Book Fair

The IST Library will be hosting the Obido Books book fair on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1. Elementary students will visit the book fair on Thursday and may purchase books on that day if they wish (please send 50-200 RMB for book purchases). Students who save books they wish to purchase on Friday will bring home a note with the cost of the books. Please see the flyer for more information.

Field Trip to the Tianjin Zoo

We are currently learning about how human actions can preserve or endanger living things. Last week, Grade 2 went on a field trip to the Tianjin Zoo to help tune in to our unit and to aid discussion of how our actions can impact on other living things. Many of the children had mixed feelings about the zoo, stating that they were happy to see the animals but were sad that they were not given much space in their enclosures.

Student Blogs and Math

This week in Grade 2, students have started to create their own personal learning blogs. In the coming weeks students will be able to share their learning directly with their parents through the app Easyblog. Students will select pieces they are proud of to add to their collection of work online. On Wednesday we began to set up our blogs with Mr Inghram in the design centre. Watch this space for further information about how you can view your child’s blog.

During Math this week students in Grade 2 have been learning about weight and capacity. To build on their knowledge in a practical way, students were required to follow a recipe and measure out specific quantities of fruit to make a fruit salad. It was fun AND delicious!

Last but not least, we have a new student in Grade 2, Luis Gallon. He is joining 2G and has 2 older brothers at IST. We are making him feel very welcome!

Assembly and Field Trip

Thanks to all the parents who came to watch our Grade 2 assembly. We had such fun sharing our learning with you!

This week we have also been working hard to finish our information e-books all about the Earth, Sun and the Moon and we have been learning how to find the area and perimeter of shapes in Maths.

Next week, we will begin our unit on Sharing the Planet. To launch our unit we have organised a class trip to the zoo next Friday 10th November. Please see the letter below which was sent home in your child’s school bag today. Please read it, sign it and send it back to school with your child before next Wednesday 8th November. We are also looking for some parent volunteers to help chaperone this trip. Please email your child’s teacher if you would be interested. Many thanks.

Grade 2 Assembly

Next Friday November 3rd, Grade 2 is going to be presenting their learning through an assembly all about the Earth, Sun and Moon. The students have been working hard to prepare, please come along to support, the more the merrier!

Character Dress Up Day and Updates

What a busy week we’ve had in Grade 2 with Character Dress Up Day and with beginning to prepare for our Grade 2 Assembly! Please remember to save the date for this on November 3rd! Another upcoming date to note is UN Day which is this Tuesday.
In literacy this week, Grade 2 have been looking at non-fiction text features and have begun writing non-fiction texts of their own in the form of information books. Next week we will be using these skills to create an information e-book to showcase our learning from our current unit about the Earth, Sun and Moon.
In Maths, we have started looking at measurement and are investigating the length of different objects using centimeters and meters. In the coming weeks we will look at weight, temperature and time.