November 22

Japanese Exchange day

This week on Friday we are visiting the Tianjin Japanese School, down the road from IST. We will be participating in cultural activities led by their students, and we have prepared some things to teach them about as well. Please remember to send indoor shoes with your child (other clean shoes) to wear inside the Japanese School. We also have the Winter Show coming up on the 5th of December.

September 15

International Mindedness

International Mindedness — What is it?

On Friday, elementary students gathered together to explore International Mindedness. We read a book, thought about ways we are internationally minded at IST, and learned about some ways we might be internationally minded:

Seven signs of an internationally-minded person:
Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures
Increased self-awareness
Increased empathy
Ability to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds
Deepening knowledge and understanding of global issues
Ability to see themselves as responsible, global citizens
Language skills

What can you do at home to promote international mindedness?
Travel – explore new countries and cultures
Read stories from around the world
Watch foreign films or documentaries together
Volunteer at shelters or do environmental work
Visit a variety of places of worship
Learn and practice a new language

International Mindedness… WORKING, LEARNING, and ACTING TOGETHER.

Information for this post comes from You can access a recent publication on this topic, specifically for parents, here.

September 6


Hi All

This week we have been lucky enough to receive our I-pads!!!!

This means that from now on students have 1-1 access to their own digital tool.

Over the next week there will be a contract go home with your child that outlines the expected use of these tools during school time. Please take the time to sit down, read and sign this document along side your child.

We are also now ready to go with mathletics. This is a website designed for mathematics and will be the platform we use for practice at both home and school.

Beginning next week, your child will be expected to complete set mathletics tasks as their homework.

You can download the app, or just login through a web browser on your computer.

Here is the link for mathletics

August 25

Week 3

Thank you to all the parents to attend Open House. We hope you found our presentation informative. Our students were very happy to share their school life with you.

Congratulations to all the grade 5 students who were courageous and risk takers to stand in front of a big audience and present their ESC speech. All of them worked very hard.

The week ended with ‘Water Fun Day’ and the weather seemed perfect for the event. Our students enjoyed themselves thoroughly.