International Mindedness — What is it? 

On Friday, elementary students gathered together to explore International Mindedness. We read a book, thought about ways we are internationally minded at IST, and learned about some ways we might be internationally minded:

Seven signs of an internationally-minded person: 

  •  Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased empathy
  • Ability to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds
  • Deepening knowledge and understanding of global issues
  • Ability to see themselves as responsible, global citizens
  • Language skills

What can you do at home to promote international mindedness?

  1. Travel – explore new countries and cultures
  2. Read stories from around the world
  3. Watch foreign films or documentaries together
  4. Volunteer at shelters or do environmental work
  5. Visit a variety of places of worship
  6. Learn and practice a new language

International Mindedness… WORKING, LEARNING, and ACTING TOGETHER.


Information for this post comes from You can access a recent publication on this topic, specifically for parents, here.

Water Fun Day Was Definitely Fun!

What a wonderful way to end our second full week of school.  It was wonderful meeting all of the parents who could make it to Open House and students and teachers alike had a blast at Water Fun Day today.

Next week in UOI the students will be starting the ‘sorting out’ phase of the inquiry cycle, as they make a plan for how they will present their understanding of children’s access to their rights.

In Math, we will be starting our flexible grouping between classes and continuing our work with place value, addition, and subtraction strategies.

The students will also be starting to work on a rough draft their realistic fiction stories. Parents, be sure to ask your students about their interesting story plot lines!


ESC Officer Elections

Tomorrow morning is the big day for ESC officer elections. All students are invited to attend the speeches which will start promptly at 8:25. Directly after, grade 2-grade 5 students will be voting in the foyer of the Han building. Computers will be set up and plenty of teachers will be around to help with the process. We will dismiss grades in waves starting with grade 2 to avoid long lines in the foyer.
Thanks for your support!

First Full Week of Grade 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We have had a great first full week back in Grade 4. It is exciting to begin our learning and to start thinking about our goals for this year. We have been working hard in all subject areas and we look forward to sharing some our learning with you at Open House on Thursday. Some of the work we have been doing is:

Mathematics – Reviewing the place value of numbers and transferring this knowledge to addition strategies.

Writers Workshop – Thinking up small moments from our vacations and adding details to make these more exciting. We are also working on building stamina to write Long and Strong.

Reading – Learning about questioning and understanding why it is important to ask questions when we read. We have been using the strategy BDA. Before reading questions, During my reading questions, and After reading questions.

Unit of Inquiry – Thinking about rights and responsibilities and what this means for children around the world. Our Central Idea for this unit is – Children’s access to their rights varies worldwide. It is exciting to hear some of the discussion taking place around this topic.



  • Thursday, August 24th is Open House. This is a chance for you to come and see hear about what the Grade 4 year will look like and what we will be teaching in class. This from 8:40am – 10:00am.
  • Friday, August 25th is Water Fun Day. The students will have the middle periods to participate in various water activities and games. 
  • Scholastic book orders need to be in by Friday 25th August.