KD Shape Experts!

The KD kids had great fun looking very carefully around the school to see where and how many of their ‘special’ shape they could discover in the environment. The children found out that there were lots of circles, squares and rectangles, a few triangles and ovals and that diamonds were very tricky to find. They found the shapes in some unusual places.

Here are the KD SHAPE EXPERTS in action!

( NOTE: KM are going on their shape hunt later in the week)


FIRST Kindergarten News!

Hello Everyone,

We hope the children have had a fun first few days. It has been wonderful getting to know their interests and helping the new students  settle into IST. Thank you so much for your help in supporting your child to come in and unpack their bag and leaving after a quick goodbye. This has meant very few tears and for the new children especially, a chance to build friendships.

We were treated to a special sing-a-long with the very talented Mr. Moody on Friday. K-2 came together as a group to sing and dance with their new friends. It was the perfect way to end the week. 🙂

Like any school, there is a lot of information, however, we hope our blog posts make it a little easier to keep up with all you need to know.

So …. here are a few pieces of information we would like to pass on….

  1. LIBRARY UPDATES: Please note a schedule change to Ms Charlotte’s library day. Due to a clash of time on Friday’s, KM will now have their formal library lesson on a Monday. We will glue a new schedule in the Home/School communication book. This change starts 14 August. Also, this year the children can take home 2 books. Please try and make sure the books and bags are returned each week before their next lesson. If you have books out from summer borrowing, please return them ASAP so your child can borrow again. Remember, parents can take up to 10 books out if they choose. The library is open until 4:30pm every day except Friday where it closes at 3:30pm.

  2. SCHOOL BAG: Please make sure you child has a large enough school bag for all their belongings, black folder, library books, snack, lunch and water bottle. We like the children to pack and unpack their bag as independently as possible and if the bag is too small they find this very difficult.

  3. NAME BELONGINGS: Please NAME all your child’s belongings, water bottles, snack boxes, sweaters etc. It is very hard to find an owner without a name.

  4. LUNCH and SNACK: Please pack your child’s snack and lunch in 2 separate boxes/containers/bags. Some children have 2-3 items and it is very difficult for the children and us to find who it belongs to and for them to carry several items to where they are going to eat. Please make sure both containers are NAMED.

  5. COOL ROOMS: Sometimes the classrooms/ the school gets a little cool with the air-conditioning. We do turn it down at times but your child may still find it too cold. If your child is finding it cool we suggest you send in a light sweater they can put on as it not just our rooms, it is across the school.

  6. ICE CREAM FRIDAYS: The Elementary Student Council will start their fundraising by selling ice creams every Friday. They all cost 5RMB and you can send in the money on a Friday and we organize it for them. This is entirely optional. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 7.40.57 PMUNIT OF INQUIRY:We have just started ‘Tuning in’ into our first Unit if Inquiry ‘Where We are in Place and time’. The children will begin their learning journal next week and we’ll be talking about who lives in our homes and what our houses look like. You could help support your child’s learning by sending in…

  • a photo of your home in Tianjin, China

  • a photo of your house from your home country (If applicable)

  • a photo of your family.

You can send in a hard copy or send us an email with the photos attached and we can print them off.  We are making a world map of our homes and will add the photos so the children can observe how our homes are similar and different. Thanks so much for your support.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 6.29.04 AMHOMEWORK: In the coming week we will send a letter home with all the homework information in your child’s Home/School Communication Book. The children will take their Reading Folder home on Tuesday 22 August and their Word Bag home on Monday, 28 August. After reading the information, please see us if you have any questions about how to best help your child at home.

SHOW AND SHARE: From Monday to Thursday the children can bring to school something  to show and talk about with their friends. This is purely voluntary and only if they wish too. In a few weeks we will begin the Today Show, which helps develop oral language skills and confidence when presenting to a group. More information will be sent home nearer the date.


Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 6.30.20 AMOPEN HOUSE: Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Elementary OPEN HOUSE morning on Thursday, AUGUST 24.   Details will be coming your way soon.  

WATER FUN: On Friday, August 25 it is WATER FUN. It is a great afternoon for the children to play with their friends and Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 6.29.43 AMsiblings across all grade levels from Nursery to Grade 2.  There are quiet areas if your child doesn’t like getting wet. We have the Jumping castles, Bubbles and the sand area. We hope they can all take part and we especially hope for a bright sunny day! Watch for the WATER FUN FLYER which will be on the BLOG soon.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.22.17 PMFIELD TRIP: The class will be going on a half day field trip in September. The trip is to find out about special places in Tianjin and is linked to the our Unit of Inquiry. Parents are most welcome to come along. More information will be sent home once a date has been finalized.

