May 10

Grade 5 Students Entertain at Ji Xian

It has been a busy day here in Ji Xian, with students enjoying adventure on the climbing wall, leap of faith and playing team building games. We have been impressed with the spirit shown and everyone has had a go!

This evening, our students showed their talents and entertained us with dancing and comedy acting.

On Friday morning we will hike up a nearby hill to an old stone tower with views over the village, and then begin our journey home to IST.

Please excuse the low resolution photos as we are on a limited internet connection.

N.B. Students looking sad or hiding their faces were acting as part of their entertainment!

May 10

Camp day 1

Written by Young Ju
I arrived in school with a suitcase super excited to go to Ji Xian. I heard that the trip is awesome because it has a lot of activities and the room is comfortable. I entered the bus with a group of friends. For three hours we talked and played and had a lot of fun. As soon as we arrived in the camp we went into our rooms with my roommates allocated by teachers on the basis of our friends.
After leaving our suitcases in the room we had a quick lunch and started activities. We did a team building activity about getting saved from a shark by trying to swim to an island. We were divided into three groups. The first activity for my group was ‘trust fall’. Trust fall is an activity which we go on a platform and we fall straight backwards and land on the soft safety equipment which the classmates are holding. I tried this a lot on my bed at home so it was not that scary for me. I landed softly on the equipment and finished the activity.

The second activity was ultimate frisbee. It was a game which two teams try to throw the frisbee to a teammate over the goal line. I caught the frisbee a lot and scored 6 goals.
The third activity was the best! It was a long rope course made out of many different types of obstacles. First I was not scared and I wanted to finish the course really fast. As soon as I let my foot on the rope 10 meters high, my mind changed. I was scared because the obstacles were wobbly and it felt like I was going to fall down. I was taking time and finally got the courage to finish the course. The hardest part was a horizontal ladder curved 360 degrees around. In that obstacle I seriously wanted to give up and go down. Still, I kept going front and front, step by step until I reached the last obstacle. I finished the last obstacle easily and I managed to ride the zip line to finish the course. After I came down on ground, I was proud of my self and I was satisfied that I managed to do all the activities.
I ate a delicious dinner after that. Our day had not ended and we made our campfire and ate s’mores where we roasted our own marshmallows. It was super fun and I slept feeling happy about this day.