February 13

Grade 4 Selling Slime

Dear Parents,

Grade 4 students have been studying money as part of their UOI. For their STEM project we have decided to make slime and then sell it to learn about profit, expenses, and overhead. Wednesday, February 14th is the last day Grade 4’s will be selling their product. The cost varies between each “company” within Grade 4 but the range is between 13 RMB and 16 RMB. We have about 40 jars of slime left to sell. If your son or daughter is interested in buying from Grade 4’s tomorrow please send along a little bit of money. They will be selling in the elementary kitchen from 12:25 – 12:45.

Thank you,

Jason Inghram

STEM Teacher

February 1

It’s Speaking Time at IST!

“It’s Speaking Time” is a poetry recital and is an annual event on our IST school calendar. It was introduced as a fun way to help students develop their oral language and presenting skills. This week all of the Elementary students will be choosing a poem that they would like to learn to recite or read depending on their level confidence in their classroom. Students will be given an option to compete in the school wide competition and will receive a form to be signed by their parents giving them permission. Those entering the competition will be encouraged to learn and practice their poem at home and will be judged in a more formal setting at each Grade level.

The finals will held in the theater on Friday the 16th of March.

Happy poetry reading everyone!

January 24

The coming week

On Monday we woke to the beautiful white snow! It gave the students the opportunity to have a little bit of a play and it was great to see the excitement coming from the students.

In class we have been focussing on a range of areas.

Unit of Inquiry: Our focus continues to be puberty. You may find your child coming home and discussing aspects of their transitions physically and mentally and may even ask you about your own transitions through puberty.

Mathematics: We are focussing on Measurement, specifically area, volume and basic conversions of lengths. The students have just finished using the app Home design, which supported them to re create our classroom. The students focussed on trying to create the largest area of usable space as they identified that currently our class has a lot of wasted space.

Writing: Our focus in writing has been using descriptive language and figurative language to make their writing more interesting. We will be moving in to writing our own memoirs over the next week.

Coming up: The students exhibition is coming up fast and we have sent out a bit of information, please make sure you are reading and keeping up to date with this information. Over the next few weeks we will be organizing field trips

November 22

Japanese Exchange day

This week on Friday we are visiting the Tianjin Japanese School, down the road from IST. We will be participating in cultural activities led by their students, and we have prepared some things to teach them about as well. Please remember to send indoor shoes with your child (other clean shoes) to wear inside the Japanese School. We also have the Winter Show coming up on the 5th of December.