February 10

Sharing the Planet

In Grade two we have been learning about how our actions can preserve or endanger living things. This week we had an in depth look at how different eco-systems function, and what thrives in them. Each student chose an eco-system to study and find out more about.

We also had a visitor come to talk to us about books for Liberia. If you have any English books you don’t use anymore, bring them in for donation and put them in the boxes in the elementary foyer. Any donations would be much appreciated for those in need.

January 26

Chinese New Year in Grade 2!

This week in Grade 2 we have been getting prepared for Chinese New Year. Students used the new Elementary Kitchen to make their own “Tong Yuan” and Dumplings, they were delicious! We also visited the PFO Chinese New Year Bazaar and bought some presents to give friends and family. Happy 2017!


January 22

Making Lanterns

This week, we got to work on building our lanterns. We worked together with a Grade 7 buddy to create our lantern design on the computer and then used the laser printer to etch ‘IST’ onto a plastic base. Grade 2 helped to use the tools in the design centre to drill and construct their lanterns. We can’t wait to see the finished product next week!


January 22

Information Reports

Last week, we finished our realistic writing unit by sharing our stories with each other in the library. This week, we began learning how to write information reports. We looked at the structure of an information report and came up with ideas about what to write about. The children are learning to research their favorite topics and how to extract key information.


January 12

Design in Grade 2

This week we are starting to finish up our unit on Ancient China! We had a walk through of the new Design Centre with Mr Ingrahm to check out all the cool new machines like the 3D printers and the laser cutter. Grade 2 students are creating their own lanterns using the laser cutter, just in time for Chinese New Year.

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December 6

Grade 2 Classroom Party

Dear Parents,

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, Grade 2 will be having a small party in the classrooms from 1:15-2:15 this Friday. Students are invited to bring a small snack and a game to share with their classmates. Parents are also welcome to join in and play games with their child. If any parents would like to lead a small craft activity please let us know.


The Grade 2 Team

December 1

Elememtary Winter Show!


Dear Parents,

We hope you have set aside the evening of Dec 6 for the Elementary Winter Show, World of Celebration. The children have been practicing very hard for the event.

Please read the following carefully so you are fully informed about the evening.

  1. The Winter Show is Tuesday Dec 6 BUT the day will run as a Wednesday. The Tuesday will be early release. The children will go home at 2:30pm.
  2. There will be NO CCA’s on Dec 6.
  3. The children’s costume is very easy. Boys wear blue jeans. Girls can wear any colour shorts, they will have a skirt over top. All children can wear a black or white t shirt and any dress shoes they like. They will get the rest of their costume at school.
  4. The N-2 show starts at 6:15pm. The children need to be at school no later than 5:45 so we can get them in their full costume and over to the theater to start on time.
  5. The N-2 Show runs from 6:15-6:45 followed by a 10min intermission. The 3-5 performance start at 7:00 and runs to 7:45. The K-2 children will join 3-5 for the finale song at the end of the evening.
  6. After the show please collect the children from the Grade 2 classroom. They will need to change back into their clothes before going home.

Please see us if you have any questions!