Japanese Day and Winter Show

This week on Friday we are visiting the Tianjin Japanese School, down the road from IST. We will be participating in cultural activities led by their students, and we have prepared some things to teach them about as well. Please remember to send indoor shoes with your child (other clean shoes) to wear inside the Japanese School.  We also have the Winter Show coming up on the 5th of December. Grade 2 students have been busy practicing songs and actions in preparation, we look forward to seeing you all there! For any further information on these events coming up in Grade 2, please contact your classroom teacher.

Field Trip to Tianjin Zoo

We are currently learning about how human actions can preserve or endanger living things. Last week, Grade 2 went on a field trip to the Tianjin Zoo to help tune in to our unit and to aid discussion of how our actions can impact on other living things. Many of the children had mixed feelings about the zoo, stating that they were happy to see the animals but were sad that they were not given much space in their enclosures.

PFO Holiday Bazaar

Movie Afternoon

Please return the permission slip if you would like your child to attend

Student Blogs and Math

This week in Grade 2, students have started to create their own personal learning blogs. In the coming weeks students will be able to share their learning directly with their parents through the app easyblog. Students will select pieces they are proud of to add to their collection of work online. On Wednesday we began to set up our blogs with Mr Inghram in the design centre. Watch this space for further information about how you can view your childs blog.

 During Math this week students in Grade 2 have been learning about weight and capacity. To build on their knowledge in a practical way, students were required to follow a recipe and measure out specific quantities of fruit to make a fruit salad. It was fun AND delicious!


Last but not least we have a new student in Grade 2, Luis Gallon. He is joining 2G and has 2 older brothers at IST. We are making him feel very welcome!


Assembly and Field Trip

Thanks to all the parents who came to watch our Grade 2 assembly. We had such fun sharing our learning with you!

Last week we worked hard to finish our information e-books all about the Earth, Sun and the Moon and we are now starting to  learn how to find the area and perimeter of shapes in Maths.


This week we begin our unit on Sharing the Planet. To launch our unit and build student interest we have organised a class trip to the zoo on Friday 10th November. Please see the letter below which was sent home in your child’s school bag. Please read it, sign it and send it back to school with your child before Wednesday 8th November. We are also looking for some parent volunteers to help chaperone this trip. Please email your child’s teacher if you would be interested. Many thanks.

Grade 2 Assembly

Next Friday November 3rd, Grade 2 is going to be presenting their learning through an assembly all about the Earth, Sun and Moon. The students have been working hard to prepare, please come along to support, the more the merrier!





The latest in Grade 2

Last week we had a great day on Friday for Character Dress Up Day. Yesterday we also had a lot of fun during UN day, and learned more about how we can be internationally minded. Check out the pictures below.
Book Character Day 
UN Day
In literacy, Grade 2 have been looking at non-fiction text features and have begun writing non-fiction texts of their own in the form of information books. We are now starting to use these skills to create an information e-book to showcase our learning from our current unit about the Earth, Sun and Moon.
In Maths, we have started looking at measurement and are investigating the length of different objects using centimeters and meters. In the coming weeks we will look at weight, temperature and time.

Coming Up in Grade 2

Welcome back to what has been busy week back from the October break. We are all looking forward to parent teacher conferences, Pink day, UN day, Halloween, Library week, AND Grade 2 Assembly all coming up in the next few weeks!

Please be aware of the following:

  • Pink Day is on Monday 16th October, wear something Pink!! You can also buy a pink fidget spinner (20rmb) or donate money, all proceeds go to the breast cancer foundation.
  • Parent teacher conferences are on 17th and 18th of October. Email your child’s teacher if you are unsure of the date or time.
  • UN Character Dress up Day is 20th October. Come to school dressed as your favorite book character.
  • UN day is the 24th of October. Students come to school dressed in something representing their home country. All Grade 2 students will also be performing on stage for the New Zealand performance, a quick song and dance. (we don’t have enough kiwis to fill the stage!)
  • Halloween is on the 27th of October, more details to follow.
  • Grade 2 Assembly is coming up on the 3rd of November, again more details will follow but please save the date!

Lots of reminders this week, but we also have some exciting news, students will be starting their own personal blogs over the next few weeks where they will share and post their learning for parents to see. This is an exciting new initiative being rolled out across the entire elementary school. As always if you have any questions please contact your classroom teacher.


Robotics in Grade 2

Over the past four weeks, Grade 2 students have been visiting the design centre to work with Mr Inghram on Robotics. They have been learning how to program lego trucks, and get them to perform a sequence. Their final challenge was to work together with another group and their robot, to carry a load and dump it in a particular spot.



Don’t forget about the PFO picnic coming up this Sunday 24th! See you there.


Parent Tea

A big thank you to all the parents who came along on Friday to share in their child’s learning and for the delicious food. It was great to be able to taste some foods traditional to the families of Grade 2.

International Mindedness

International Mindedness — What is it?


On Friday, elementary students gathered together to explore International Mindedness. We read a book, thought about ways we are internationally minded at IST, and learned about some ways we might be internationally minded:


Seven signs of an internationally-minded person: 

  •  Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased empathy
  • Ability to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds
  • Deepening knowledge and understanding of global issues
  • Ability to see themselves as responsible, global citizens
  • Language skills

What can you do at home to promote international mindedness?

  1. Travel – explore new countries and cultures
  2. Read stories from around the world
  3. Watch foreign films or documentaries together
  4. Volunteer at shelters or do environmental work
  5. Visit a variety of places of worship
  6. Learn and practice a new language

International Mindedness… WORKING, LEARNING, and ACTING TOGETHER.


Information for this post comes from IBO.org. You can access a recent publication on this topic, specifically for parents, here.