ATTENTION! Spring show starts at 6.30!


Yesterday I made a mistake on the blog. The Spring show starts at 6.30 and students are required to be at school at 6.00.

Classes will be dismissed today at 2.15, and students are expected to be under the supervision of parents until 6.00pm, when they return to their homeroom. There will not be teacher supervision until 6pm so please remain with your student until that time.


Grade 4 team.

Spring Show – Fireflies!

Good Morning G4 families!

Tomorrow evening is the spring show! We are performing a magical piece of music, and we are dressed as fireflies! We have organized antenna headbands and sparkly tops or pants for the students to wear as their costume.

Please send your child along wearing plain black T-shirt, Black pants and black shoes, so that the sparkle top or pants can go on top.

Please be at school, in your black outfit at 5.30pm tomorrow, so that we can be organized for a 6pm start. It is a good idea to have had an early dinner, or at least a big snack before hand, as we will not be finished until 8pm.

***REMEMBER* Tomorrow will run on a Wednesday timetable, so students will be dismissed from school at 2.15***




This Friday will be everyone’s favorite day…  SPORTS DAY!!!! It is going to be HOT, so please bring a hat, sunscreen and a refillable water bottle.

Elementary Spring Show – Tuesday 23rd


The children have been practicing hard for the upcoming

Elementary Spring ShowFeel the Music.

Please see the information below about the evening…..

REMEMBER…Tuesday and Wednesday schedules swap!

  • Tuesday, May 23 will be a Week A (normal Wednesday schedule) with an early 2:15 dismissal.
  • Wednesday, May 24 will be a Week A (normal Tuesday schedule) with a standard 3:10 dismissal.


  • There will be buses running in the evening for your convenience.
    Bus 1:  5:10pm Garden Villa (back gate)—5:20pm Ao Cheng —IST

    Bus 2:  5:25pm Hai Yi Chang Zhou—5:30pm Crystal City—-5:35pm Lake Park—-IST

    All the buses will depart school at 8:10pm.

Art: MAD Night

Thank you for your participation at the annual MAD Night last Friday. It was wonderful to see students, parents, and community members showcasing their creativity and talent in the Arts. Our Grade 10 students have finished putting together these unique squares into specific patterns.  The artworks will be framed and displayed around our school soon. Thanks again for everyone’s support to make the event special.

Earth week & Book Character Dress Up Day!


This week has been a fantastic week of celebrating EarthWeek and making an effort to GO GREEN! Today we had a green time, planting trees in our school. We have also gone outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather, written poetry about nature, read our books in the shade and been more thoughtful about the earth and our impact upon it.

We are turning off our lights more, being thoughtful about our paper use, and choosing snacks and lunches which use less plastic wrapping!




“Book Character Dress Up Day” on Monday

One of the highlights of the April calendar, and of Poetry month is the annual “Book Character Dress Up Day” Below are some ideas for characters which you could dress up as! You can make a costume, paint your face, dress up and have a great time! You will notice some fantastic costumes from classic children’s books such as Mr. Men, Where The Wild Things Are, Where’s Wally?, and many more! Think about a character from Harry Potter! Star Wars! Cat in a Hat! Any character from any book!


Also next week…

Please be reminded that next Wednesday 26th is both It’s Speaking Time, 10.30am in the IST Theatre AND our Parent Tea, 1.30 – 2.15 @ the 3-5 clubhouse.

Friday 28th will be Mad Night, 6.30pm in the IST Theatre.







Hello everyone,


On Friday 28th April we have our culminating Arts event at IST –  MAD night, involving more than 100 students from across the whole school. If you have not been before you will find that it is a little bit different to a normal concert. We will have activities and performances throughout the evening in different spaces that suit and enhance the presentations. There will be snacks and drinks available throughout the evening. It kicks off at 6:30pm and will be shorter this year; finishing around 9pm. Tickets are 20RMB and will be available from the front desk from Monday onwards. It is a fantastic showcase for our students and you will I am sure see many students that have hidden talents!

Ms. Babaeva

IST PYP Music Teacher