Hello Everyone,

It was lovely meeting with you all this week. We hope you felt that you learned a lot about how your child is progressing in Kindergarten and the goals they will be working toward. Thank you for the very positive feedback about the children loving school and for your continued support in all that we do. Remember no problem is too big or too small, so please let us know if we can help in any way.

Word Bag: We will put the last words in the Word Bag this week, numbers  and number words to 10 and the colors.  The Word Bag can be kept at home from next Thursday 26 October. Thank you for your help with playing games and learning the words. We hope it continues! It is much appreciated and above all it was wonderful hearing that the children were having fun practicing them after speaking with many of you.

UN DAY: Tuesday 24 October: Theme: BEYOND BORDERS AND BOUNDARIES. It is such a great day of celebrating how fortunate we are to be part of an international community. This is the schedule of activities for the day. The PFO asks, that if you are baking food for the day, please deliver it to the GYM on the morning of UN Day. (Starting at 8:00am.) Everyone is welcome, so we hope to see you there! Kindergarten Schedule for the day. NOTE: We’ll still have the Today Show on but in the afternoon! Thanks for preparing Tuesday Turtles!

HALLOWEEN PARTY-This Friday we’ll celebrate Halloween with Nursery to Grade 1. Remember the children can come to school dressed, spooky or not. If they don’t want to dress up that is fine too. It is all about the fun of doing something together!

screen-shot-2014-09-13-at-2-29-50-pmCCA’S UPDATE – Round 1 finishes Nov 3. There are NO CCA’s From Nov 5 -Nov 10. Round 2 will start the week of November 13. Please just choose 1 or 2 activities and  remember to pack an extra snack!

PLEASE NAME CLOTHING: Please try and  NAME all items your child wears to school. Already we are having trouble finding the owners of some jackets and sweaters. Thank you for your continued help with this. Also .. don’t forget to switch out your child’s summer clothes with some warmer ones for spares in your child’s locker, if you have not already done so!



Thanks so much for supporting the library CHARACTER DRESS UP DAY. The kids LOVED coming in costume. You went to so much trouble to make sure the children had an amazing outfit. They all had a great time at the assembly and happily worked and played in their costumes throughout the day. Here they are looking fabulous! Can you tell what character they are?

And a few group shots in the classroom and at the Library Assembly!

Kindergarten Cooks!

We certainly were busy in the kitchen today. We made some delicious spring rolls and waffle cone fruit salad and yogurt. A huge THANK YOU to Addie’s mom and Claire’s mom and Grandma who came in to cook with the children today.

 Also a special thank you to Remy’s and Homer’s moms who happily came in to help them. With many hands, the children got to fold, roll, fry, scoop and of course EAT! The verdict from the children was that they both were delicious! Thank you so much for taking the time and going to the trouble of making sure the children would love the experience! Please enjoy the slideshow and photos!


Boo! Here comes HALLOWEEN!

Kindergarten will be celebrating Halloween next Friday 27 October! We will join our lower elementary friends for an afternoon of spookiness which will include a Halloween parade and games! The children in Nursery to Grade One come to school dressed in their favorite costume …spooky or not. Some children may not want to dress up and that is fine too! Spooky Friday here we come!!!

(NOTE: 2-5 Halloween is after school and they do NOT come dressed up)

Thursday Tigers!

The Thursday Tigers had a great Today Show. Andrew was a super duper host and needed no help to introduce his friends. Filippo told us about our foggy, cloudy day and YuJun spoke very clearly to tell us the clues for his Mystery Bag which was a rabbit. Remy had to 2 airplanes in his Who am I? bag because he loves planes! Everyone was very interested in Misha’s body book, Lenka showed us a wonderful book and we loved having Lada show her little dog. The team that hosts the show keeps an eye out for great audience behavior and award points to friends sitting nicely at each show. This week the Wednesday Whales won the sparkly star. Well done Whales! Here are the Tigers in ACTION!

Wonderful Whales!

Thank you Wednesday Whales for such a wonderful show! Luc was a fabulous host who thanked everyone for their efforts,  Addie needed no help with the weather and calendar and used a nice, big voice. Stephanie showed us a beautiful peacock she created for her artwork and William brought in his favorite transformer toy and told us all about it. Johanna surprised us with a turtle in her Mystery Bag and Eric surprised us with a bear that he loves in his Who am I? bag.  We loved Jules’ French book and we all laughed at the favorite pages he showed. Well done, Whales!

Terrific Tuesday Turtles!

Tuesday Turtle’s Today Show got off their first show with a flying start. Daniel was just like a TV star as the host, Youlin was a wonderful weather man and Marilou had some super clues for her Mystery Bag (It was a baby lamb). Angela shared a favorite book from the classroom and we were amazed at the car Jule showed that she and Zoe created. We loved Homer’s airplanes. He was a way better pilot that the teachers! Lastly Claire shared a twirling princess toy from one of her favorite places, Disneyland.  They all presented their task and spoke very well.

Well done Tuesday Turtles!

KD on their Sensory Walk!

As part of the TUNING IN to our unit, Who we are, Kindergarten used their senses to go out and to explore the school environment to find out what they liked to see, hear, touch, smell and taste (We had a cookie) .

The children recorded their observations and were surprised at how many things they found to draw. It was wonderful to see  the excitement they had in sharing their discoveries with their friends. Here are the scientists  exploring and recording!

KM will post their photos soon!


Marvelous Monkeys!

The Monday Monkeys did an amazing job on our very first Today Show. Everyone was organized and could talk about their activity. Emil was a super host and YangYang told us about the weather and calendar. We had a great book from Miler, we loved Dorian fast red car and Zoe surprised us with her colorful artwork. Seton had a mirror in her ‘Who am I’ bag which of course showed her when she look in it which made us all laugh! Lastly we had Maja trying to trick us with a big rat in the Mystery Bag.

Way to go Monkeys!