KT Medal Awards!

Benjamin is principled. He always follows the classroom agreements and reminds his classmates to do the right thing. Benjamin has made a wonderful addition to the kindergarten classroom and we are lucky to have him.

Tung Sen is courageous. He is learning to use his Chinese and growing English to join in on different activities with his peers and when attempting new tasks. Tung Sen enjoys spending time outside, as well as drawing on the board or in his drawing book.


After the hard work of preparing for the Assembly, a field trip,  completing assessments and unit tasks and preparing for the Student-Led Conferences we thought a little FUN ON WHEELS is needed! So …..on Thursday 30 March your child/ren can choose to bring 1-2 things on wheels BUT Please don’t worry if your child does not have anything as we will borrow the bikes and trikes from PK. Children can also share their wheels as long as they wear the correct safety gear! If your child comes by bus you can put their ‘wheels’ in the luggage compartment. We will have a water and snack station too!

A warm, sunny day is forecast! 


Šimon was awarded his medal for being COURAGEOUS. He is new to IST and it is wonderful to see him making friends and trying his best when faced with challenges with his learning. Way to go Super Šimon!

Dave was awarded his medal for being PRINCIPLED. He also has only been at IST a short time. Dave has shown that he can be trusted to independently make the right choices, share and take turns with his new friends and teachers! Congratulations Dave!

KINDER Student-Led Conference PARENT Information

The children are very excited to share their learning with you at the up coming Student Led Conferences. Kindergarten will send home a Student-Led Conference Pack today. The pack will contain…

  • a confirmation of your time

  • an accompanying letter explaining your role and your child’s role for conference

  • a Student/Teacher Reflection Booklet

We hope the information informs you about what the day will look like to best enable you to celebrate with your child, as they take the lead in sharing with you what they know, what they are learning and how they have progressed during the school year.


  • CCA – Fun with Paper . IST Science Club are cancelled on Monday due to Secondary conferences.

  • No CCA’s after school on Tuesday.

  • Siblings will be cared for by supervising Teachers and TA’s in the N-2 playroom or the 3-5 Club House.

  • You are encouraged to visit the Specialists either before or after the homeroom. In each of the specialist areas there will be activities and student work for you to look at and discuss with your child(ren). The teacher will be available for a brief conference if needed. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Caring Kinder Surprise!

The student initiated ACTION of the Liberian Book Drive by Amy Zhai, a secondary student, has been remarkable and some of that success comes from the Kindergarten children. The combined Kindergarten classes donated a total of 175 books and 470RMB. They won the N-2 Liberia Book Donation prize and were rewarded with a wonderful  surprise this afternoon.

After a story from Amy and her pirate crew she sent the children outside on a Treasure Hunt.

The children loved it and happily ran here, there and everywhere to find the clues. 

Their reward was full of fun and excitement and every child received a colorful ribbon to say what FABULOUS, AWESOME, BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC, SUPERSTARS they are!


We must have planned everything correctly because the field trip to the Tianjin Airport went off without a hitch, we booked the buses, caught the correct Metro and arrived safely at the airport. The Kindergarten children and accompanying parents had a great morning traveling in the IST BUS to the metro, 

on the METRO to the airport….


and then at the AIRPORT.

And getting the bus to IST …

We were so proud of how well the children represented the school and themselves. They were  focused on why they were on the field trip and knew exactly what they needed to do. They looked, they  listened and they were very keen to complete their worksheet. The children managed to find pretty much everything on their EYE SPY checklist. Many also drew some great drawings of what they had observed!!

A huge thank you to the parents who accompanied us on the trip. Your support and help in guiding the children was invaluable. We hope you had fun too!

Airport Field Trip Parent Information!

Hello Everyone


Well the transportation EXPERTS are ready for their field trip! They have booked the buses and found out the Subway Line and station, SO, all that we have left to do is to tell the parents the information before we set off  on the FIELD TRIP on WEDNESDAY 22 March.

BASIC PLAN: The plan is that everyone will leave the school by bus close to 8:30am. We will drive to the Subway (5 stops from the Airport on LINE 2). If it is too busy at the Subway Station, 1-2 people may buy a ticket just so the children can see how the system works, if not, they can buy their own token. We will arrive at Terminal 2 at the Tianjin Airport at approx. 10:00am. Upon arriving at the Airport, we will immediately have SNACK. Last year we ate at the McDonald’s as there is plenty of room to sit and parents you can get a coffee etc. Children can eat their packed snack. After eating, the children will be handed a clipboard where they need to check off and locate different parts of  the airport. Lastly, we will walk to the ‘old’ terminal to see the planes landing and taking off. We plan to leave the airport at 11:00am, arriving back at school before LUNCH.

SUBWAY TICKETS: If you have a Tianjin City Travel card you can use that, if not, we will buy the tickets at the subway station .

A few FIELD TRIP reminders …

  • Parents, please bring your City Travel card if you have one.
  • Please make sure your child has a packed snack and drink in a small backpack that they can carry to keep their hands free. (If you are not attending)

To ensure the field trip is meaningful, safe and considerate to others please follow the guidelines below……

  • The children must stay with their parent or adult supervisor.
  • The children are not allowed to run ahead or use large voices in the subway/airport.
  • To make it fair, we ask that you don’t buy any toys at the airport shops.
  • Please stay with the class group as much as possible.
  • It is your child’s responsibility to carry their own clipboard and do their work at the airport.
  • It is the parent/adult supervisor’s job to guide the children as to what to in the workbook- please speak to the children about who, what, how the systems work.

Please see us if you have questions!

Fingers crossed for great traveling weather!

Spring Break in 2 Weeks! :)

Hello Everyone

Not long until a well earned break but before that we do have a few events coming up. The last 2 week schedule is posted below. As you will see a very busy but fun time is heading our way! Please read all the details below.

