Next 2 WEEKS!

Hi Everyone

The children have been loving being back at school with their friends. It is wonderful time of the year, as we see the children’s confidence build in using their growing social and academic skills in all areas of their learning. They continue to amaze us at what they can achieve! As always, please see us if we can help in any way:)

Upcoming Events!

  • 14 January- HAPPY 6th Birthday Luc

  • 15-19 January- LAST week of the TODAY SHOW

  • 18 January- RETURN Scholastic Book Orders

  • 19 January – 3-5 Assembly- Club House (N-2 do not attend)

  • 19 January – ESC Movie Afternoon- Paddington Bear 2

  • 2 February – Kindergarten Assembly / Morning Tea – Han Theater

  • 12-14 February – MON-WED- CHINA WEEK


The N-2 Assembly was about taking ACTION and spreading a little happiness. We thought you might like to join in the fun too! You can also add your ideas on the February HAPPINESS Calendar outside the Kinder Rooms. Remember, if you have to power to make someone happy, do it, the world needs more of that!

Just a few fun photos!

AND finally the next 2 Week Schedule!

An ACTION packed Week!

As our How the world works unit draws to an end, the children are using all their knowledge to inquire into animals that really interest them. We introduced report writing and the children have been learning about how to find out information, (computer, books, ask an expert, look a videos, see the real animal, use prior knowledge), how to make a report and once finished, they will present it to their peers. We started with a bird report as a model. 

Then to help us further, we were lucky enough to have a visiting fish and turtle to our classrooms. The children painted, drew and wrote about the animals.

KM came up with the great idea of finding out how tall a giraffe really is so they made the paper pattern and we drew and cut out a life sized giraffe. Be sure to look in stairwell to see it. If you don’t know how tall…ask the Kindergarten experts. (Shhhh 5meters)

What about the bird eating spider? It’s as big as dinner plate. KM used rulers to find items in their room the same size.

From a favorite song KD really wanted to make a life size green anaconda. So we researched the size and colors and got busy making it. See it outside the Kindergarten classrooms. Don’t know how long! Ask a Kindergarten expert. (Shhhh 8meters)

A few new display are up! Be sure to look at the SwitchZoo animals and their habitats and can you guess the animal from their pattern! Have a try!


Stay tuned to see their individual REPORTS on the animals they chose, along with their paintings from ART.

Investigating Camouflage!

The children were scientists today, well half of them were. (The other half will do the experiment next week) They used their observation skills to find out more about how animals use camouflage. The coloured paper were the habitats (yellow-sand, brown-desert, green-grass/trees/forest, blue-water), the M&M’s were the prey and the children the predators. As the predators, the children had to eat the ‘colored prey/animals’ that were not camouflaged in each habitat. The children drew their observations at the beginning and the end. They discovered that animals ‘hide’ to catch food to eat and to keep them safe. It was hard work but they did an amazing job of observing, predicting, recording and they were excellent predators. They had no trouble EATING the MM prey! Be sure to ask them about the experiment !

Thursday Tigers!

The Tigers put a terrific show on for us. Luc stepped in to be the host with Lucile being away. We wish Lucile a speedy recovery and hope to see her very soon.

Claire was great at telling us about our very cold day, Andrew shared a book full of dinosaurs, Lenka made us laugh with her dolls in the Mystery Bag and we could tell it was a bird in Claire’s Mystery Bag but were surprised to see it was a Kiwi! Misha’s Lego favorite toy was a hit and we loved seeing Chef Filippo’s video and photos of himself cooking as his ‘Who am I?’ talk. He even has his own apron with his name on it!! G-r-r-r-reat job Tigers!

Next week is the last week of this round of the Today Show!

Wednesday Whales!

We had a whale of a time today. Stephanie was super at keeping her show running . William started us off with the weather and calendar, we loved Addie’s photo of baking cupcakes with his mum and Luc’s dinosaur book was fabulous. When Jules made a sound on his favorite toy, we all thought he had a real frog and we loved Johanna’s detailed painting of a turtle.  Lada showed us some of her favorite dolls. Lastly, Eric gave some tricky clues and tried to scare us when he pulled out a spider from the Mystery Bag. Way to go Whales!


A Great Day!

Hello everyone

We had a wonderful first day back! The children as expected had a lot to tell us. A reminder that there is Show and Share on Thursday and Friday. If you have any holiday photos you would like to share, we would love to see them. Just email us and we can show them on the big screen. 🙂

A special welcome to our newest friend in Kindergarten, Chloe. Chloe comes from Korea but has been living in Tianjin for a little while and she has a big brother, Benjamin in Grade 1. She has a little bit of English and knows some Chinese. Chloe happily played and worked with her new friends all day.  We hope you had a wonderful first day Chloe. Please be sure to say hello when you meet her.

Here are a few photos of our fun filled 1st day back in the classroom and with our Big Buddies!



Welcome back!


I had a great break at home on the farm, kayaking on the river, taking the dogs for a walk, getting goanna’s out of the shade house and celebrating Christmas and my Mum’s 80th birthday. Here are a few photos of my adventures in sunny, hot Australia!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break too and we are looking forward to catching up with you very soon. With the holidays all but over here are a couple of quick updates and the schedule for the next 2 weeks!

HOMEWORK: Show and Share/Today Show/Home Reading: For the few days this week the children will have SHOW and SHARE as we have no doubt that they will have treasures to show and a story or two to share about their holiday. The following week it will be back to finishing off the last couple of weeks of the Today Show. We will start Home Reading again on Monday 8 January.

UOI UPDATE: In the coming weeks, we will continue with the How the world works unit related to how animals use their characteristics. We will also revisit our year-long unit, How we express ourselves to focus on our upcoming Community and Service task connected to Chinese New Year . We will be sending out information very soon about how you can help support us in giving back to the Chinese staff who help us everyday.

2 Week schedule!

Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays!!

We had a fantastic last day of 2017 at IST! We welcomed Remy back for the day, sadly had to say goodbye to our friend YuJun, had a very special guest dressed in RED visit us, opened our presents and of course enjoyed some wonderful  treats! A huge thanks to the parents who organized a lovely Christmas party and the gifts for the children!! We’d also would all like to  say THANK YOU for the lovely ‘teacher’ gifts! Here are the highlights of the day!

First we said farewell to to YuJun. He received his chop and T-shirt from Mr Stride as a reminder of IST and all his friends and teachers. We wish Yu Jun all the best as he returns home to Korea. We will all miss him! Remy also received his chop which made it an extra special day for him too!

Then we had a VERY special visitor, SANTA CLAUS! It was wonderful watching the children wait their turn until their very special gift was handed out to them! Ho Ho Ho!

Next came the party! The food was delicious and the decorations made it so festive with the giant balloons and of course the delicious variety of food for everyone to enjoy! Thanks  MUMS!

After the party, Stephanie gave everyone a lovely gift before leaving on her holiday. It was very caring and thoughtful of her and we loved them! 🙂 Thanks so much Stephanie!

Last of all, we played some party games which was a great way to end the day! We laughed and laughed and had so much fun together!

We wish everyone a wonderful break filled with fun, family and festivities! See you in 2018!