Elementary Report Cards, Chinese Bazaar (tomorrow) & Temple Fair (Thursday)

Dear Parents,

Elementary Report Cards

On Thursday you will receive your child’s semester one report card. In earlier communications and at the Parent-Principal meeting in November I highlighted some of the changes to reporting this semester.

KG1 (Nursery) and KG2 (Pre Kindergarten) reports contain a narrative summary of progress across all areas of learning, as well as photographs documenting learning. Students at this age are not given grades.

KG3 (Kindergarten) to Grade 5 reports includes a detailed narrative for each curriculum area. Part one explains the general learning that took place in the class. Part two gives detail about your child’s individual achievement and progress. Part three offers suggestions for next steps and ways to improve. Returning parents will note that the grading scales have been simplified with only one achievement scale from 1 to 7. Five (5) is the level given to students who are meeting expectations at the time of reporting, based upon native speaker students. All students, including ESL students, may take longer to reach our expectations in certain areas, and should be measured against their individual progress too.

Want to know more?

When you receive the report, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself with any questions. Additionally, we welcome your feedback on the new format which was designed to be clear, concise and informative. As always, my door is open!

Chinese Bazaar

Please join us in the Elementary School Foyer from 09:30 for the Chinese Bazaar on Wednesday morning. More details from the Blaze and PFO blog.

Temple Fair, Lion Dance & Dragon Dance

All parents are most welcome to watch the dances and enjoy our temple fair. Details and timings were in Friday’s issue of the Blaze and on the link below:

Temple Fair and Lion / Dragon Dance Schedule

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