Grade 4 Selling Slime

Dear Parents,

Grade 4 students have been studying money as part of their UOI. For their STEM project we have decided to make slime and then sell it to learn about profit, expenses, and overhead. Wednesday, February 14th is the last day Grade 4’s will be selling their product. The cost varies between each “company” within Grade 4 but the range is between 13 RMB and 16 RMB. We have about 40 jars of slime left to sell. If your son or daughter is interested in buying from Grade 4’s tomorrow please send along a little bit of money. They will be selling in the elementary kitchen from 12:25 – 12:45.

Thank you,

Jason Inghram

STEM Teacher

Grade 2 Update

Book Celebration

Tomorrow Grade 2 students will be having a small book celebration in the library. They have invited the Grade 1 and 3 students to listen to their persuasive letters to convince others to read their favorite books. We understand this is “last minute” but if you are available tomorrow morning (8th February), students will be sharing in the library from 8:30-9:30am. You are most welcome to join for the morning and hear about students reading and writing. If you are unavailable, keep an eye on student blogs as videos of the students presenting will be posted shortly.

Speaking Time

This week you may have also noticed that no reading books have been coming home with your child. The reading homework which has been set for the students this week is to practice their poem for the Speaking Time Competition. The poem that your child has chosen can be found in their homework books. We will be holding the first round of auditions on Monday afternoon in the Grade 2 classrooms. Good luck!

Plastic Bottles Needed by Monday!

Grade 2 will be doing an art activity during UOI next week. For this activity, we will need one empty plastic bottle per child. The bottle should be medium to large in size and can be any shape (the more variety the better!). If you have more than one bottle please send it in with your child in case someone forgets to bring one. Kindly send them in by Monday at the latest. Thanks for your help and please see below for some examples:





It’s Speaking Time and Field Trip

It’s Speaking Time at IST!

“It’s Speaking Time” is a poetry recital and is an annual event on our IST school calendar. It was introduced as a fun way to help students develop their oral language and presenting skills. This week all of the Elementary students will be choosing a poem that they would like to learn to recite or read depending on their level confidence in their classroom. Students will be given an option to compete in the school wide competition and will receive a form to be signed by their parents giving them permission. Those entering the competition will be encouraged to learn and practice their poem at home and will be judged in a more formal setting at each Grade level.

The finals will held in the theater on Friday the 16th of March.

Happy poetry reading everyone!


Field Trip next week

Next week on Friday, Grade 2 will be taking a field trip to a local dessert factory to observe the process of making Ma Hua. We get to observe a production line first hand and even get to have a taste test at the end! Today 2G practiced the process of making peanut butter from raw materials with Mr Inghram in the kitchen.. and it was delicious!! more pictures to come..





New unit in Grade 2

As part of our new unit on How we Organise Ourselves, we have begun inquiring into the process that materials go through to become a finished product. Last week 2V got into the kitchen and learned how to make peanut butter. 2G will have the opportunity to learn the process this week. Together as a Grade level, we read a book which explained how the peanuts start on a plant and go through a process to become the finished product that we eat. We all drew a flowchart which documented the process from the beginning to the end. Who knew there were so many steps!

We also have 2 new students in Grade 2, Sung Bin and Oh Nyu so a very warm welcome to them and their families, we are happy to have you with us! All student reports have now been sent home for the first semester. We are all looking forward to another busy but exciting semester full of learning in Grade 2!!

Personal Projects and New Unit

This week in Grade 2 we started to wrap up our unit on Sharing the Planet. Students chose an animal and advocated for them and their eco-systems. Most students chose to create e-books or imovie presenations to share their findings. Over the next few days students will be posting their presentations on their personal blogs so feel free to check them out!

Our next unit is based around resources and the processes they go through to meet our needs and wants. Students will study various materials and learn about production lines and the different ways things can be processed into a final product. Listed below are our specific areas of study.

Unit: How we organize ourselves

Central Idea: People process resources in order to satisfy needs and wants

Lines of inquiry:

·       Natural resources & materials

·       The process of change that resources go through

·       Why humans change resources and how they use them


Welcome back to 2G

We hope that all families had a wonderful and relaxing vacation and we have loved hearing about all your winter adventures from the kids. We have started back to some busy learning in Grade 2.

In math, we have been looking at odd and even numbers and multiplication. We have learned that we can show multiplication by making equal groups, creating arrays or through repeated addition.

In literacy, we have been choosing books and learning how to talk about the characters from those books. Once we have formed an opinion about our chosen character, we have been practicing writing persuasive letters to our writing partners. In these letters, we have stated our opinion and given examples to back up why we believe our opinion to be correct.

We have also spent this week wrapping up our learning from our Sharing the Planet unit. As a final project, the children have been asked to choose an animal that they would like to keep safe. Their project must:

  • Teach others about which eco-system their animal lives in.
  • Name some threats to their animal or to their eco-system.
  • Suggest some ways that people can help.

They have had choice in the way that they would like to present their project with some having chosen to make a video, some a book, and others a poster. We can’t wait to see the final result!

Winter Show and Last week before break

We have been working hard to prepare for the winter show. Tomorrow our schedule is switched and the day will operate as a Wednesday (early dismissal 2:15). Please have your children back at school by 6pm to get dressed and ready. It will be amazing, see you there!

On Wednesday 6th December we have a final get together in Grade 2 starting at 1:50pm. This will be an informal time for parents and students to eat and drink and reflect on our successful semester before the break. Lastly, travel safe over the break and we will see you back ready to go again for more fun-filled learning in January!

Japanese Day and Winter Show

This week on Friday we are visiting the Tianjin Japanese School, down the road from IST. We will be participating in cultural activities led by their students, and we have prepared some things to teach them about as well. Please remember to send indoor shoes with your child (other clean shoes) to wear inside the Japanese School.  We also have the Winter Show coming up on the 5th of December. Grade 2 students have been busy practicing songs and actions in preparation, we look forward to seeing you all there! For any further information on these events coming up in Grade 2, please contact your classroom teacher.

Field Trip to Tianjin Zoo

We are currently learning about how human actions can preserve or endanger living things. Last week, Grade 2 went on a field trip to the Tianjin Zoo to help tune in to our unit and to aid discussion of how our actions can impact on other living things. Many of the children had mixed feelings about the zoo, stating that they were happy to see the animals but were sad that they were not given much space in their enclosures.

PFO Holiday Bazaar

Movie Afternoon

Please return the permission slip if you would like your child to attend