Klasse 9: Unterrichtseinheit: Sender (Autor) und Empfänger (Leser) – Dienstag, den 04.11.2014

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1. Texte als Kommunikationsmittel 

2. Die Funktion von Texten 

3. Textsorten in der Schule 

4. Sprachliche Mittel 

5. Eindeutig zweideutig

Examen [Epoche 5.-10. Jahrhundert - Frühes Mittelalter] – Thema: Minnelyrik

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Assessment type(s): MYP Criterion: C: Producing text

Übersetze frühhöfischen Minnegesang (Mittelhochdeutsch) ins Neuhochdeutsche

#ENDviolence Against Children




Child abuse has to stop

Imagine what it must be like to be a child who is abused, scared and alone. Wouldn’t you hope that someone, anyone, cared enough to do something? According to latest statistics, an average of 9 Malaysian children each day report suffering abuse and the number is growing each year. Worse, it is believed that many more experience abuse in silence and behind closed doors. You can help put an end to this, but you need to be informed, alert, and willing to act. Here is how you can help save a child from abuse. #ENDviolence Against Children. Learn More

In Liberia, one girl’s stand against Ebola

The Fight Against Ebola

We are racing against time to stop the spread of Ebola. To date, the outbreak has claimed over 4,000 lives and at least 3,700 children have been orphaned. We’ve put more staff on the ground to deliver critical supplies, train health workers and conduct door-to-door campaigns to help families protect themselves. 9,000 household protection kits, containing protective gowns, gloves and masks, as well as soap and chlorine have been airlifted into Liberia. And 100 metric tons of essential medical supplies are being delivered to help protect frontline health workers and their families.  Read more

A Win for Children’s Rights

A Win for Children’s Rights

UNICEF Malaysia congratulates Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India for being awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education! It’s especially meaningful that this prestigious award has been given to two child rights activists, one of them a child herself, on the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It reminds us all how important it is to give children a platform to speak up about things that affect them. Read More

Going the Extra Mile

We salute Devan Sivasubramaniam for completing his walk from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Johor Bahru in support of children’s rights! This is Devan’s second such achievement, after his 62km treadmill run last year in support of education for all children. We’re so proud and grateful to have dedicated supporters like Devan who are willing to go the extra mile. Show your support for Devan, or learn how you too can be a local hero like him! Read More

Connect with us: 

United Nations Children’s Fund

Wisma UN, Block C, 2nd Floor,

Kompleks Pejabat Damansara,

Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights,

50490 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel: 1300 88 0010

Fax:(+6 03) 2093 8562

Email: mlyenews@unicef.org

[Klasse 9]: Unterrichtseinheit am 31.10.2014: Das Leben des William Shakespeare


Als Shakespeare 1616 in Stratford-upon-Avon starb, hinterließ er keine Manuskripte. In seinem Testament erwähnte er seine Tätigkeit als Schriftsteller mit keinem Wort. Das hat jahrhundertelang dazu geführt, dass man nicht glauben wollte, dass dieser Bürger aus Stratford, der nicht einmal studiert hatte, dieser Dichter von Weltrang gewesen sei.

Autorin: Susanne Tölke



Hausaufgabe zum Dienstag, den 04.11.2014 – Arbeitsblatt 1 – William Shakespeare

Assessment type(s): Local

Lernziele: Hinführung zur Lektüre eines Dramas von William Shakespeares, Kenntnis der Biographie William Shakespeares

[Klasse 9]: Mauerbau: 13. August 1961 – Berliner Mauer – zur Literatur ‘Lilly unter den Linden’

Flüchtlinge DDR
Zur Literatur wollen wir einige Hintergründe erfahren:

- Weg zum Mauerbau
- Grenze vor dem Mauerbau
- Massenflucht aus der DDR
- Gründe für die Flucht aus der DDR
- Mauerbau am 13. August 1961
- Grenzen in Zahlen
- Reaktionen auf den Mauerbau
- Tote an der Berliner Mauer
- Risse in der Mauer (1989)
- Faller der Berliner Mauer am 9. November 1989


Hausaufgabe zum 12.11.2014: Arbeitsblätter zum Mauerbau 13. August 1961

- Fall der Berliner Mauer am 9. November 1989
- Verurteilung von 164 Angeklagten
- Massenflucht aus der DDR
- Flüchtlingszahlen
- Berliner Mauer
- Innerdeutsche Grenze

Grade 6: Kurzgeschichte zum Freitag, den 31.10.2014



Erzähle die Geschichte, die diese Bilder beschreibt. Denke an die Überschrift. Setze dir auch ein passendes Schreibziel!

Hausaufgabe zum: Montag, 03.11.2013 – Schreibe eine Kurzgeschichte: “Ein ………………. Traum”
Assessment type(s): Local

Setze dir ein passendes Schreibziel und erzähle eine Geschichte zu folgender Überschrift: (Setze noch ein passendes Wort ein)

Ein ______________________ Traum

Grade 6 [Literatur] Der kleine Prinz – Thema: Freundschaft

Der kleine Prinz

In den nächsten Unterrichtsstunden Literatur werden wir uns mit dem Thema Freundschaft beschäftigen.

