April 21

Earth Week and Parent Tea

Next week the students will be busy preparing for the parent tea on Friday.

Students are finishing their UOI presentations, their information books and their decimal work. You will have an opportunity to see all of this fantastic learning during the parent tea on Friday, Period 1 and 2. Remember to wear suitable clothing for taking part in some physical activities..

Next week is also Earth Week. There will be an introductory assembly on Monday in Period 1 which you are more than welcome to attend.

There is a different theme each day of the week.

Monday: Introductory assembly

Tuesday: No meat, no plastic – please ensure you child brings a vegetarian lunch (if they bring home lunch)

Wednesday: Working with secondary students

Thursday: Earth hour (8:25 – 9:25)

Friday: Wear green! Picnic lunch, assembly and whole school photo

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday!

April 13

I hope you all had a relaxing holiday last week.

This week we have been straight back into things! We have started learning about decimals in math and researching body systems in UOI.

Next week:

Math: Students will continue to work on ordering and adding decimal numbers.

Literacy: Students are publishing their information books using Canva and Book Creator. In reading they are learning to ask thick and thin questions.

UOI: Students are continuing to research their chosen body system.

Have a nice weekend!

April 11

Healthy Snack Day for Exhibition

I am Young Ju in 5S. Currently I am doing my exhibition and I am wondering to do a healthy snack day for taking action. Healthy snack day will be on 18th April 2018. Healthy snack day is an event where all IST students bring healthy snack for recess. My idea is to announce this event on the speaker on this week Thursday morning, and next week Wednesday morning. The picture attached above is a poster of my event. I would be pleased if you share this with your students.

March 23

The students had a great time on our field trip to United Family Hospital on Tuesday and learnt a bunch!

Next week:

Literacy: Students are continuing to write their information books and are beginning to think about adding an index and glossary. In reading they are still practicing their summarising skills. This is an easy skill to be practicing at home too!

Math: Students will be working out the elapsed time of various activities. They will complete an activity and see how long it takes.

UOI: Next week we will be starting to talk about how systems can malfunction and why.

Don’t forget that student led conferences are on Tuesday so there is no regular school classes. I look forward to seeing you all then 🙂