Robotics in Grade 2

Over the past four weeks, Grade 2 students have been visiting the design centre to work with Mr Inghram on Robotics. They have been learning how to program lego trucks, and get them to perform a sequence. Their final challenge was to work together with another group and their robot, to carry a load and dump it in a particular spot.



Don’t forget about the PFO picnic coming up this Sunday 24th! See you there.


Parent Tea

A big thank you to all the parents who came along on Friday to share in their child’s learning and for the delicious food. It was great to be able to taste some foods traditional to the families of Grade 2.

International Mindedness

International Mindedness — What is it?


On Friday, elementary students gathered together to explore International Mindedness. We read a book, thought about ways we are internationally minded at IST, and learned about some ways we might be internationally minded:


Seven signs of an internationally-minded person: 

  •  Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased empathy
  • Ability to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds
  • Deepening knowledge and understanding of global issues
  • Ability to see themselves as responsible, global citizens
  • Language skills

What can you do at home to promote international mindedness?

  1. Travel – explore new countries and cultures
  2. Read stories from around the world
  3. Watch foreign films or documentaries together
  4. Volunteer at shelters or do environmental work
  5. Visit a variety of places of worship
  6. Learn and practice a new language

International Mindedness… WORKING, LEARNING, and ACTING TOGETHER.


Information for this post comes from You can access a recent publication on this topic, specifically for parents, here.

Grade 2 Update

We have had a busy and exciting start to the year so far. There are a few important events coming up that you need to be aware of:

  1. Assembly in the Theatre this Friday the 8th September

2. Parent Tea NEXT Friday 15th September

Students have been preparing to share their learning with you about our current unit around Personal and Social Wellbeing, and International Mindedness. All parents/guardians of Grade 2 students are invited to join us on Friday 15th at 2pm in the grade 2 classrooms. Any questions please contact Miss Luna or your classroom teacher. See you there!

3. PFO Picnic coming up on the 24th September

Keep Sunday 24th clear in your diary for the PFO picnic. More details will follow.



International Mindedness

Thank you to all those who attended last week’s Open House. It was great to meet you all. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions or concerns over the year.

This week we had a visit from author Matt Holm who talked about the inspiration behind his novels ‘Squish’ and ‘Baby Mouse’.

During literacy this week we have working on small moment stories. We learned how to come up with ideas by thinking of different emotions and moments that we’ve experienced associated with these emotions. We also talked about decorating our writing books to reflect our interests and lives. We are asking the children to bring in printed pictures of themselves and their families and things that they like to personalise their journals.

In Maths, we have continued to work on number knowledge, problem solving and begun looking at data handling and graphing. We are going to use this skill to further explore our lines of inquiry about personal and social wellbeing. We learned more about international mindedness on Friday by going on a tour of the school. We found many examples of how we are international minded at IST.

Water Fun Day

Last Friday we had a great afternoon at the N-2 Water Fun Day. Check out the action below!

This week on Thursday we have an author (Matt Holm) coming to visit. He will share some stories and will answer some of the questions we have written for him during library time.
Well done to all ESC participants, the winners are officially announced tomorrow, but have a look at the amazing nominees below.

Grade 2 Update and Open House Info

We’ve had a great start to Grade 2! We’ve spent time learning classroom routines, coming up with our class agreements and getting to know each other. During maths, we have been working on number sense by looking at skip counting, odd and even numbers and basic facts knowledge. During literacy we have been setting up good reading habits by looking at what reading to self and with a partner looks like and learning how to improve our reading stamina. In writing, we have been working on recounts.

Our first Unit of Inquiry is Who We Are.

Central Idea: People share the responsibility of treating one another with respect.

  • Personal well-being
  • Social well-being
  • International mindedness

We have begun our unit by looking at personal well-being and by reflecting on what things make us happy. You will be able to see the pictures which Grade 2 drew about their happy place on the bulletin board outside the classroom later in the week.

Please remember that Open House is coming up this Thursday 24th. It will begin in the theatre at 8:20am. At 8:40 parents will move to the Grade 2 classrooms where your child will give you a tour of their class and the specialist rooms. This will be followed by two identical presentations, one from 9:20 – 9:40 and one from 9:40 – 10:00. This is to allow any parents with children in other grades to attend presentations with other homeroom teachers. At 10:00 there will be refreshments in the Qin building foyer and students will return to a regular timetable. We are looking forward to seeing you then and telling you more about the year ahead.






ESC Student Council Elections

Elementary Student Council elections are next week! Each class will be electing 1 representative who will attend weekly ESC meetings during Tuesday lunch recess and help out with all ESC events. If your child is interested, please print and complete the attached form and return it to your teacher by Tuesday, August 22)

Welcome to Grade 2!

Welcome back to school! We are excited and ready to get back into a year of fun-filled learning. This blog is where we will update you on all the latest in Grade 2. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions about the start of the year, otherwise we will see you around school and at the Elementary open house coming up next week.