May 16

Elementary Spring Show

The children have been practicing hard for the upcoming
Elementary Spring Show, Feel the Music.

Please see the information below about the evening…..

REMEMBER…Tuesday and Wednesday schedules swap!

Tuesday, May 23 will be a Week A (normal Wednesday schedule) with an early 2:15 dismissal.
Wednesday, May 24 will be a Week A (normal Tuesday schedule) with a standard 3:10 dismissal.

Bus 1: 5:10pm Garden Villa (back gate)—5:20pm Ao Cheng —IST

Bus 2: 5:25pm Hai Yi Chang Zhou—5:30pm Crystal City—-5:35pm Lake Park—-IST

All the buses will depart school at 8:10pm.

May 12

Day 3 Ji Xian Overnight trip

On the last day of our overnight trip to Ji Xian, we went hiking, played a short farewell game and had a long bus ride back to school. The hike was after breakfast; it was a beautiful day to climb up the steep hill. There were lots of wildlife, it was a beautiful day to climb up the steep hill. On the hike, we smelt some wild flowers and where we hiked we were able to see the different plants and we brushed past some plants as the trail was narrow and rustic. It was very challenging to climb as we knew that we could fall as the path was quite steep. When we got to the top, we had a mini victory celebration. We took photos and then the difficult part began. We had to descend down the rocky and steep path. It was hard as some rocks made the path bumpy and slippery but we made it down safely. After returning back, we played a short but fun farewell game. Then we got on the bus and returned to school. It’s been an adventurous trip with lots to do. Happy weekend!


Written by Poppy and Anna

May 11

Ji Xian Overnight Trip Day 2

Miss Shroff woke us up from our comfortable beds. We got dressed and went to breakfast. For breakfast, we ate scrambled eggs, bread, ham, milk and vegetables. After a powerful and delicious breakfast, we went outside and with Mr. Peng, our activity instructor. He did warm up exercises with us to get ready for the day. When all of us started getting sweaty, we were divided into three teams before heading for some fun.

One activity was called ‘High-Y’ which is a supporting game where two children are harnessed and they climb up tree trunks on opposite sides. It’s stepping into the unknown as these two people need to coordinate and walk together holding a rope to reach the end. After reaching the end, we were belayed down. It was super fun!

Another activity was the ‘Climbing Wall’ which was challenging because we had to learn how to belay and there were two stations. It was an activity that was highly enjoyable. The next activity was ‘Leap of Faith’. It is a partner activity which means you have to support your partner and help them. We climbed up a 20m pole and held our partner’s hand. Holding hands, we leaned out and when both partners were ready, we jumped back and swung in the air.

Then, we did a catapult activity with Mr. Alman. In groups, we had to build a catapult using materials such as paper cups, card and straw. After this we headed to dinner where we had a rap singing competition. Matthew from 5S and Danny from 5A competed. We had another delicious dinner and headed upstairs to vote for classroom representatives for Students’ Council next year. Lastly, we performed our hilarious skits and went to our rooms to get ready for bed. The moonlight shone into our rooms and we fell asleep.

Written by Ella and Alina

May 10

Ji Xian Overnight Trip Day 1

Today, we climbed a high rope on an exciting, scary and FUN Ropes course. There were 8 activities including a zipline. Wheee! It was all very challenging, but everyone succeeded and it was FUN!
We also tried several team building games. We discussed change in ourselves. We tried a trust fall—even caught Mr. Alman (ugh!), passing the river (getting a team across a distance with foam “islands”), wrote with everyone controlling the pen with ropes and defying danger to unset a real mousetrap! We learned about teamwork, cooperating and challenging ourselves. They were all fun and useful games.
Last, we enjoyed scary stories around a blazing campfire and made smores-some like them roasted and others like them burned! Either way, delicious!
It was a great day. Looking forward to new adventures!

Written by Miyu and Jenny

The pictures below show what a good time we’ve had.