February 14

Chinese Crafts

3M won the China week door competition!

Also, have a look at the awesome Chinese crafts the students took part in yesterday.

Happy holidays!

February 13

Grade 4 Selling Slime

Dear Parents,

Grade 4 students have been studying money as part of their UOI. For their STEM project we have decided to make slime and then sell it to learn about profit, expenses, and overhead. Wednesday, February 14th is the last day Grade 4’s will be selling their product. The cost varies between each “company” within Grade 4 but the range is between 13 RMB and 16 RMB. We have about 40 jars of slime left to sell. If your son or daughter is interested in buying from Grade 4’s tomorrow please send along a little bit of money. They will be selling in the elementary kitchen from 12:25 – 12:45.

Thank you,

Jason Inghram

STEM Teacher

February 11

Chinese New Year!

The students loved making dumplings this week as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Next week:

Math: Students will be reinforcing their understanding of fractions through a variety of games and activities.

Literacy: Students will finish writing their persuasive piece and start to publish.

UOI: Students will begin researching their chosen conflict. We encourage you to chat to them about this at home.


On Tuesday Grade 3 will take part in a variety of traditional Chinese activities as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. They are welcome to wear cultural dress on this day. There will also be a lion dance on Wednesday at 9.30 and a dragon dance, held by Grade 4, at 1.50. You are more than welcome to attend these events.

Wishing you a relaxing Chinese New Year break!

February 2

The Week Ahead

This week the students worked with a humanities class from the secondary school. They discussed peace and what peace looks like.

3M have really enjoyed making their own videos to explain how to find a fractions on a set e.g. 2/5 of 20.

Next week:

UOI: Students will be choosing a world conflict that they would like to research and will begin researching this in small groups.

Literacy: Students are learning to visualize as they read. In writing they will continue to work on their persuasive piece.

Math: Students are learning to add, subtract and simplify fractions.

Other: Students will have the opportunity to make their own dumplings on Thursday as part of China week.

We will also be visiting the library to participate in Grade 2’s book fair, where they will be sharing their favourite books with us.

Reminder that the Chinese Bazaar is on Friday. Students are welcome to bring along some money if they would like to purchase something.

January 31

It’s Speaking Time at IST!

It’s Speaking Time at IST!

“It’s Speaking Time” is a poetry recital and is an annual event on our IST school calendar. It was introduced as a fun way to help students develop their oral language and presenting skills. This week all of the Elementary students will be choosing a poem that they would like to learn to recite or read depending on their level confidence in their classroom. Students will be given an option to compete in the school wide competition and will receive a form to be signed by their parents giving them permission. Those entering the competition will be encouraged to learn and practice their poem at home and will be judged in a more formal setting at each Grade level.

The finals will held in the theater on Friday the 16th of March.

Happy poetry reading everyone!

January 28

A Wintery Week

There has been lots going on this week with the students getting rugged up and playing in the snow and classes creating door designs for Chinese New Year.

Next Week:

Math: Students will continue to develop their understanding of fractions. They will be finding fractions of a set and equivalent fractions.

Literacy: In reading, students will be making text to world connections and discovering authors purpose within texts. In writing they are learning to address the audience in order to persuade them.

UOI: Students will be exploring conflict around the world and beginning to think of a world conflict that they would like to research.

January 21

Semester 2, week 2

The students have been really excited about their persuasive speech writing this week. They have been writing about one of the following topics:

  • Homework should/shouldn’t be compulsory
  • Students should/shouldn’t be allowed to take their iPad home

The week ahead:

UOI: Students will be discussing conflict resolution strategies to help them to deal with personal conflict. They will also be discussing a world conflict with some of the secondary students.

Math: Students will be identifying fractions on a number line and learning to recognize equivalent fractions. They will also have a go at coding with Mr. Inghram.

Literacy: Students will continue to write their persuasive piece in writing. They will focus on developing the structure of their writing. In reading they will continue to make connections with the text.

January 14

Semester 2 begins!

This week marks the beginning of Semester 2. We will be starting new units in UOI, math and literacy.

From what I have heard and seen, the students science experiments were very successful last week. Students wrote thoughtful conclusions and reflected on their hypotheses, it was clear that a lot a learning had been made.

The week ahead:

Math: The new unit we will be covering in mathematics is fractions. Students will begin by understanding what the numerator and denominator are and will learn to identify simple fractions.

Literacy: In reading, students will be learning to make connections to the world, themselves and other texts. In literacy they will begin to look at the structure and features of an opinion piece of writing.

UOI: This week we are starting the unit, “Sharing the Planet”. The lines of inquiry for this unit are:

  • Impact of conflict
  • Methods for solving conflict
  • Peacemakers


January 6

Welcome Back

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a restful winter break.

Unfortunately, I will be away until Friday next week. Irish Farley will be taking 3M in my place. Here is an update of what the students will be working on next week:

UOI: This is the last week of our unit, “How the World Works.” Students will be completing their personal experiments and reflecting on their results. Please see the attached list below to see what your child requires for their experiment. They will need to bring these items to school with them on Monday. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Math: This week we have been estimating and measuring the weight of various items around the classroom. Next week students will be working on capacity. They will be estimating and measuring liquids and reading scales.

Literacy: In writing, students will be publishing their science experiments. In reading, students are working on using their prior knowledge to help them to understand a text.

At the end of last year 3M had the following overdue books:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Amelia to Zora: twenty-six women who changed the world
  • Nuit De Folie Au Musee: Pharaon S’amuse
  • Alien Escape
  • From ghosts to pirates

Could you please have a look around your home to see if you can find any of them?

If you need to contact me at all next week I will be available via email.

Have a great week!