Grade 4

It’s been a fun week in Grade 4. We have started to learn about algebra and finding unknown numbers, we have been busy reading in our reading groups, we have been writing endless amounts while learning how to structure persuasive essays, and learning about government systems in UOI.


Things to remember

Keep bringing in the construction materials. We are collecting massive amounts and this is going to be important for our next unit. Thank you to those who have brought in materials already.

Books for Liberia. If you have any books you would like to donate please bring them in and put them in the class collection boxes in the entrance to the Elementary school.

Congratulations 4P for winning  the PE competition for semester one. Parents from 4P are invited to come and celebrate with their children during the lunch hour on Tuesday 14th. There will be snacks and games in the gym. Well done 4P!

Art: Giacometti Figure Sculpture

Students studied about the artist, Alberto Giacometti, and his sculptures looking at form, proportion, and expression. Surrealism is a style of art where it portrays real subject matters in a unrealistic manner.  His figure sculptures are elongated and disproportional compared with the average human proportion.  Below are some pictures showing the students making a wire armature to provide support for their sculpture, then adding clay to form texture.

The fun continues…

We have started our new unit of inquiry with wonderings and questions, spent time discussing the central idea and lines of inquiry, talked about rules and laws and how they are different, and played the anarchy game. This week we will begin to look at different forms of government and the impact of rules and laws on citizens.


This week we will finish up on our work with angles. We have spent time learning how to measure angles, predicting measurements, learning about complementary and supplementary angles, and how to find missing angles in a triangle.

Chinese New Year


With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, we have decorated our doors for the door decoration competition…fingers crossed for a Grade 4 win!

This week we will be doing cooking activities where we will make Tang Yuan on Monday afternoon and Bao Zi on Wednesday. Yum yum!

A reminder that the Chinese Bazaar is on Wednesday and will be hosted in the elementary foyer. There will be many small items that the students are able to purchase if they bring money.

Also, on Thursday we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with a Lion Dance at recess, Temple Fair during periods 3 & 4 (for Grade 4), and a Dragon Dance in the gym at the end of period 8. Very exciting!

A call for materials

Please continue to bring in construction materials in preperation for our next unit. Many of the students have brought in construction materials already and we are starting to get a good collection. Bring in any small reuseable items that could be used to build and construct. Things such as:

Toilet paper tubes
Paper towel tubes
Aluminum cans
Any type of pipe
Rubber tubing
Different size and types of balls


Enjoy your Chinese New Year celebrations. We look forward to seeing you all when you’re back and hearing all about your vactions. 

During this time, try to keep up with reading. Encourage your children to read, read, read!

Welcome Back!

We have had a great week settling back into school and we have loved to hear and share very exciting stories from our holiday break. We have also been fortunate enough to welcome two new students into Grade 4. We welcome Eric and Moritz to 4P and we are excited to show you the great work we do at IST.

Grade 4 have started straight back into work. We have been working hard to finish up our Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet, along with our fractions/decimals/percentages unit in mathematics. We are now looking forward to a new unity of inquiry as well as new concepts and skills in mathematics. We are excited for the start of semester 2 which will begin on Monday 16th and there are many exciting events to look forward to. The start of the new semester brings with it a new timetable. All of the students have been shown this, have received a hard copy to bring home, and you can find it on the Grade 4 blog (under the timetable tab).

Unit of Inquiry

Next week in UOI we are starting our new unit. We will be diving head first into the new unit which is How we Organise Ourselves. We will be discussing and researching different forms of government, the rules and laws governments make, and how this affects citizens.


In mathematics, we will begin to look at angles. We will be measuring angles using protractors and be naming them, as well as finding missing angles within triangles.

Language Arts

Again, Language Arts will be heavily integrated with our new unit of inquiry. In Writers Workshop we will focus on expository writing. We will be learning how to write persuasive pieces of writing where we include opinions, reasons, and examples. In Readers Workshop, we will be using our research skills to assist our investigations into How we Organise Ourselves.


Special Events

New Unit of Inquiry:  January 17th

China Week:  January 23rd – 26th

Temple Fair:   January 26th

Chinese New Year:  January 27th – 5th


Fungi lovers!

REMINDER! Winter show is Tuesday evening! Students need to wear blue jeans, the school will provide the rest of their costumes. Meet in the classroom at 5.45pm!


Grade 4 love fungus, and they know all about it, too. We had such an adventure on our field trip to the mushroom factory!

We saw what mushrooms eat, where they sleep, how they like the darkness and humidity, and how their roots grow.

We were really lucky because the people allowed us to pick some for ourselves, and to take them home! So you know what we did? MUSHROOM PIZZAS!!! Deeeeeelicious.



After the Winter Break


In Math we will continue to explore fractions, decimals and percentages. Any practice or exposure to real life examples of fractions, decimals and percentages while you are traveling over the winter break will really help your student to build a solid understanding of how important these concepts are in our daily lives.


Language Arts

Next week in Reading we will continue to explore non-fiction reading and writing. Reading to learn / research and writing to teach, as well as specific research skills. We will also continue our work on writing good paragraphs.

We will work on Unit 15 in spelling, working with the phonemes: ee / e / ea


Unit of Inquiry

Next week we will begin our summativ task for Sharing the Planet. We are working towards producing a presentation, using the iPAd application PuppetEDU to demonstrate our learning about the the lines of inquiry.



Some students may like to do some further reading or research to support their summative task in UOI. Homework will consist of the usual Mathematics problems, Sound Waves activities, spelling practice and Reading / Reading Log.



Japanese Exchange Day

Grade 1 through Grade 6 are invited to our annual Japanese Exchange Day. This is a community event in which our sister school from around the corner join us, IST, to share cultures through curriculum. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet new friends and develop a better understanding that we all share learning as a positive goal.


A new unit AND a guest author!

Grade 4 had such an incredible day yesterday, we just had to share it right away!

We had a very special guest, author David Greenberg, who came to  speak with us and it was super interesting. We learned all about being an author, and what things we can all do to improve our writing. We even got a special workshop on writing!

David Greenberg had some really valuable advice for us on how to improve our writing. He said that writers are THINKERS, and to get better, you need to do these three things:

  1. Work hard at writing
  2. Practice writing as much as you can
  3. Care about your writing

When one student asked him how else we can be great at writing, Mr. Greenberg said “Read, read, read! Write, write, write!”

And that is exactly what Grade 4 have been doing, and will continue to do!


Here are some photos!


If that wasn’t awesome enough, we also  started our new unit of inquiry today – and we started by playing a GAME! It was a kind of ecosystems chase, and we had so much fun!

Below is the information about this new Unit of Inquiry. We will be doing research, learning about information literacy and using our iPads even more! Cant wait!

Transdisciplinary Theme

Sharing the planet

Central Idea

Living things interconnect, balance, and sustain an ecosystem.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Features of ecosystems
  • Food chains
  • Effect of natural and human influences on ecosystems

Key Concepts

Causation, Connection

Learner Profile Attributes

Knowledgeable and Principled.

Art: Cubism

After looking at Picasso’s work and the style of Cubism, students used the website Picassohead to help them show various views of the face in one portrait.  This brainstorming process will lead to their summative task on creating a Cubism self-portrait using materials tested out and chosen by the students.  You can see their digital work by going on using the Search tab.  Enjoy!