May 18

Spring Show Costume

Dear Parents,

The Grade 2 teachers have organized shirts and hats as part of the costume for the Spring Show. To complete the outfit, we are asking the children to wear something denim on their bottom half. This could be jeans, denim shorts or a denim skirt. If your child has nothing denim to wear, we kindly ask that they wear something of a similar colour.

Many thanks,

The Grade 2 team

May 18

Exploring Shadows

As part of our inquiry into how the world works, we have been talking about the sun and it’s position in relation to Earth. This exploration led us to the idea of shadows. What are shadows? How are they created? How do they change?

We went out on to the playground after morning recess with a partner and took turns to draw around each other’s shadow with chalk. In the afternoon we returned to our chalk drawings, stood in the same place and drew a second outline of our shadow. We discovered that the shadow had changed in size and position.

Back in the class, we had a discussion as to why this might be. There were a few different opinions! Perhaps you can ask your child at home to explain their thinking?

Another wondering that resulted from our discussion was ‘Does the Sun also rotate on it’s axis, like the Earth, or does it remain stationary?’ That’ll be a great inquiry for next time!



May 11

Elementary Sports Day!

On Friday 26th May IST will be hosting the annual Elementary Sports Day.

All students are encouraged to wear their grade level color for the day. Students should bring their water bottles, sunscreen and a hat. Parents are welcome to attend to cheer on their superstars. KG1- Grade1 runs from 8:30am – 11:00am. Grade 2 – 5 is from 12:45 – 3:05.

 We are looking forward to another fun-filled sports day!

May 10

Grade 2 Update

This week we went to the library to begin research on our new unit. Using the MacBooks, we watched videos, read articles and found out about the roles of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We also started using our unit books, and recorded any wonderings that we had. The solar system in an interesting place to discover!




May 5

How the World Works

This week Grade 2 began learning about how the world works through a new unit. The central idea is: The Earth’s position in the Solar System regulates life on Earth.

The related lines of inquiry are:

  • The characteristics of the Earth, Sun and Moon and their place in the Solar System.
  • How the Sun and Moon regulate life on Earth.
  • Seasons and cycles of time.

We began by looking at what we already know.

Then we watched some videos on Brainpop Junior and had a discussion to help build on our knowledge. We can’t wait to learn more next week!

May 2

Art: MAD Night

Thank you for your participation at the annual MAD Night last Friday. It was wonderful to see students, parents, and community members showcasing their creativity and talent in the Arts. Our Grade 10 students have finished putting together these unique squares into specific patterns.  The artworks will be framed and displayed around our school soon. Thanks again for everyone’s support to make the event special.

April 27

Mexican Fiesta May 6


Please join us for a Mexican Fiesta on Saturday, May 6th from 2 to 6 pm. This is a family-friendly event and all children and adults from the IST community and beyond are welcome. A 20 RMB charge for adults will go towards the PFO. It will be a fun-filled afternoon with Mexican games, food, piñatas, a soccer game and more. See you there!

April 26

Ma Hua Factory

On Tuesday, the Grade 2 students took a field trip to the Ma Hua Factory in Tianjin, to see first hand how a process is used to create a product. It was a very interesting visit, with lots of learning. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos of the actual production line, but we did find out that Ma Hua are delicious!