Wir nehmen hierzu direkten Bezug auf die Lektüre .
Wir untersuchen Wortarten, Nomen, Verben und Adjektive.
Wir lösen ein großes Kreuzworträtsel mit Adjektiven.
Wir untersuchen Redensarten und Sprichwörter.
Wir analysieren eine Situationsbeschreibung
Wir machen einen Freundschafts-Test.
Wir tauschen Meinungen aus.
Wir lesen eine Fabel und sprechen über Brieffreundschaft.


Freundschaft – Hausaufgaben Seiten 1- 5 zum Donnerstag, den 06.11.2014

Assessment type(s): Local

Bitte Seiten 1und 2 lesen und Aufgaben beantworten.
Bitte Seite 4 lesen und Aufgaben beantworten.

Edublogs Spook-tacular Halloween Resources

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Edublog’s Spook-tacular Halloween Resources

Halloween will be here next week, and we’ve noticed some fun resources being posted on Edublogs that we just had to pass along. If you have any other great Halloween posts or goodies, then please share it with us on Twitter — @edublogs!

More Halloween Resources


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Trick or Tweet These Spook-tacular Halloween Resources — Parts 1 & 2

Looking for some fun activities to celebrate Halloween in your classroom? Then look no further! In parts 1 and 2 of these posts you’ll find some really spook-tacular collections of educational Halloween resources that are sure to creep out your students—in a good way, of course!

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EAL; Halloween Fun: “We made masks out of brown paper bags.”


It looks like this class had a lot of Halloween fun! See how they used Animoto to document their fun and get some inspiration for using Animoto’s Halloween templates for your own project. Read Post Now

CA Reading Society Podcast – Halloween Edition


Listen to the CA Reading Society podcast’s Halloween edition! In this episode, they discuss cheesy horror books — stories that may have been intended to scare, but really just made us laugh… Read Post Now

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The Best and Worst Expat Destinations 2014

Do you want to know how your country ranks on our list of the most popular expat destinations in 2014? How happy expats are with the quality of life they enjoy abroad? Which countries are popular with expat parents, and which are not? And what are the best places to go to improve your career and your finances?

Check out the results of Expat Insider 2014 and see the world through expat eyes!

With 14,000 respondents, Expat Insider is one of the largest expat surveys worldwide, offering insights into expat life and satisfaction with various aspects of living abroad. Our final report includes an overall ranking of 61 countries, five topical indices, and detailed reports for 20 destinations. A series of charts visualizes how expat residents see their local neighbors and their new home. We also look at the different types of expats who roam the world, from assignees to globetrotters and romantics.

A big thank you again to everyone who took part in our survey, and again congratulations to the winners of our raffle: Anna, Sigurdur and Abdulrahman!

InterNations Blog

Survey Sportlights: Expat Insider, the BBC, and the OECD

Have you looked at our Expat Insider survey and are puzzled about some of the results? Maybe you live in a country which occupies the higher ranks in other surveys, but only achieved mediocre results in our indices.

You are certainly not the only one who is confused about this. Recently, we have received many questions about the accuracy of our rankings, especially concerning the Quality of Life Index. The discrepancy between our survey results and the results of other surveys and statistics, do not come down to “right” and “wrong” methods but to different approaches.

Our blog post Expat Insider, the BBC, and the OECD details the differences between our approach and that of the OECD Regional Well-Being study. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about our methodology and how we combined the results for our indices.

Activities and Events Around the World

Vampires, Ghosts, and Witches: It’s Halloween!

The Wroclaw Coffee Time Group is meeting for Flavors and Fun this week! Our members will get the chance to enjoy different cakes and the best of the café’s savory menu. It’s the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle.

Our Malmoe Foodies are meeting this upcoming week to enjoy a delicious Lebanese Dinner together. Group members will get a chance to try their way through different Lebanese dishes and learn something about the Lebanese cuisine.

If you want to improve your language skills while enjoying some literary discussions, join the Mexico City French Speakers at the Café Littéraire. This time, the Group will discuss scenes of the first meetings of lovers in literature.

If you prefer a spooky atmosphere and scary costumes over relaxed coffee and dinner meetings, you should not miss our Halloween Events.

On Wednesday, 29 October, our Local Community in Boston is hosting a stylish Halloween Costume Party. Dress up as a mysterious diva, dark knight or creature of the night and meet us at a stylish lounge.

The Local Community in Munich is hosting a Halloween Event as well. On Friday, 31 October, we will dress in our freakiest costumes and enjoy this scary-fun night together. Join us there and dance the night away!

Expats in Gaborone should also not miss out on our Halloween Event on Friday, 31 October. The members with the three best costumes will win a prize, so feel free to be creative. We also have some delicious finger food and wine for you to enjoy while you mix and mingle with witches and creepy creatures.

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Rechtschreibung und Grammatik Workbook

Groß- und Kleinschreibung

Bianca Marique DIERCKS 

Sun, 26 Oct at 1:22 pm

Zum Thema Rechtschreibung und Grammatik wird ein Workbook in Sachen Groß- und Kleinschreibung an die Schüler ausgegeben.

File_extension_pdf Groß-_und_Kleinschreibung.pdf