How big is a blue whale?

Ask the Kinder Kids and you’ll soon find out!

We measured a variety of ocean animals using meters. We guessed the order of the animals from shortest to longest and then measured to see if we were correct. Here we are ‘finding out’. We use a trundle wheel to measure the meters accurately!

We found out that dolphins are about 3 meters, killer whales 6 meters, whale sharks 15 meters, the giant squid can grow to 18 meters and that blue whales are usually about 33 meters. We had a lot of fun and were amazed at just how big the animals really are.

Two Terrific Talks!

We had two very interesting talks today.

Leo shared some photos and video of him playing the drums. We were so amazed at how well he could play and gave him a huge clap to show our appreciations. You are a rock and roll star Leo! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Danny shared with us an airplane simulator that his Dad makes for 737’s. He could tell us so many details about how to go in and what it looks like inside. We found it very interesting! Thanks for sharing Danny!

Water Pollution Experiment!

Today we set up an experiment to see just how trash can flow from rivers into the ocean. We set up a waterfall from the mountains, which flowed into a river and finally into the ocean.

Trash was dropped along the river and the children poured water down the mountain which forced the trash to flow into the ocean. They were amazed at just how easy it was and could see clearly why it is so important top keep the water free of trash so it doen’t get into the ocean.

It was a super hot day so it was fun to learn with water!

Next 2 Weeks in Kinder!

Hi Everyone

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂 It is such a busy but fun filled time of the year! The last few weeks are quickly filling up. Please see the latest 2 Week Schedule!

Please read the details below of some upcoming events!

24 May THURSDAY- Water Exhibition- 2:00-3:00pm – We know it is a very busy time but we hope you can find a space in your calendar to come along for one last special Kindergarten unit experience. The children are working hard on creating their ideas and then setting up the classrooms for the Water Exhibition.  We will supply the food and drinks! Your job is to PLEASE come along!! 🙂

Library-booksLIBRARY UPDATES: All library materials must be returned by Friday, May 25th. This includes all materials for students, parents and teachers. During the week of Monday, May 28th to Friday, June 1st there will be no check-outs while books are inventoried. Summer check-out begins on Monday, June 4th. All students with a clear library record (and, for elementary students, with a signed permission slip) will be permitted to check out as many books as they want to read over the summer vacation.

30 May-Wednesday-Spring Show- Please previous posts for all the information. We hope you can come along and GLOW with us! The children come to the classroom at 6:00pm. Show starts at 6:30PM. More details to come.

For costumes we are asking that the children have some black pants. These can be black trousers, leggings or tights. We will supply the t-shirt. Any comfortable shoes are fine.






4 MAY – WATER FUN – 1:30-2:30


100 Books!

Congratulations to our eight amazing readers who are the first to be awarded their certificate for reading 100 books from Home Reading. Super reading, Danny, Jules, Filippo, Homer, Luc, Zoe, Marilou and Dorian!

Stay tuned, as more children will be receiving their ‘100 Books’ certificate very soon!

A special house guest!

Hello Everyone

With the children’s writing taking off we thought it would be wonderful for the Kindergarten Authors to show you their skills. So ….over the next 3 weeks, the children will be taking it in turns to have a ‘Mr Bear’ visit your home so they can write about their adventures together.

Every child will take Mr. Bear home in a bag with a writing notebook (Diary), colors and a pencil. He will be a guest in your house for one night or for a lucky few, over the weekend. The children can draw a picture/glue in photos and write about his visit. A list of helpful words will also be inside the Diary to use. The children do not have to spell all the words. They can just write the sounds they can hear as they do at school. You can even take a photo or 2 and send them to us if you like and we can show them on the big screen. Everything you need will be in the Bear Bag.

The first home visit will be on Tuesday 8 May. Please CLICK ON THE LINK below to see the roster for when Mr. Bear visits you.

17.18 Mr Bear’s Home Visit.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the bag is returned the following day so the next person does not miss out!

Please also note, that there will NO more Show and Share. We have explained this to the children and reminded they that they are not to bring toys from home anymore, as we will be listening to Mr Bear’s Adventures.

We hope you enjoy the visit when it is your turn!

May is HERE!

Hi Everyone

We trust you have a wonderful l-o-n-g weekend! A quiet couple of weeks ahead but here are few up coming events.

3 May – Last CCA’s for this school year

5 May – PFO Picnic Fun Run: The PFO is hosting a “Fun Run” and picnic on Saturday, May 5th from 10 am to 2 pm at IST. Runners can make a donation (amount is up to you) to a charity that supports education for underprivileged children in China. There will be a 3km race for adults, followed by races for secondary and elementary. Advance registration is not necessary, just show up ready to run!  Please consider coming along to support the event and cheer on the runners, even if you don’t plan to participate in the run. There will be food for sale or you can bring your own picnic. 18 May – N/PK Assembly

30 May – Elementary Spring Show- 6:30pm

Please see the schedule below for the next 2 weeks!

Green Day!

What a great end to Earth Week! THANK YOU for remembering to send the children in green. Look closely at the whole school photo of the number 12 goal symbol, the arrow end and  you may be able to pick out some of the kinder kids! Good luck! 🙂

The picnic lunch outside was lovely and the children enjoyed the blue skies and sunshine. It was wonderful to see parents coming along to enjoy the lunch too! Have a super l-o-n-g weekend everyone and we’ll see the kids on Wednesday!