Our next 2 Weeks! :)

Hello Everyone

There are quite a few events coming up but one of the most important is supporting the book drive for Liberia. The children have been introduced to the project. Please read the details below.

Books For Liberia Project: IST is hosting a book drive for both Elementary and Secondary. The books are being sent to a local school in Liberia with a library, that currently has little to no books. We are collecting English (and Chinese) children’s books for students ranging from Pre-K to Grade 5 until February 24th. Elementary students can give the money to their teachers. We appreciate the immense generosity of the IST community and are hopping you will all help pay it forward on a global scale. The BOOK DROP BOX is in the Kindergarten classroom. MONEY donations are also accepted so we can buy children’s books they will love.

Other up coming events are …

  • 20 Feb: Round 3 of CCA’s start-Send an extra snack 🙂

  • 20- 24 Feb: Liberia BOOK DRIVE-Please send in your donations!

  • 2&3 March: Star Kids Book Fair-in Library

  • 3 March: Grade 2 Assembly-in Han Theater (N-5)

  • 10 March: Kinder Assembly-in Han Theater (N-5)

  • 17 March- Grade 5 Exhibition Assembly-in Han Theater (N-5)

  • 24 March – Nursery/ PreK Assembly-in Black Box (N-2 only)

  • 22 March: Kinder Field Trip to Airport – Parents welcome 🙂

  • 28 March – Student Led Conferences- No regular school

  • 30 March- Kinder Fun on Wheels Afternoon-More info to come!

Here is the next 2 week schedule. 🙂


KT Awards


Congrats to our friends in KT who were awarded IST medals at the Grade One assembly today. They were so proud and excited to receive their medals. We are all very proud of you! Super job! 🙂

Vincent is a THINKER. He is always thinking about his learning and is eager to share his thoughts and ideas with the class. When working with others, Vincent uses his problem-solving skills to work with his peers to find a solution or talk through an issue at hand.

Maddie is OPEN-MINDED. She happily plays and works together with everyone. She is open to the idea of change and celebrates differences in a positive manner. Maddie’s willingness to explore other ideas and try new things make her a popular choice amongst her peers.

Zesheng is CARING. He is always thinking of others and is the first one to lend a helping hand to others. His big smile and kind heart can brighten anyone’s day.

Leo is an INQUIRER. He is super curious about the world around him. He can usually be found creating things with various materials and trying to figure out how things work. Leo LOVES discovering and observing bugs and has been using his growing English to ask more questions during our UOI time.

Zoe also received a World Languages certificate from her Chinese teacher congratulating her efforts and progress in Chinese. Well done, Zoe!!

KD’s Awesome Foursome!

I am sure you all join us in congratulating our latest medal winners. They were of course all very proud to receive their award.

Lucy is a THINKER. She enjoys the challenge of using her knowledge to answer questions and solve problems. She thinks about how she can care for others and loves to help her friends with their learning. Lucy was also awarded a certificate of recognition for her work in Chinese. We are so proud of you Lucy!

Mengchun was awarded a medal for being a COURAGEOUS learner. She continually takes risks when sharing her ideas in English and always has ‘a try’ when faced with a new challenge. She is very proud when she completes tasks by herself. Well done, Mengchun!

Misha was awarded his medal for being a BALANCED learner. He loves to do many different kinds of things. Misha likes building with Lego, playing football, using the computer and going to PE. Congratulations Misha!

HaoYang  was awarded his medal for being a super INQUIRER. He loves to learn and to inquire about the world around him. HaoYang asks questions to gain new knowledge and often takes ACTION to find out the answers for himself. Way to go HaoYang!

Confident Constantin Taking Action

Thank you to Constantin for ‘Taking Action’ and bringing in transportation photos. Constantin was confident talking about his experiences with various different transportation systems. He also went further, explaining how each transportation worked and talking about the difference between battery and fuel-powered transportation. It was wonderful to learn new information from our friend! Well done, Constantin!! 🙂 

STEM Activities with our BIG BUDDIES!

Kinder started their 3rd Round of activities with their CAS Big Buddies in the STEMScience/Technology/ Engineering/ Math Center . The 4 exciting activities are linked to their latest Unit of Inquiry. Over the next 4 weeks they will rotate through all the tasks.

