New Elementary Report Format for Semester 1

Dear Elementary School Parents,

At yesterday’s Parent Principal Meeting, approximately 50 parents joined us as we shared information about assessment and reporting as IST. The presentation included information about the new report format in the Elementary School, which parents will receive at the end of the first semester in January 2017.

Early Years Reports

For KG1 (Nursery) and KG2 (Pre-K) students, the report includes detailed teacher narratives about personal, social and emotional development, as well as development in the areas of mathematics, language, Units of Inquiry, Chinese, P.E. and music. Reports will be available in digital and hardcopy, and include photographs of students in action. Students will not be rated against a number scale.

Kindergarten – Grade 5 Reports

For KG3 (Kindergarten) to Grade 5, the report includes a detailed teacher narrative about all areas of the curriculum. Teachers will follow a common writing structure to aide clarity. Part one explains the general learning that took place in the class. Part two gives detail about each student’s individual achievement. Part three offers suggestions for next steps and ways to improve. Returning parents will note that the grading scales have been simplified and you will now find only one achievement scale from 1 to 7. Five (5) is the level given to students who are generally on track and meeting expectations at the time of reporting.

Want to know more?

When you receive the report in January, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself with any questions. Additionally, we welcome your feedback on the new format which was designed to be clear, concise and informative. As always, my door is open!

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For Kindergarten - Grade 5

For Kindergarten – Grade 5

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