February 17

Exhibition Week 6 Update

Grade 5 are busy working hard for their Exhibition and they have deadlines every week. This week they had the opportunity to learn about an alternate form of expression, drama. Mrs. Akov, showed them different techniques which they could use to present their issue. We also had a lesson with Mrs. Lanham on Speech techniques. Congratulations to Medal winners Ella, Paula, Anna and Qi Qi. Keep up the good work. Below are the photos attached you to enjoy.

January 26

Happy Chinese New Year

We celebrated China Week at IST this week. Lots of fun filled activities started with making dumplings. The day began with Lion Dance and then students had fun with a lot of activities at the Temple Fair. At the end of the day, Grade 5 students performed a dragon dance for which they had practiced every morning for two weeks.

Exhibition preparation has started in full swing. Students created their own lines of inquiry and started research on their topics.

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. Have a relaxed break and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 6th February.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.



January 14

PYPX Week 2

Students have started the exhibition process, the most exciting and rewarding experience of being in Grade 5. They are inquiring into different topics and were exposed to several global ideas through field trips to a local kindergarten, visit to a local hospital, village walk, recycling plant and a reused furniture market. Unfortunately the field trip to the disabilities home was cancelled due to high AQI but students learnt about it through discussions, videos and a talk by Ms Lanham. We also skype interviewed with a scientist Russell Reinke who is researching GMO rice. Mr Kjeldgaard, a grade 5 parent very kindly presented Wind energy and its benefits on our planet.

Next week students will be exposed to a series of presentations by teachers on topics they are passionate about. Here are some photos from this week.