22 March- Tianjin Field Trip Information- The field trip information will be posted on Monday. Please read the details of the planned trip especially if you are accompanying us on the day. Lets hope for lovely weather.

28 March: Student-Led Conferences: A SLC Report Pack will go home on Friday with an accompanying letter explaining your role and your child’s role for conference, as well as, your confirmed conference time. Please read through your child’s reflections and talk to them about what they have written and think about your parent goal. A reminder that siblings will be well cared for in the N-2 Playroom and that there are NO CCA’s after school on Tuesday. We hope you enjoy CELEBRATING the progress and achievements of your child’s LEARNING . They are very excited!! Please see us if you have any further questions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.06.05 AM30 March-Thursday-FUN ON WHEELS Afternoon The children can bring anything on wheels that they are GREAT at riding or using. Please don’t forget to send safety gear. Children traveling by BUS can put their bikes/scooters under the bus. The IST bus drivers know that some Kinder children maybe doing this on the Thursday morning and back home again in the afternoon. You are welcome to bring your wheels too! A flyer will be posted at the end of the week.

10 April: NEW Unit of InquirySharing the Planet-As one unit finishes a new one begins. Our last unit for the year is focused on SHARING THE PLANET by inquiring into the Central Idea of how Living things share the limited water on Earth. 

Lines of inquiry:

  • Sources and uses of water

  • Effects humans can have on water sources

  • Our responsibilities when using water

The children will begin to TUNE IN to the unit after Spring Break. So if you are vacationing near the ocean, rivers, lakes or have anything at home connected to the unit your child might like to take ACTION and share it with the class after the break. We will be going on a field trip to Polar Aquarium at TEDA. More information will be sent home once a date is finalized.

20-31 March – 2 Week Schedule

Big Buddies!

We have just completed the last round of the CAS Big buddies STEM tasks. At the end of the day we asked the children what task they found the most challenging and what they enjoyed most. The LEGO robot car was ‘tricky’ and they really loved seeing it move. The iPad coding program was popular along with the twirly, whirly helicopter. Here they are thinking, inquiring, discovering and simply having FUN with their Big Buddies!

Making the boat!

The paper helicopter!

Car coding!

Celebrating Tunisian Traditions

Today Adem and his mom came in to talk about one of their Tunisian holidays they celebrate, National Day of Traditional Tunisian Clothing. They shared with us all the different styles of traditional clothing in Tunisia, a video of a school parade celebrating the traditional clothing along with some Arabic music. Adem’s mom then baked some delicious traditional Tunisian sweets as well as some lovely gifts from Tunisia to give to the kindergarten class. We loved learning about Tunisia and making connections to other traditions as well. Thank you so much to Adem and his mom for sharing!! 🙂

Grade 5 Exhibition Visit!

Kindergarten were invited to visit the grade 5 Exhibition, where students set up stations to show their work from undertaking their own inquiry connected to the Sharing the Planet theme. The Kinder kids were very interested in talking with the Grade 5 children and finding out about what they had discovered. Here they are exploring the stations. If you have a chance, please drop into the Elementary foyer and go on a learning journey yourself.



We were treated to a delicious talk on the Today Show with Romane sharing with us how to make her favorite dessert , Chocolate Mousse. The best part was that we got to eat it! The children LOVED it and some asked for the recipe. So here it  is and thanks to Chef Romane we can see how to make it. As the French say, bon appeite!


The Terrific 2 KT awards

Constantin is a wonderful communicator. He is eager to share his knowledge and ideas with the class. During the Today Show, Constantin has become much more confident when speaking to the class and now looks forward to presenting his information to his peers. Constantin really enjoys communicating with others; which is why he made an pilot host for our kindergarten assembly!


Becky is caring. She shares and takes turns with her peers. When playing, Becky includes all of her friends and is always trying to cheer her friends up if they are upset. She knows how to brighten a room with her lovely smile and playful sense of humor. Becky was also very helpful during our assembly practices. Super job, Becky! 

AMAZING Kinder Kids!

The children did a fantastic job for their Assembly. We hope you enjoyed flying with KDT Airlines too! They were very proud of themselves and as you could see they had a lot of fun! In the end that’s what it really is about! Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Thanks also to the families who supplied the delicious morning tea. It was such a lovely way to relax after a very busy week.

KDT Airlines!

The picnic!

A few more photos to come! 🙂

KD Awesome Foursome!

Beatrice was awarded her medal for being a super COMMUNICATOR. She willingly shares her knowledge and joins in class discussions. Bea especially loves to communicate her ideas through writing and through her colorful and detailed drawings.

Miranda was awarded her medal for being a REFLECTIVE learner. She improves her work by looking, listening and thinking about what action she can take to strengthen her skills. She is a whiz at math, reading and writing!

Brandon was awarded his medal for being a BALANCED learner. He enjoys doing activities both in and out of the classroom. A few of the things Brandon loves to do include using the computer and iPad, swimming, reading, doing math challenges and playing games outside with his friends.

Efe was awarded his medal for being OPEN-MINDED. In the short time he has been at IST, he has shown that he happily plays and works with all his new friends. He is kind, caring, shares and takes turns with everyone.

Congratulations to the awesome foursome.

Are you ready to FLY?

The Kinder children are VERY excited about the Assembly. Thanks again for your support in helping them prepare. They really do amaze us! We hope they amaze you too! 🙂

Picnic Morning Tea: The children are equally excited about the morning tea. It still looks to be a lovely warm day, so we will have the picnic outside near the Kinder classrooms. If you are bringing food, you are welcome to drop it off in the shared room before the Assembly. Looking forward to seeing you all!

A sneak peak!