LAST OF ALL …As we wrote in our introduction letter, every 2 weeks we will post a daily schedule of what is happening. So here is the first for the year.

Please feel free to come and speak to us if you have any questions!

The Kindergarten Team.

Super Engineers!

We challenged the children to use their STEM skills in engineering and math  to create a structure using the straws. The task also started to help the children learn about what it means to cooperate and work together as a team. As you can see they happily shared, took turns and helped each other build and tidy up! The children were very proud of what they accomplished.

What a great first day!

Hello Everyone,

We enjoyed a fabulous first day in Kindergarten!  The children had  a wonderful time working and playing together! We talked about letter ‘s’, we all went to the K-12 Assembly,  KD went to Music class and KM went  to PE. They got to play in the ‘big’ outside, in the classrooms and in the playroom. We even had a wonderful birthday party to end the day! (Photos posted soon) We think most of the children went home quite tired but hopefully with many fun stories to tell. Here are a few photos from their very first day!



Hello Everyone,
The Kinder Team (Classroom teachers) Jackie Dingle and Charlotte McMulkin and the (Teacher Assistants) Ms. Christina and Ms. Rachel would like to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year. We are very much looking forward to meeting the new families to IST and catching up with old friends.

Past parents, unless we hear from you by next Friday we will sadly delete you from the Subscribe Box. Thank you for your support over the previous school year. We hope you found the BLOG both informative and fun.

To those families returning to IST, please don’t be strangers and pop in and say hello. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the BIG Grade One students. Here is the Grade One BLOG link so you can subscribe for the coming school year. http://www.istianjinelearning.org/grade1team/

New parents to Kindergarten, if you haven’t been pre-subscribed to the class blog please enter your email address in the SUBSCRIBE box. By subscribing you will be sure to get all the latest news and updates about life and learning in Kindergarten. Feel free to share the BLOG link with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, family and friends in all corners of the world, it can be viewed from anywhere! Please take the time to explore the blog by looking at the pages listed on the tool bar at the top. On these pages you will find Parent Information such as, your child’s schedule, a yearly overview of the Kindergarten Curriculum and the 16-17 Kindergarten Handbook.

The Calendar page will keep you informed about upcoming events and holidays! In the section you are now viewing we will be posting the Kindergarten News, 2 x Weekly Schedules, photos and flyers about upcoming events.

Please check the BLOG as often as you can.
We’ll see you all very soon!

Goodbye Kindergarten! xx

Sadly, this will be the last BLOG post for the school year.

A final huge THANK YOU from the Kinder Team for your continued support throughout the year.

It has been a privilege teaching your children this year. They all worked very hard, helping and encouraging each other to do their very best. We are always a little sad to say goodbye to each class. As the years, pass we hope the children look back on their year in Kindergarten with  many fond memories. We will always tuck a little piece of each of them away in our hearts!

We really appreciated your kind words in recognition of our efforts to ensure your children had a super year, filled with fun, learning and laughter. We know we kept you busy, preparing for the Today Show, home reading, Assembles, accompanying us on field trips,  the Winter and Spring Shows, UN Day and Earth Day. The list goes on and on! We would like to especially acknowledge Lisa, Yoshiko and Lannie for being our amazing HOMEROOM PARENTS who happily liaised with all of you.

We have to say a final farewell to Ms. Taylor. As you know the Wonderful Ms. Taylor is going to be a California girl and off to new adventures, a new home and a new school in the USA.  I/we are going really miss the magic of Ms Taylor whose care for the children and her way of instilling a love for learning will carry on with them for the rest of their lives. We wish you well Megan …remember to throw down your hair, be the Rapunzel you dream to be and we know you’ll find your Prince Charming.

It is always sad to say goodbye to the children and families who are moving back to their home country or onto a new country. Throughout the year we have had to say a final goodbye to Aarika, Brandon, Misha, Vincent and finally Mila today.  We will miss them all but we hope they and their families have left with many, many happy memories of their time at IST!!

If you are traveling over the summer vacation take care and enjoy the company of your family and friends. I am looking forward to going to the the USA for a few weeks and then home to the farm in Australia. Ms Christina is doing a little traveling in Southern China and Ms. Rachel is relaxing in Tianjin. They both have earned a well earned few weeks break!

If you are coming back to IST, don’t be a stranger next school year and please always feel welcome to come in and say hello.

Warmest regards,

Jackie, Megan, Christina and RachelFun to the very end!

Happy holidays one and all!