Activity 1 –  Making a LEGO car and using the computer to write a code to make it move. The kids were so excited when they got it to go.

Activity 2 – iPad – Unblock the Car – The children had to come up with strategies to move cars so they could drive their car down the road. Some levels were quite challenging but they managed to THINK it out.

Activity 3 – The children made a Whirly Bird Propeller. They then tested it by flying it from different heights and adding  paper clips to see what would happen.

Activity 4 – Float the Boat – The children made a paper boat and tested it in the water. If it sank, they had to rethink what they could change to make it float and try again.


Lucy takes ACTION!

Lucy has just returned from an extended holiday in the USA and took ACTION by bringing in some photos of transportation that she used or saw while she was home. We saw steam trains, combine harvesters and family photos. Since returning she has loved playing in the KDT plane and exploring all the unit related activities set up in the classroom. Here she is in ACTION!

Building our COMMUNITY!

The children have been busy TUNING IN to what a community is and how people use transportation systems to travel in them. They created their own community by building roads, a street of shops, a school, a railway, bridges and even a lake and a beach with boats. They worked together so well and it was wonderful to see the cooperation and excitement increase as ideas became reality. After we finished we reflected on how to improve our community, ideas such as making a bus station and more signs were popular ideas.

Here are the young engineers and architects in ACTION!

FULL SCREEN LINK: http://www.photoshow.com/watch/ed4zV6yf

Today Show Round 2 Highlights!

What a successful first week back we had with each ‘Today Show’! We enjoyed listening to everyone present! The audience all sat and listened to their friends patiently. In the end, the wonderful Wednesday Whales took the gold star with a total of 9 points. Everyone did a super job this week and should be very proud! Just take a look at all of our terrific presenters from the week 🙂

Action Man Trey!

Trey kept us entertained and interested when he took ACTION by sharing the photos of his travels. He told us about going on cable cars, fast trains, pirate ships and yachts. We loved hearing all about his adventures and the details of the transportation that he traveled on. Thanks so much Trey!

Everyone is welcome to take ACTION by sharing any travel stories. You can email photos and we can display them if needed. We look forward to hearing from more experts.

Welcome to IST Efe!

Hello Everyone, We would like to introduce you to our newest friend in Kindergarten D, Efe. He is from Germany and of course speaks German and he is also great at English. Efe is  a delightful little boy, full of fun and very happy to try everything asked of him. He loved playing and using the computer today. Please be sure to say ‘hello’ when you meet him! We hope you love your new school,Efe!

Happy Year of the Rooster!

We hope you have had a fantastic break. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, however, we do know a few lucky people are still enjoying a slightly longer holiday. A special welcome to Efe who will be joining KD on Monday. We’ll post a photo and an introduction about him as soon as we can.

A few reminders …

Today showTODAY SHOW STARTS TOMORROWMONDAY 6 February. Please remember if your child has the Mystery Bag or Mr. Bear bag, it is VERY important to return it the next day. If they are not returned, then sadly the next child, will miss out!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 7.06.29 PMUNIT OF INQUIRY-  Out next Unit of Inquiry is underway. The Central Idea is Communities plan and design transportation systems to meet their needs.

Lines of inquiry

  • Types of transportation systems

  • How communities use transportation systems

  • Why people choose one transportation system over another

If you have been traveling, please encourage your child to take ACTION and share photos or stories about the transportation they used. A field trip to the airport is being tentatively planned for, Thursday, 16 March.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 5.48.34 PMCO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – There are NO Extra Curricular Activities for the first 2 weeks back. Round 3 starts on Monday 20 February.  You will should already have the information to sign your child/ren up the last round of CCA’s for the year. Remember… It is  a good idea to pack an extra snack on the day/s your child has an activity.

ASSEMBLY ROSTER: Please see the up coming Elementary Assemblies until the Spring Break. Make sure you keep Friday 10 March free, as the Kinder Kids will be starting on stage for their Assembly. The next medal assembly will be on the 17 February which Grade 1 will be hosting. Here’s the next 2 weeks in Kindergarten!

As always please see us if you have any questions.