent out ASAP about cost of items and how much cash to exchange for tickets. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a picnic lunch and the fun of the fair!

8 June-Tuesday-Grade 5 Graduation- 1:30pm Grades 1-5 attend. Everyone is welcome!

9 June-Friday-Last day of school-HALF DAYWhole School Assembly – 10:30am /School finishes at 12:00-YEARBOOK and REPORT CARDS go home! More details to come about the last day, half day plan!